Independence Day: Resurgence Reparto

Independence Day: Resurgence Reparto – A Stellar Cast Set to Save the World Again

Independence Day: Resurgence, the highly anticipated sequel to the 1996 blockbuster, Independence Day, brings back the thrilling action and epic battles against alien invaders. Directed by Roland Emmerich, this sci-fi action film features an impressive ensemble cast, known as the Reparto, who are ready to defend Earth once more.

The Reparto includes some familiar faces from the original film, as well as new additions to the team. Here’s a closer look at the cast that will be leading the charge against the extraterrestrial threat:

1. Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson: Goldblum reprises his role as the witty and brilliant satellite expert who played a crucial role in defeating the aliens 20 years ago. Now, he must once again use his genius to save the world.

2. Liam Hemsworth as Jake Morrison: Hemsworth joins the franchise as a talented pilot who becomes a key player in the battle against the aliens. His character brings a fresh perspective and a new level of excitement to the story.

3. Bill Pullman as President Whitmore: Pullman returns as the former President who led humanity to victory in the first Independence Day. Now, he must face the aftermath of the previous invasion and rally the world for another fight.

4. Maika Monroe as Patricia Whitmore: Monroe takes on the role of Patricia, President Whitmore’s daughter, who has grown up in the aftermath of the alien attack and becomes a skilled fighter pilot.

5. Jessie Usher as Dylan Dubrow-Hiller: Usher steps into the shoes of the son of Will Smith’s character from the original film, Captain Steven Hiller. As a talented pilot, he carries on his father’s legacy and joins the fight against the aliens.

6. Sela Ward as President Lanford: Ward portrays the current President of the United States, who must make tough decisions to protect humanity from the impending invasion.

7. Judd Hirsch as Julius Levinson: Hirsch returns as David Levinson’s father, providing comedic relief and invaluable support to his son.

8. Brent Spiner as Dr. Brackish Okun: Spiner reprises his role as the eccentric scientist who was presumed dead in the first film. His return brings new insights into the alien threat.

9. Vivica A. Fox as Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller: Fox returns as Dylan’s mother and a former exotic dancer who has become a strong and resourceful fighter.

10. Angelababy as Rain Lao: Angelababy joins the cast as a Chinese fighter pilot who plays a crucial role in the international defense against the aliens.

11. Charlotte Gainsbourg as Dr. Catherine Marceaux: Gainsbourg portrays a French scientist who collaborates with David Levinson to understand and combat the alien technology.

12. William Fichtner as General Joshua Adams: Fichtner plays a high-ranking military officer who coordinates the global defense strategy.

13. Deobia Oparei as Dikembe Umbutu: Oparei portrays an African warlord who has been fighting the aliens since the previous invasion and becomes an important ally to the Reparto.


1. Is Independence Day: Resurgence a direct sequel to the 1996 film?
Yes, Independence Day: Resurgence continues the story 20 years after the events of the first film.

2. Do I need to watch the original Independence Day to understand the sequel?
While it is not necessary, it enhances the viewing experience and provides important background information.

3. Will Will Smith be in Independence Day: Resurgence?
No, Will Smith does not appear in the sequel, but his character’s absence is addressed in the storyline.

4. Are there any new alien creatures in the film?
Yes, Independence Day: Resurgence introduces new alien species with advanced technology and new threats.

5. How does the Reparto prepare for the alien invasion?
The Reparto comprises a team of skilled pilots, scientists, and military personnel who strategize and develop new technologies to combat the aliens.

6. Is the action in Independence Day: Resurgence as intense as the original?
Yes, the sequel delivers intense action sequences and large-scale battles against the alien invaders.

7. Does Independence Day: Resurgence explore the aftermath of the first invasion?
Yes, the film delves into the consequences and global impact of the previous attack on Earth.

8. Are there any surprises or twists in the storyline?
Yes, Independence Day: Resurgence includes unexpected plot developments and surprises that keep viewers engaged.

9. Does the film address the advancements in technology since the first invasion?
Yes, the sequel showcases the advancements in human technology and how they are used to combat the aliens.

10. Are there any emotional moments in Independence Day: Resurgence?
Yes, the film explores the personal journeys and sacrifices of the characters, providing emotional depth to the story.

11. Can Independence Day: Resurgence be enjoyed in 3D?
Yes, the film was shot in 3D and offers a visually stunning experience.

12. Will there be more Independence Day sequels?
While nothing is confirmed, the filmmakers have expressed interest in continuing the franchise.

13. Is Independence Day: Resurgence suitable for all ages?
The film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and destruction, and brief strong language. Parental guidance is advised.

Independence Day: Resurgence Reparto brings together a talented and diverse cast, ensuring an exciting and action-packed sequel. With a mix of familiar faces and fresh talent, this stellar cast is ready to deliver another thrilling battle to save humanity from the alien menace. Buckle up and prepare for an epic adventure!