Hallmark Haul Out the Holly The Movie Cast

Hallmark Haul Out the Holly: The Movie Cast

Hallmark Channel has been known for its heartwarming and festive movies, and “Haul Out the Holly” is no exception. This delightful holiday movie features a talented cast that brings the story to life with their exceptional performances. Let’s take a closer look at the cast members and the characters they portray in this beloved film.

1. Lacey Chabert as Holly Bennett: Lacey Chabert, a Hallmark regular, takes on the role of Holly Bennett, a young woman who is determined to save her family’s Christmas tree farm from financial ruin. Chabert’s charisma and charm make her the perfect fit for this role.

2. Tyler Hynes as Jake Porter: Tyler Hynes plays Jake Porter, a big-city lawyer who unexpectedly finds himself in the small town of Hollyville. As Jake helps Holly in her fight to save the Christmas tree farm, a heartwarming romance blossoms between the two characters.

3. Patrick Duffy as George Bennett: Patrick Duffy, known for his iconic roles in “Dallas” and “Step by Step,” plays George Bennett, Holly’s loving father and owner of the struggling family farm. Duffy brings warmth and wisdom to the character, making George the heart of the film.

4. Teri Polo as Elaine Bennett: Teri Polo takes on the role of Elaine Bennett, Holly’s supportive and caring mother. Polo’s portrayal of Elaine adds depth and emotional depth to the story, making her a relatable and endearing character.

5. Markie Post as Martha Porter: Markie Post, a beloved actress in the Hallmark community, plays Martha Porter, Jake’s mother. Post’s exceptional talent shines through as she brings Martha to life with her wit and charm, adding a delightful dynamic to the film.

6. Marla Renae as Sarah: Marla Renae plays Sarah, Holly’s best friend, and confidante. Renae’s portrayal of Sarah adds a touch of humor and friendship to the movie, making her scenes light-hearted and enjoyable.

7. Art Hindle as Walter: Art Hindle takes on the role of Walter, George’s best friend, and loyal companion. Hindle’s performance adds a sense of camaraderie and support to the film, making Walter a memorable and lovable character.

8. Adrian Holmes as Mayor Adams: Adrian Holmes plays Mayor Adams, a charismatic and influential figure in the town of Hollyville. Holmes brings a touch of authority and leadership to the character, making Mayor Adams an essential part of the story.

9. Matthew James Dowden as Max: Matthew James Dowden plays Max, Holly’s younger brother. Dowden’s youthful energy and innocence add a delightful charm to the film, making Max an endearing character.

10. Kara Royster as Emily: Kara Royster takes on the role of Emily, a cheerful and kind-hearted employee at the Christmas tree farm. Royster’s portrayal of Emily adds a sense of joy and optimism to the movie, making her scenes heartwarming and enjoyable.

11. Peter Kelamis as Mr. Johnson: Peter Kelamis plays Mr. Johnson, a ruthless businessman who poses a threat to the Christmas tree farm. Kelamis brings a sense of tension and conflict to the film, making Mr. Johnson a formidable antagonist.

12. Alison Araya as Donna: Alison Araya plays Donna, a local resident who supports Holly in her fight to save the farm. Araya’s performance adds a sense of community and togetherness to the film, making Donna an integral part of the story.

13. Andrew Airlie as Judge Thompson: Andrew Airlie takes on the role of Judge Thompson, a wise and fair judge who plays a crucial role in the resolution of the conflict. Airlie’s portrayal adds a sense of justice and resolution to the film, making Judge Thompson a pivotal character.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When was “Haul Out the Holly” released?
“Haul Out the Holly” was released on December 5, 2020.

2. Is “Haul Out the Holly” a part of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas lineup?
Yes, “Haul Out the Holly” is a part of Hallmark’s annual Countdown to Christmas movie lineup.

3. Where was “Haul Out the Holly” filmed?
The movie was filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

4. Is “Haul Out the Holly” based on a book?
No, “Haul Out the Holly” is an original Hallmark movie.

5. Who directed “Haul Out the Holly”?
The movie was directed by Christine Conradt.

6. Is “Haul Out the Holly” suitable for all ages?
Yes, “Haul Out the Holly” is a family-friendly movie suitable for all ages.

7. Does “Haul Out the Holly” have a happy ending?
Yes, “Haul Out the Holly” has a heartwarming and happy ending.

8. How long is “Haul Out the Holly”?
The movie has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes.

9. Can I watch “Haul Out the Holly” online?
Yes, you can watch “Haul Out the Holly” on the Hallmark Channel’s official website or through various streaming platforms.

10. Does “Haul Out the Holly” have a sequel?
No, “Haul Out the Holly” does not have a sequel as of now.

11. Are there any special appearances in “Haul Out the Holly”?
No, there are no special appearances in “Haul Out the Holly.”

12. Does “Haul Out the Holly” feature any original songs?
Yes, “Haul Out the Holly” features original songs that add to the festive atmosphere of the movie.

13. Is “Haul Out the Holly” a standalone movie or part of a series?
“Haul Out the Holly” is a standalone movie and not part of a series.

In conclusion, “Haul Out the Holly” boasts a talented cast that brings the heartwarming story to life. With their exceptional performances, the cast members create a festive and memorable experience for viewers of all ages. So grab a mug of hot cocoa and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with this delightful Hallmark movie.