How Did Sabo Get The Flame Fruit

How Did Sabo Get The Flame Fruit: Exploring the Origins of Sabo’s Powers

One Piece, the long-running manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda, is known for its captivating characters and intriguing storylines. Among the many fascinating characters in the series, Sabo stands out with his fiery personality and unique abilities. Sabo, a childhood friend of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace, possesses the power of the Flame Flame Fruit, allowing him to manipulate and control fire. But how did Sabo acquire this incredible power? Let’s delve into the origins of Sabo’s Flame Flame Fruit and uncover some unique facts about his character.

1. The Flame Flame Fruit’s Discovery:
The Flame Flame Fruit, also known as the Mera Mera no Mi, is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to create, control, and transform into fire. It was initially owned by Ace, Sabo’s brother. After Ace’s death, the fruit reappeared in Dressrosa during the events of the Dressrosa Arc.

2. Sabo’s Encounter with the Fruit:
During the Dressrosa Arc, Sabo, disguised as “Lucy,” participated in the Colosseum tournament to win the Flame Flame Fruit. The fruit became the grand prize, and Sabo, driven by his desire to inherit Ace’s will, fought against other formidable opponents to claim it.

3. Sabo’s Motivation:
Sabo’s desire to obtain the Flame Flame Fruit was rooted in his deep admiration for his late brother, Ace. Ace’s death had a profound impact on Sabo, and he was determined to carry on his brother’s will and protect Luffy, their mutual friend. This motivation fueled his determination to acquire the Flame Flame Fruit’s powers.

4. Sabo’s Reunion with Luffy:
After successfully obtaining the Flame Flame Fruit, Sabo reveals himself to Luffy, who had no idea Sabo was alive. Their emotional reunion not only solidifies their bond but also establishes Sabo’s commitment to carrying on Ace’s will in protecting Luffy.

5. Sabo’s Mastery of the Flame Flame Fruit:
In the years following his acquisition of the Flame Flame Fruit, Sabo has honed his abilities, becoming a master of fire manipulation. His skills allow him to create massive fire attacks, generate fire-based weapons, and even transform parts of his body into fire.

6. Sabo’s Role in the Revolutionary Army:
Sabo is not only a formidable fighter but also plays a significant role in the Revolutionary Army, a group aiming to overthrow corrupt governments worldwide. As the Chief of Staff, Sabo utilizes his Flame Flame Fruit powers to combat enemies and protect the revolutionary cause.

7. Sabo’s Connection to the Revolutionary Army and the Flame Flame Fruit:
Interestingly, Sabo’s connection to the Flame Flame Fruit and the Revolutionary Army intertwines. In a flashback, it is revealed that Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army and Luffy’s father, saved Sabo’s life after he consumed the Flame Flame Fruit. This event forged a bond between Sabo, the fruit, and the revolutionary cause.


1. Can Sabo’s Flame Flame Fruit powers be extinguished?
No, as a Logia-type Devil Fruit user, Sabo is made of fire and cannot be extinguished.

2. Can Sabo’s powers be nullified by Haki?
Sabo’s Flame Flame Fruit powers can be nullified by Haki, a powerful technique used to combat Devil Fruit users. However, Sabo’s mastery of Haki makes it challenging for opponents to negate his abilities.

3. How does Sabo’s Flame Flame Fruit compare to Ace’s?
Both Sabo and Ace possess the Flame Flame Fruit, but their fighting styles and techniques differ. While Ace focused on direct fire-based attacks, Sabo incorporates his martial arts skills into his fire manipulation, making his fighting style more versatile.

4. Can Sabo control other types of fire?
No, Sabo can only control and manipulate the fire created through his Devil Fruit powers.

5. Is Sabo stronger than Ace?
The strength of characters in One Piece is subjective, but Sabo’s portrayal as the Chief of Staff in the Revolutionary Army suggests that he is a highly skilled and powerful fighter.

6. Can Sabo create blue flames like Ace?
No, Sabo’s flames are portrayed as the typical red-orange color, unlike Ace’s unique blue flames.

7. How did Ace obtain the Flame Flame Fruit?
Ace, like Sabo, obtained the Flame Flame Fruit through unknown means. It is speculated that Ace found it during his journey as a pirate.

8. Can Sabo’s powers be used for defensive purposes?
Yes, Sabo can create fire-based barriers and shields to defend himself and others.

9. Can Sabo swim?
No, as a Devil Fruit user, Sabo loses his ability to swim due to the fruit’s powers.

10. Can Sabo control the intensity of his flames?
Yes, Sabo has precise control over his flames and can adjust their intensity according to his needs.

11. Can Sabo’s flames harm him?
No, Sabo’s body is immune to his own flames, making him impervious to self-inflicted injuries.

12. Can Sabo create fire from nothing?
Sabo cannot create fire from nothing. He relies on external sources or his own body to create and manipulate fire.

13. Can other Devil Fruit users eat the Flame Flame Fruit?
No, Devil Fruit powers cannot be transferred to other users, and consuming multiple Devil Fruits is fatal.

14. Can Sabo fly using his fire powers?
No, Sabo cannot fly using his fire powers alone. However, he can create fire-based propulsion to enhance his jumps and maneuverability.

15. Can Sabo control the temperature of his flames?
Yes, Sabo has control over the temperature of his flames and can make them scorching hot or relatively cooler.

In conclusion, Sabo’s acquisition of the Flame Flame Fruit not only solidified his connection to his late brother Ace but also granted him incredible fire manipulation abilities. Sabo’s journey and his role in the Revolutionary Army make him an intriguing character in the One Piece universe. With his mastery of the Flame Flame Fruit, Sabo continues to protect Luffy and fight for justice, leaving a lasting impact on the series.