20 Coolest Bookstores in the US

Nestled within the fabric of the American literary landscape are a plethora of enchanting bookstores that transcend the ordinary, transporting visitors into a realm where stories come alive and imagination knows no bounds. From the bustling streets of New York to the serene corners of Portland, these book sanctuaries have long been cherished as cultural gems, nurturing communities and fostering a deep appreciation for the written word. While some whisper of history, others exude contemporary charm, but all share an undeniable magic that beckons book enthusiasts and wanderers alike. Here are 20 captivating bookstores in the United States, each with its own unique allure and literary spirit:

1. The Last Bookstore – Los Angeles, California

   Known for its innovative use of space, The Last Bookstore features a labyrinth of bookshelves and art installations. It offers a mix of new and used books, as well as vinyl records, and hosts regular literary events and live music performances.

2. City Lights Booksellers – San Francisco, California

   An iconic independent bookstore and publisher, City Lights Booksellers is renowned for its connection to the Beat movement. It champions progressive and avant-garde literature and has a rich history of fostering counterculture and intellectualism.

3. Strand Bookstore – New York City, New York

   A literary landmark, the Strand Bookstore boasts “18 miles of books.” With its vast collection of new, used, and rare books, it’s a paradise for book lovers and collectors. It also hosts regular talks, signings, and book fairs.

4. Powell’s City of Books – Portland, Oregon

   Recognized as the world’s largest independent bookstore, Powell’s City of Books spans an entire city block. Its extensive collection covers a wide range of genres, and it’s known for its knowledgeable staff and vibrant atmosphere.

5. Tattered Cover Book Store – Denver, Colorado

   The Tattered Cover Book Store is a community staple known for its cozy atmosphere and carefully curated selection of books. With several locations, it hosts numerous author events, book clubs, and writing workshops.

6. The Elliott Bay Book Company – Seattle, Washington

   This beloved Seattle bookstore is celebrated for its wide-ranging collection and its focus on regional literature. The store hosts a diverse array of author readings and book-related events that contribute to Seattle’s vibrant literary culture.

7. The Montague Bookmill – Montague, Massachusetts

   Housed in a 19th-century gristmill, The Montague Bookmill offers a picturesque setting for book lovers. It features a wide selection of used and rare books and has a quaint cafe overlooking a scenic waterfall.

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8. Harvard Book Store – Cambridge, Massachusetts

   Situated in the heart of Harvard Square, this landmark bookstore has been serving the academic community for decades. It offers an eclectic selection of books and hosts regular author events and discussions.

9. Parnassus Books – Nashville, Tennessee

   Co-owned by bestselling author Ann Patchett, Parnassus Books is a vibrant independent bookstore known for its carefully curated selection and warm, welcoming atmosphere. It hosts numerous author events and community programs.

10. McNally Jackson Books – New York City, New York

    With its contemporary design and thoughtfully curated selection, McNally Jackson Books is a favorite among New York’s literary community. It houses a well-stocked children’s section and regularly hosts literary events and discussions.

11. Books & Books – Coral Gables, Florida

    Books & Books is a beloved independent bookstore known for its cozy ambiance and diverse selection of titles. It hosts regular author events, live music, and literary discussions that foster a sense of community among book enthusiasts.

12. Vroman’s Bookstore – Pasadena, California

    Established in 1894, Vroman’s Bookstore is one of Southern California’s oldest and largest independent bookstores. It is known for its extensive collection of books and its commitment to supporting the local literary community through various events and initiatives.

13. Politics and Prose – Washington, D.C.

    Politics and Prose is a prominent independent bookstore that offers a carefully curated selection of books on a wide range of topics. It hosts numerous author readings, book discussions, and political events that foster intellectual engagement and community dialogue.

14. The Strand Bookstore at Club Monaco – Miami, Florida

    A unique collaboration between a renowned bookstore and a fashion brand, the Strand Bookstore at Club Monaco offers a curated selection of books in a stylish and inviting space. It is known for its blend of literary and lifestyle offerings, as well as its regular cultural events.

15. Rizzoli Bookstore – New York City, New York

    Rizzoli Bookstore is a cultural institution known for its elegant setting and its extensive collection of art, design, and architecture books. It hosts art exhibitions, book signings, and other cultural events that attract both local and international audiences.

16. The Book Loft of German Village – Columbus, Ohio

    The Book Loft of German Village is a unique bookstore housed in a pre-Civil War building with 32 rooms full of books. It offers an extensive selection of genres, from bestsellers to niche titles, and is known for its charming and inviting atmosphere.

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17. Faulkner House Books – New Orleans, Louisiana

    Located in the French Quarter, Faulkner House Books is a quaint bookstore dedicated to rare and collectible books. Named after William Faulkner, it maintains a curated selection of literary classics and hosts occasional readings and literary events.

18. The Raven Book Store – Lawrence, Kansas

    The Raven Book Store is a community-oriented independent bookstore known for its carefully selected inventory and its commitment to supporting local authors and artists. It hosts regular author events, book clubs, and community gatherings.

19. Skylight Books – Los Angeles, California

    Skylight Books is a popular independent bookstore in Los Feliz known for its diverse and eclectic selection of titles. It hosts numerous author events, book clubs, and literary discussions that contribute to the vibrant literary culture of the neighborhood.

20. BookPeople – Austin, Texas

    BookPeople is a beloved independent bookstore that has been serving the Austin community for decades. It offers an extensive collection of books across various genres and hosts a wide range of literary events, author signings, and book-related activities for readers of all ages.

The Rise and Fall of Bookstores With the Advent of the Internet & Amazon

The rise and fall of bookstores, particularly independent ones, has been an evolving narrative shaped by the advent of the internet and the dominance of online retailers, notably Amazon. These changes have significantly impacted the way people discover, purchase, and consume books. Here’s a closer look at the transformation:

The Rise of Bookstores:

1. Community Hubs: Bookstores served as community hubs, fostering a sense of belonging and intellectual exchange. They often organized book clubs, author signings, and readings, thereby creating a vibrant cultural space.

2. Curation and Personal Touch: Independent bookstores were known for their unique curation, often reflecting the taste of the local community and the owner. Customers valued the personal touch and recommendations from knowledgeable staff.

3. Discovery Experience: Bookstores offered a tactile and sensory experience, enabling customers to physically browse and explore various titles, genres, and authors, which added to the pleasure of book discovery.

The Impact of the Internet & Amazon:

1. Online Retail Dominance: The rise of online book retail giants, notably Amazon, provided customers with a convenient way to browse and purchase books from the comfort of their homes, leading to a significant shift in consumer behavior.

2. Price Competition: Online retailers often offered competitive pricing, discounts, and a vast selection of books, making it challenging for physical bookstores to compete on cost, especially with the additional expense of maintaining a physical location.

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3. E-books and Digital Publishing: The emergence of e-books and digital publishing platforms further altered the reading landscape, allowing readers to access a wide range of titles instantly and carry entire libraries on electronic devices.

The Decline of Bookstores:

1. Economic Challenges: Many independent bookstores faced economic challenges, struggling to compete with the lower prices and convenience offered by online retailers. This resulted in the closure of numerous small bookstores unable to sustain their business.

2. Shifting Consumer Preferences: Changing consumer preferences towards digital books and online shopping further impacted the foot traffic and sales of physical bookstores, leading to a decline in their viability.

3. Adaptation Challenges: Some traditional bookstores attempted to adapt by incorporating online sales, e-books, and hosting events, but these efforts were often insufficient to counter the growing dominance of online retailers.

Adaptation and Revival Efforts:

1. Emphasizing Community Events: Some surviving independent bookstores emphasized community events, book clubs, and author visits to foster a sense of community and offer experiences that cannot be replicated online.

2. Curated Experiences: Several bookstores focused on providing unique and curated experiences, offering specialized collections, knowledgeable staff recommendations, and exclusive editions to attract customers who appreciate the personal touch and curation.

3. Online Presence and Partnerships: Some brick-and-mortar bookstores developed a strong online presence, often partnering with independent publishers and local authors, while also leveraging social media to engage with a broader audience and create a cohesive omnichannel experience.

In summary, the rise of the internet and the dominance of online retailers, especially Amazon, significantly impacted the traditional bookstore model, leading to a decline in many independent bookstores. While challenges persist, some bookstores have managed to survive by emphasizing community engagement, curated experiences, and a strong online presence to complement their physical stores.


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