Book vs Movie

The Red Pony Book vs Movie

These coming of age stories written by John Steinbeck are about Jody as he faces adult situations and emotions for the first time. The movie stays true to the book in some ways, but find out why the books wins!

About a Boy Book vs Movie

This feel-good novel by Nick Horny was adapted into a movie starring Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult. Does the movie capture the humor and heart of the book?

The Silent Twins Book vs Movie

The true story of two twins who had a co-dependent relationship has been adapted into a vibrant, beautiful, and tragic movie. But how does the movie compare to the true story?

Native Son Book vs Movies 1951, 1986, 2019

Richard Wright’s famous novel has been adapted multiple times, the most recent version being modified to take place in todays day. Can any of these movies really compare to the book which goes so in depth into the character of Bigger Thomas and what led his to make the choices he did?

Book vs Movie season two recap!

Looking back on the 53 book vs movie episodes I have covered on Why the Book Wins! Sharing what I think are the best books, the best movies, as well as the ones I wasn’t too keen on. I also share what you can expect going into season three!