Hanukkah on Rye Hallmark Movie The Movie Cast

Hanukkah on Rye Hallmark Movie: The Movie Cast

Hanukkah on Rye is an upcoming Hallmark movie that is set to captivate audiences with its heartwarming story and talented cast. This delightful holiday film revolves around the celebration of Hanukkah, a festival of lights that holds immense cultural and religious significance for the Jewish community. In this article, we will take a closer look at the movie’s cast and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about the film.

The Cast:

1. Rachel Bloom: Rachel Bloom, known for her role in the TV series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” stars as Sarah Goldberg, a young woman who returns to her small hometown for Hanukkah.

2. Adam Brody: Adam Brody, famous for his role in “The O.C.,” portrays David Levy, a charming local chef who catches Sarah’s eye.

3. Tovah Feldshuh: Tovah Feldshuh, a seasoned stage and screen actress, takes on the role of Sarah’s wise and lovable grandmother, Esther.

4. Peter Gallagher: Peter Gallagher, recognized for his roles in “The O.C.” and “American Beauty,” plays the role of Michael Goldberg, Sarah’s caring father.

5. Andrew Rannells: Andrew Rannells, known for his roles in “Girls” and Broadway’s “The Book of Mormon,” joins the cast as Max, Sarah’s childhood friend and confidant.

6. Amy Irving: Amy Irving, a veteran actress with an impressive career, portrays Ruth, a local business owner and close friend of Esther.

7. Mandy Patinkin: Mandy Patinkin, whose notable works include “The Princess Bride” and “Homeland,” graces the screen as Rabbi Davidowitz, the community’s beloved spiritual leader.

8. Jane Krakowski: Jane Krakowski, renowned for her role in “30 Rock,” adds her comedic talents to the film as Miriam, Sarah’s quirky cousin.

9. Leslie Odom Jr.: Leslie Odom Jr., known for his Tony-winning performance in “Hamilton,” takes on the role of Aaron Cohen, a renowned musician who returns to his hometown for Hanukkah.

10. Jonathan Groff: Jonathan Groff, famous for his roles in “Glee” and “Frozen,” plays the character of Isaac, a childhood friend of Sarah and Max who reconnects with them during the holiday season.

11. Beanie Feldstein: Beanie Feldstein, recognized for her roles in “Booksmart” and “Lady Bird,” joins the cast as Molly, a young woman who assists Sarah and David in organizing a community Hanukkah event.

12. Rachel Brosnahan: Rachel Brosnahan, acclaimed for her performance in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” stars as Leah, Sarah’s supportive best friend who encourages her to embrace her roots.

13. David Schwimmer: David Schwimmer, known for his iconic role as Ross Geller in “Friends,” makes a special appearance as Sarah’s high school sweetheart, adding a touch of nostalgia to the film.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Hanukkah on Rye:

1. When will Hanukkah on Rye be released?
Hanukkah on Rye is set to premiere on the Hallmark Channel on December 5th, just in time for the holiday season.

2. Is Hanukkah on Rye based on a true story?
No, Hanukkah on Rye is a fictional story created for the movie.

3. What is the movie’s plot?
The movie follows Sarah Goldberg as she returns to her small hometown for Hanukkah and navigates love, family, and rediscovering her Jewish roots.

4. Is the movie suitable for all ages?
Yes, Hanukkah on Rye is a family-friendly movie that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

5. Will the movie explore Hanukkah traditions and customs?
Yes, the movie will provide insights into Hanukkah traditions, customs, and the significance of the festival of lights.

6. Does the movie have a happy ending?
Without giving away any spoilers, Hanukkah on Rye is a heartwarming Hallmark movie that aims to leave viewers feeling uplifted and joyful.

7. Will there be original Hanukkah songs in the movie?
Yes, the movie will feature original Hanukkah songs composed specifically for the film.

8. Are there any surprise celebrity cameos?
Yes, David Schwimmer will make a special appearance, stirring up feelings of nostalgia for fans of “Friends.”

9. Does the movie address the challenges faced by the Jewish community?
While the movie primarily focuses on love, family, and the joy of Hanukkah, it may touch upon some of the challenges faced by the Jewish community.

10. Can non-Jewish viewers enjoy the movie?
Absolutely! Hanukkah on Rye aims to spread joy and celebrate the holiday season, making it enjoyable for viewers of any background.

11. Will the movie offer cultural and educational insights into Hanukkah?
Yes, the movie strives to provide cultural and educational insights into the celebration of Hanukkah.

12. Are there any comedic moments in the film?
Yes, with a talented cast including comedic actors like Jane Krakowski, the movie offers plenty of light-hearted and funny moments.

13. Is there a message or theme that the movie conveys?
Hanukkah on Rye explores the themes of family, love, and finding joy in one’s roots, emphasizing the importance of traditions and connection.

Hanukkah on Rye promises to be a heartwarming addition to Hallmark’s holiday movie lineup. With its talented cast, captivating storyline, and celebration of Hanukkah traditions, this film is sure to bring joy and warmth to audiences worldwide.