How Did The Moon Come Back In Dragon Ball Z

How Did The Moon Come Back In Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball Z is a popular anime series known for its intense battles, incredible transformations, and supernatural elements. One recurring element in the series is the presence of the moon and its impact on certain characters. In this article, we will explore how the moon came back in Dragon Ball Z, as well as provide seven unique facts about this celestial object in the series.

1. The Destruction of The Moon:
In the original Dragon Ball series, Goku, the main protagonist, transforms into a giant ape-like creature called a Great Ape or Oozaru when he looks at a full moon. This transformation grants him immense power but also makes him uncontrollable. In a pivotal moment, Master Roshi destroys the moon to prevent Goku’s rampage. This act was necessary to save Goku and restore peace.

2. The Moon’s Return:
Despite the moon being destroyed, it makes a surprising return in Dragon Ball Z during the Saiyan Saga. Vegeta, one of the Saiyan villains, uses his power to create an artificial moon, thus allowing him and his partner, Nappa, to transform into Great Apes. This unexpected resurrection of the moon adds an extra level of danger and excitement to the series.

3. The Power of the Great Ape:
When a Saiyan transforms into a Great Ape, their power increases significantly. Their size, strength, and destructive capabilities become unmatched. However, this transformation also renders them less agile and vulnerable to attacks. Goku and his allies must find a way to overcome this immense power to protect Earth.

4. Goku’s Control:
Unlike other Saiyans, Goku learns to control his Great Ape form through rigorous training. He gains control over his inner instincts and harnesses the immense power without losing his sanity. This ability to control the Great Ape form proves vital in several battles and allows Goku to overcome formidable adversaries.

5. The Power of the Full Moon:
In the Dragon Ball Z universe, the full moon is a significant source of power. While the moon’s destruction initially prevents Goku from transforming, the artificial moon created by Vegeta restores this ability. The moon acts as a catalyst for the Saiyans’ transformation, amplifying their already immense strength.

6. The Role of Power Levels:
Throughout the series, power levels play a crucial role in determining a character’s strength. The transformation into a Great Ape significantly boosts a Saiyan’s power level, making them almost unbeatable. Over time, however, the characters develop even more potent transformations that surpass the power of the Great Ape.

7. The Moon’s Impact on the Storyline:
The moon’s reappearance in Dragon Ball Z adds complexity to the storyline and creates additional challenges for the protagonists. It forces them to adapt and find new ways to defeat their enemies. Additionally, the moon’s connection to the Saiyan race’s history and power adds depth to the overall Dragon Ball universe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can Goku transform into a Great Ape without the moon?
No, Goku requires the presence of the moon or an artificial moon to transform into a Great Ape.

2. How does Vegeta create an artificial moon?
Vegeta uses his energy manipulation abilities to create a miniature version of the moon, replicating its effects.

3. Can Saiyan hybrids transform into Great Apes?
Yes, Saiyan hybrids, such as Gohan and Goten, can transform into Great Apes if they possess a Saiyan bloodline.

4. Does the moon’s destruction affect other Saiyans?
No, the moon’s destruction only affects Saiyans on Earth, as they require its presence to transform.

5. Can Saiyans control their Great Ape form?
While most Saiyans lose control when transforming into Great Apes, Goku learns to control this form through training.

6. Can the moon be restored after its destruction?
No, once the moon is destroyed, it cannot be restored naturally. Only artificial moons or other celestial objects can trigger the transformation.

7. Does the moon have any other significance in Dragon Ball Z?
Apart from the Great Ape transformation, the moon does not play a significant role in the series.

8. Can the Great Ape form be surpassed in power?
Yes, throughout Dragon Ball Z, new transformations such as Super Saiyan and beyond surpass the power of the Great Ape.

9. Are there any drawbacks to the Great Ape transformation?
While the Great Ape form grants immense power, it also reduces the Saiyan’s agility and makes them vulnerable to attacks.

10. Can the Great Ape form be used in space?
No, without a moon or an atmosphere similar to Earth’s, Saiyans cannot transform into Great Apes in space.

11. Are there other ways for Saiyans to increase their power without the moon?
Yes, Saiyans can achieve higher power levels through intense training, Zenkai boosts, and various transformations.

12. Does the moon’s destruction affect other creatures affected by its phases?
No, only Saiyans are affected by the full moon’s power, as they possess the necessary genetic traits.

13. Can Saiyans transform into Great Apes during the day?
No, the Great Ape transformation requires the presence of a full moon, which can only be seen at night.

14. Has the moon’s destruction ever been reversed temporarily?
In a filler episode, a wish from the Dragon Balls restores the moon temporarily, allowing Goku to transform into a Great Ape.

15. Are there any other celestial objects with similar effects to the moon?
No, the moon is unique in its ability to trigger the Great Ape transformation due to its size and proximity to Earth.

In conclusion, the moon’s reappearance in Dragon Ball Z adds an exciting dimension to the series, providing intense battles and challenges for the characters. Despite its destruction, the moon’s impact on the Saiyan race and its power cannot be overlooked. Whether it is through an artificial moon or new transformations, the moon’s return ensures that the battles in Dragon Ball Z remain thrilling and unpredictable.