Best Audible Books Included With Membership

Best Audible Books Included With Membership: A World of Literary Delights at Your Fingertips

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to read can be a challenge. However, audiobooks have emerged as a convenient solution, allowing people to enjoy literature on the go. Audible, an Amazon company, has revolutionized the audiobook industry with its vast library of titles. With an Audible membership, you gain access to an impressive collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, from various genres. In this article, we will explore the best Audible books included with membership and delve into five unique facts about Audible. Additionally, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through this exciting literary journey.

The Best Audible Books Included With Membership

Audible boasts an extensive catalogue of books, making it difficult to narrow down the best options. However, here are some highly recommended titles that showcase the diversity and quality of Audible’s offerings:

1. “Educated” by Tara Westover: This memoir tells the remarkable story of a woman raised in a strict and abusive household who, through sheer determination, escapes and educates herself.

2. “Becoming” by Michelle Obama: The former First Lady shares her experiences, triumphs, and struggles in this inspiring memoir, offering a rare glimpse into her life before, during, and after her time in the White House.

3. “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal: Experience the classic American novel in a whole new way through Gyllenhaal’s captivating narration, perfectly capturing the essence of the Jazz Age.

4. “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien, narrated by Rob Inglis: Embark on an epic adventure with Bilbo Baggins and a group of dwarves in this beloved fantasy tale, brought to life by Inglis’ expressive storytelling.

5. “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari: Dive into the history of our species, exploring the development of Homo sapiens and the impact we have had on the world, narrated by the author himself.

Five Unique Facts About Audible

1. Whispersync for Voice: Audible’s unique feature allows you to seamlessly switch between reading an e-book and listening to its audiobook counterpart. Your progress is synchronized, ensuring a seamless reading experience.

2. Original Content: Audible offers a wide range of exclusive audiobooks, podcasts, and audio dramas produced specifically for their platform. These originals provide an immersive and exclusive listening experience.

3. Membership Benefits: Along with access to Audible’s vast library, members receive monthly credits that can be redeemed for any book, regardless of its price. Members also enjoy discounts on additional purchases and access to exclusive sales.

4. Narrator Variety: Audible carefully selects narrators for their audiobooks, ensuring that each story is brought to life by talented performers. From award-winning actors to renowned voice artists, Audible offers a diverse range of narrators.

5. Offline Listening: With Audible, you can download your audiobooks and listen to them offline, making it perfect for long journeys or areas with limited internet connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does Audible membership cost?
– Audible offers various membership plans starting at $7.95 per month.

2. Can I cancel my Audible membership at any time?
– Yes, Audible memberships can be canceled at any time without incurring any fees.

3. Do I lose my audiobooks if I cancel my membership?
– No, any audiobooks purchased with your credits or at a discounted price are yours to keep even after canceling your membership.

4. How many audiobooks can I listen to per month with my membership?
– The number of audiobooks you can listen to depends on your membership plan. Each month, you receive a certain number of credits, which can be redeemed for audiobooks.

5. Can I gift Audible memberships or audiobooks to others?
– Yes, Audible allows you to gift memberships or specific audiobooks to friends and family.

6. Can I listen to Audible books on multiple devices?
– Yes, you can listen to Audible books on smartphones, tablets, computers, or dedicated Audible devices.

7. Are there any family plans available?
– Yes, Audible’s Family Plan allows you to share your membership benefits with one other adult and up to four children.

8. Does Audible offer a free trial?
– Yes, Audible provides a free trial for new members, allowing you to explore the service and enjoy a complimentary audiobook.

9. Can I return audiobooks I didn’t enjoy?
– Yes, Audible has a generous return policy that allows you to exchange any audiobook within 365 days of purchase.

10. Are there any restrictions on the types of books available on Audible?
– Audible offers a wide range of books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, self-help, and more. However, availability may vary by region.

11. Can I listen to Audible books in languages other than English?
– Yes, Audible offers audiobooks in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, French, and more.

12. Can I listen to Audible books while exercising or driving?
– Yes, Audible provides a convenient and safe way to enjoy books while engaged in other activities.

13. Are there any additional features or benefits included with Audible membership?
– Yes, members receive access to Audible Originals, exclusive sales, and personalized book recommendations based on their preferences.

In conclusion, Audible membership offers a treasure trove of captivating audiobooks, providing a convenient and immersive way to explore literature. With its vast library, unique features like Whispersync for Voice, and exclusive content, Audible has become the go-to platform for audiobook lovers. So, dive into the world of Audible and let your imagination soar as you enjoy the best books it has to offer.