Book vs Movie

The Color Purple Book vs Movie

Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel was adapted into a movie directed by Stephen Spielberg, and later turned into a musical! But how does the movie compare to the book?

Revolutionary Road Book vs Movie

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio reunite after Titanic to play an unhappy couple who form a plan to rejuvenate their life. How does the movie compare to the Richard Yates novel it is based on?

Gerald’s Game Book vs Movie

Stephen King’s sister novel to Dolores Claiborne was adapted by Mike Flanagan for Netflix. Does the movie change the the details of the plot? DO they keep the terrible book ending? Find out here!

Of Mice and Men Book vs Movie

This classic by Steinbeck is commonly read in schools and I’m betting the 1992 adaptation is often watched afterwards. But is the ’92 adaptation faithful to the book?

John Carter/A Princess of Mars Book vs Movie

A Princess of Mars is a sci-fi classic which inspired so many future books and movies. Despite its influence, it was adapted until 100 years after the book was released. So, how does the Disney movie compare with the book?

L.A. Confidential Book vs Movie

James Ellroy popular noir crime thriller was adapted into a critically acclaimed movie. The book is very complex, so the question is: how were they able to make such a successful and faithful adaptation of an “adaptable” book?

Tony and Susan/Nocturnal Animals Book vs Movie

Nocturnal Animals is the cerebral thriller about a woman who reads her ex-husbands novel and is deeply effected by it. The book and movie are similar on the surface, but the deeper message might be interpreted differently.