Book vs Movie

Never Let Me Go Book vs Movie

The movie stays true to the overall story of these three friends who grew up together. However, there are some big changes they made to one of the characters in particular.

The Beach Book vs Movie

People seem to either love or hate this movie, but what about the book? Find out what big changes were made from book to screen.

Mystic River Book vs Movie

This Clint Eastwood adaptation stays very close to the book. What is left out however is that internal dialogue that makes such a difference when trying to understand a character. Listen and find out more to understand their motives for what they do.

If Beale Street Could Talk Book vs Movie

Adapting this James Baldwin book in a movie is a tall order, but Barry Jenkins seems to be the best man for the job. Find out what differences there are between the two and which I prefer better!

Animal Rescue/The Drop Book vs Movie

A short story, made into a movie, then from that turned into a novel; all written by Dennis Lehane. Are there still differences made? And do I prefer the book as usual, or is the movie the favored one?

The Scarlet Pimpernel Book vs Movie

This classic tale has been adapted many times, in one way or another. Here I compare the book with two of the movie versions. You may be surprised to discover what changes there are between the three.