Hallmark Movie We Need a Little Christmas The Movie Cast

Hallmark Movie “We Need a Little Christmas”: The Movie Cast

Hallmark movies have become a beloved holiday tradition for many viewers around the world. With their heartwarming stories, charming settings, and talented casts, these movies never fail to bring a smile to our faces. One such movie that has captured the hearts of many is “We Need a Little Christmas.” Let’s take a closer look at the cast of this delightful holiday film.

1. Melissa Joan Hart as Emma
Melissa Joan Hart, known for her roles in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Melissa & Joey,” portrays the lead character, Emma. Emma is a workaholic executive who finds herself stuck in her hometown during the holiday season. Hart brings her signature charm and relatability to the role, making Emma a character audiences will root for.

2. Jason Priestley as Ben
Playing the role of Ben, Emma’s high school sweetheart, is Jason Priestley. Known for his iconic role as Brandon Walsh in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Priestley brings warmth and charisma to the character. As Emma reconnects with Ben, their chemistry is palpable, creating a heartwarming love story.

3. Ed Begley Jr. as Mayor Howard
Ed Begley Jr., a seasoned actor known for his work in “St. Elsewhere” and “Arrested Development,” portrays Mayor Howard in “We Need a Little Christmas.” As the mayor of Emma’s hometown, he is determined to bring back the Christmas spirit to the community. Begley Jr.’s performance adds depth and humor to the film.

4. Faith Prince as Mayor’s Wife
Faith Prince, a Tony Award-winning actress, plays the role of the mayor’s wife. Her character brings a touch of elegance and grace to the film. Prince’s talent shines through in her portrayal, making the character memorable and endearing.

5. Nicky Whelan as Sophie
Nicky Whelan, known for her roles in “Neighbours” and “Hall Pass,” portrays Sophie in the movie. Sophie is Emma’s best friend and confidante, providing support and advice throughout the story. Whelan’s performance adds a delightful energy to the film’s ensemble cast.

6. Laura Soltis as Margaret
Laura Soltis takes on the role of Margaret, Ben’s sister, in “We Need a Little Christmas.” Soltis brings a warmth and sincerity to the character, making her a welcome addition to the movie’s cast. Margaret’s presence adds depth and complexity to the story.

7. Matt Hamilton as Jake
Matt Hamilton portrays the character of Jake, a local handyman who becomes an unexpected ally for Emma. With his charming personality and undeniable talent, Hamilton brings Jake to life in a way that will leave audiences swooning.

8. Janet Kidder as Linda
Janet Kidder plays the role of Linda, Emma’s high school nemesis, in the film. Kidder’s performance adds a touch of drama and conflict to the story, creating compelling dynamics between the characters.

9. Anna Van Hooft as Molly
Anna Van Hooft portrays Molly, Emma’s sister, in the movie. Molly is a single mother who adds a layer of heartwarming familial love to the storyline. Van Hooft’s portrayal is sincere and touching, making Molly a relatable and memorable character.

10. Jesse Moss as Rick
Jesse Moss takes on the role of Rick, Emma’s ex-boyfriend, in “We Need a Little Christmas.” Moss’s performance adds a touch of nostalgia and complexity to the story, as audiences witness the evolution of Emma’s relationships.

11. Gerard Plunkett as Mr. Thompson
Gerard Plunkett portrays Mr. Thompson, the local bakery owner, in the film. Plunkett’s performance adds a touch of warmth and wisdom to the story, making Mr. Thompson a beloved character.

12. Chad Riley as Santa Claus
Chad Riley plays the iconic character of Santa Claus in “We Need a Little Christmas.” Riley’s portrayal brings the magic and joy of Christmas to life, making him an integral part of the film.

13. Maddie Dixon-Poirier as Young Emma
Maddie Dixon-Poirier portrays the younger version of Emma in the movie’s flashback scenes. Her performance adds depth and authenticity to the character, allowing viewers to connect with Emma’s past.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When was “We Need a Little Christmas” released?
“We Need a Little Christmas” was released on November 26, 2021.

2. Is “We Need a Little Christmas” based on a book?
No, “We Need a Little Christmas” is an original Hallmark movie.

3. Where was the movie filmed?
The movie was filmed in various locations in Canada.

4. Is “We Need a Little Christmas” a romantic comedy?
Yes, “We Need a Little Christmas” is a heartwarming romantic comedy.

5. Is this Melissa Joan Hart’s first Hallmark movie?
No, Melissa Joan Hart has starred in several Hallmark movies prior to “We Need a Little Christmas.”

6. Will there be a sequel to “We Need a Little Christmas”?
As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding a sequel.

7. Is “We Need a Little Christmas” suitable for all ages?
Yes, the movie is family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

8. Can I watch “We Need a Little Christmas” online?
Yes, Hallmark movies are often available for streaming on Hallmark’s official website or other streaming platforms.

9. Does “We Need a Little Christmas” have a happy ending?
Yes, like most Hallmark movies, “We Need a Little Christmas” has a heartwarming and happy ending.

10. Are any real-life couples in the movie?
No, there are no real-life couples among the cast members.

11. How long is the movie?
“We Need a Little Christmas” has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes.

12. Can I expect to see any Christmas-themed activities in the movie?
Yes, the movie is filled with Christmas-themed activities, decorations, and traditions.

13. Is “We Need a Little Christmas” available on DVD?
Yes, the movie is often released on DVD and can be purchased or rented from various retailers.

“We Need a Little Christmas” is a delightful Hallmark movie that captures the magic and joy of the holiday season. With its talented cast, heartwarming storyline, and charming setting, this film is a must-watch for any fan of romantic comedies and Christmas movies. So gather your loved ones, grab some hot cocoa, and enjoy this heartwarming tale that reminds us all of the true meaning of Christmas.