Best Lifetime Movies on Hulu

Best Lifetime Movies on Hulu

Lifetime movies have been a staple of television for years, captivating audiences with their thrilling plots, emotional stories, and powerful performances. With the rise of streaming platforms, fans of these captivating films can now enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Hulu, one of the leading streaming services, offers a wide range of Lifetime movies for its subscribers. In this article, we will explore some of the best Lifetime movies available on Hulu.

1. “The Perfect Mother” (2018): Starring Scandal’s Kerry Washington, this gripping thriller follows a group of friends who become entangled in a dangerous situation when one of their children goes missing.

2. “A Deadly Adoption” (2015): Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig bring their comedic talents to this Lifetime movie, which takes a satirical twist on the genre. The story follows a couple who invite a pregnant woman into their home but soon find themselves in a web of lies and deceit.

3. “The Client List” (2010): Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as a former beauty queen who turns to a life of prostitution to support her family. This emotional drama tackles tough subjects such as poverty and desperation.

4. “Cocaine Godmother” (2017): Based on the true story of Griselda Blanco, Catherine Zeta-Jones delivers a stunning performance as the infamous drug lord who rose to power in the male-dominated world of narcotics.

5. “The Pregnancy Pact” (2010): Inspired by a true story, this thought-provoking film explores the consequences of a group of high school girls who make a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together.

6. “A Daughter’s Deception” (2019): This psychological thriller follows a young woman who suspects her stepmother of foul play after her father’s sudden death. As she digs deeper, she uncovers shocking secrets about her family.

7. “The Husband She Met Online” (2013): When a woman begins an online relationship with a man she meets on a dating website, she soon discovers that her virtual lover may not be who he claims to be.

8. “The Wrong Teacher” (2018): A high school student becomes infatuated with her charismatic teacher, but as their relationship takes a dark turn, she starts to question his intentions.

9. “Stalked by My Doctor” (2015): Eric Roberts stars as a deranged doctor who becomes obsessed with one of his patients, leading to a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

10. “The Bad Seed” (2018): This remake of the classic 1956 film tells the story of a seemingly perfect little girl who harbors a dark and manipulative nature. Rob Lowe stars as the father who must confront the chilling truth about his daughter.

11. “A Sister’s Revenge” (2013): After her sister’s suspicious death, a woman becomes convinced that her brother-in-law is responsible. As she investigates further, she uncovers a web of lies and betrayal.

12. “The Wrong Neighbor” (2017): A young woman suspects her charming new neighbor may be hiding a sinister secret, leading her to question her own safety.

13. “The Brittany Murphy Story” (2014): This biographical film delves into the life and tragic death of actress Brittany Murphy, shedding light on her rise to fame, troubled relationships, and untimely demise.


1. How can I access Lifetime movies on Hulu?
– Lifetime movies are available to Hulu subscribers. Simply login to your Hulu account and search for the movie of your choice.

2. Can I watch Lifetime movies on Hulu for free?
– No, Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service. However, you can enjoy a free trial period before deciding to subscribe.

3. Are all Lifetime movies available on Hulu?
– Hulu offers a selection of Lifetime movies, but not all titles are available. The available movies may vary over time.

4. Can I download Lifetime movies on Hulu to watch offline?
– No, Hulu does not currently offer a download feature for their movies. You can only stream them online.

5. Can I watch Lifetime movies on Hulu without ads?
– Hulu offers an ad-free subscription plan called Hulu (No Ads). With this plan, you can enjoy Lifetime movies uninterrupted.

6. Are Lifetime movies on Hulu suitable for all ages?
– Lifetime movies cover a wide range of genres and themes. Some movies may contain mature content, so it is recommended to check the ratings and descriptions before watching.

7. Can I watch Lifetime movies on Hulu outside the United States?
– Currently, Hulu is only available in the United States. If you are traveling abroad, you may need a VPN service to access Hulu and its content.

8. Can I watch Lifetime movies on Hulu in high definition?
– Yes, Hulu offers a variety of streaming quality options, including high-definition (HD) for supported devices and internet connections.

9. Are there any exclusive Lifetime movies on Hulu?
– Yes, Hulu occasionally produces exclusive Lifetime movies that are only available on their platform.

10. How often are new Lifetime movies added to Hulu?
– Hulu regularly updates its movie library, including Lifetime movies. New titles are added periodically, providing fresh content for viewers.

11. Can I create a watchlist for Lifetime movies on Hulu?
– Yes, Hulu allows users to create personalized watchlists, making it easy to save and organize your favorite Lifetime movies.

12. Can I share my Hulu account with family and friends to watch Lifetime movies?
– Hulu offers a feature called “Profiles,” which allows multiple users to have their own personalized accounts under one subscription. This allows you to share your account with loved ones without interfering with each other’s watchlists or viewing history.

13. Are there any restrictions on the number of Lifetime movies I can watch on Hulu?
– There are no specific limitations on the number of Lifetime movies you can watch on Hulu. As long as you have an active subscription, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of available titles.

In conclusion, Hulu provides a fantastic platform to indulge in the captivating world of Lifetime movies. With a diverse selection of thrilling, emotional, and thought-provoking films, there is something for every fan of the genre. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the best Lifetime movies Hulu has to offer.