How To Buy Birthday Cake Sims 4

How To Buy Birthday Cake Sims 4: A Guide to Celebrating in Style

Birthdays are special occasions in The Sims 4, where you can celebrate the growth and achievements of your virtual characters. One essential element of any birthday celebration is a delicious birthday cake. In this article, we will guide you through the process of buying a birthday cake in The Sims 4, along with some unique facts about this fun feature. Additionally, we have provided answers to 15 frequently asked questions to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Buying a Birthday Cake in The Sims 4:
To buy a birthday cake in The Sims 4, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Build/Buy mode.
Step 2: Navigate to the Kitchen Appliances category.
Step 3: Select the ‘Small Appliances’ subcategory.
Step 4: Look for the ‘Culinary’ section and choose the ‘Cooking’ option.
Step 5: Scroll through the available options until you find the ‘Birthday Cake’ item.
Step 6: Purchase the cake by clicking on it.

Unique Facts about Birthday Cakes in The Sims 4:
1. Sim-age transition: When your Sim blows out the candles on the birthday cake, they transition to the next stage of life. For example, a Sim who is a young adult will become an adult after blowing out the candles.
2. Aging up: Birthday cakes are not just for celebrating aging. You can also use them to age up your Sim prematurely if you desire.
3. Sim’s wish: Before blowing out the candles, Sims make a wish for their next life stage. However, this wish does not impact the gameplay; it is merely a fun animation.
4. Cake flavors: The Sims 4 offers various cake flavors for you to choose from, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and carrot. Each flavor has a different appearance.
5. Customizing cakes: You can add candles, sparklers, or even frosting designs to your birthday cake to make it more personalized and unique.
6. Party essentials: Birthday cakes are a crucial item to have in any Sim party, as they significantly contribute to the overall party score.
7. Emotional impact: Eating a slice of birthday cake can boost your Sim’s happiness and fulfill their culinary desires, making it a delightful treat for them.


1. Can I purchase a birthday cake from a store in The Sims 4?
No, birthday cakes can only be bought from the Build/Buy mode for your Sim’s home.

2. How much does a birthday cake cost in The Sims 4?
The price of a birthday cake varies depending on the quality and style. On average, they cost around §50 to §100 Simoleons.

3. Can I bake a birthday cake in The Sims 4 instead of buying one?
Unfortunately, baking a birthday cake is not an option in The Sims 4. You can only purchase pre-made cakes.

4. Can I change my Sim’s age without using a birthday cake?
Yes, you can manually change your Sim’s age through the ‘Manage Worlds’ menu. However, using a birthday cake is more interactive and entertaining.

5. Are there any special effects when a Sim blows out the candles?
Yes, when a Sim blows out the candles on the birthday cake, confetti and streamers will appear, and everyone in the room will cheer.

6. Can I eat the birthday cake as a regular meal in The Sims 4?
No, birthday cakes are not considered regular food in the game. However, they can be sliced and eaten as a dessert or snack.

7. Can I purchase different sizes of birthday cakes?
No, all birthday cakes in The Sims 4 are of a standard size.

8. Can I have a birthday party without a cake?
While it is not a requirement, having a birthday cake significantly enhances the party experience and contributes to the overall success of the event.

9. Can I sell or delete a birthday cake after the celebration?
Yes, you can sell or delete a birthday cake like any other object in your Sim’s inventory or household.

10. Can I customize the appearance of the birthday cake?
Besides adding candles and sparklers, there are no further customization options for the cake’s appearance.

11. Can I age up my Sim immediately after creating them?
No, Sims must exist for at least 24 in-game hours before they can age up using a birthday cake.

12. Can I use a birthday cake to age up multiple Sims at once?
Yes, you can have multiple Sims blow out the candles on the birthday cake to age them up simultaneously.

13. Can I use a birthday cake to age up my Sim to an elder?
No, birthday cakes can only be used to age up Sims to young adults or adults. To age up to an elder, your Sim needs to wait until they naturally transition.

14. Can I have a Sim throw a surprise birthday party for themselves?
No, Sims cannot initiate a surprise birthday party for themselves. However, other Sims can plan a surprise party for them.

15. Can I buy a birthday cake for my Sim’s pets in The Sims 4?
No, birthday cakes are exclusively for Sims and cannot be used for pets’ birthdays.

Birthdays in The Sims 4 are a joyful occasion, and the birthday cake is an essential element of the celebration. By following our guide and considering these unique facts, you can ensure your Sims have a memorable and delightful birthday experience. Happy Simming!