A Long Way Home Book Club Questions

A Long Way Home Book Club Questions and 5 Unique Facts

A Long Way Home is a remarkable true story that captivated readers around the world. Written by Saroo Brierley, this memoir recounts his journey from being lost in India as a child to eventually finding his way back home. If you’re looking to delve deeper into this powerful narrative, here are some book club questions to consider, along with five unique facts about the author and his incredible journey.

Book Club Questions:

1. Saroo’s story is one of resilience and determination. How did his early experiences shape his character and contribute to his survival?

2. Discuss the theme of identity in the book. How did Saroo struggle with his identity as an adopted child? How did his search for his biological family impact his sense of self?

3. Saroo’s relationship with his adoptive family is central to the narrative. How did they support him throughout his journey, both emotionally and practically?

4. The book explores the impact of technology on Saroo’s search for his hometown. How did the advent of Google Earth change the way people search for their roots? Do you think technology has made it easier or more difficult to find lost loved ones?

5. Saroo’s journey is a testament to the power of hope. Discuss the role of hope in his story and how it helped him overcome immense challenges.

6. The book depicts the stark contrast between Saroo’s life in India and his life in Australia. How did this stark contrast affect Saroo’s perception of his homeland and his adoptive country?

7. The author provides vivid descriptions of the places he visited during his search. How did these descriptions enhance your understanding of the settings and the challenges Saroo faced?

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8. Saroo’s relationship with his brother, Guddu, is a significant part of the story. How did Guddu’s disappearance impact Saroo’s life and influence his decisions later on?

9. Discuss the role of fate in Saroo’s story. How did small coincidences and chance encounters shape his journey?

10. The book touches on the themes of home and belonging. How did Saroo’s definition of home evolve throughout his journey? What does “home” mean to him by the end of the book?

Five Unique Facts:

1. Saroo Brierley’s incredible story caught the attention of Hollywood, leading to the production of the 2016 film adaptation, “Lion.” The movie received critical acclaim and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

2. Saroo’s search for his hometown led him to rely on his memory of landmarks and train stations. He spent countless hours on Google Earth comparing satellite images to find a match, ultimately rediscovering his birthplace, Khandwa.

3. After publishing his memoir, Saroo became an advocate for helping other lost children find their families. He established the Lion Heart Foundation, an organization focused on providing support and resources to reunite families separated by adoption or forced displacement.

4. Saroo’s journey took place over a period of several years. He was lost at the age of five and reunited with his birth family at the age of 25, marking a 20-year separation.

5. The emotional reunion between Saroo and his birth mother, Kamla, was captured in a heartwarming video. Their meeting was filled with tears, joy, and an overwhelming sense of connection.


1. Was Saroo able to speak his native language, Hindi, when he was found?
Yes, Saroo retained his ability to speak Hindi, which ultimately helped him communicate with his birth family.

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2. How did Saroo’s adoptive parents react when he expressed his desire to search for his birth family?
Saroo’s adoptive parents were supportive of his search and encouraged him to follow his heart.

3. Did Saroo face any legal challenges during his search for his birth family?
No, Saroo did not face any legal challenges during his search. He had the necessary documentation and support to continue his quest.

4. How did Saroo’s journey impact his relationships with his adoptive family and friends?
Saroo’s journey brought him closer to his adoptive family and friends, as they stood by him during his search and celebrated his reunion with his birth family.

5. Did Saroo face any cultural challenges when he returned to his birth village?
Saroo did face some cultural challenges upon returning to his birth village, as he had grown up in a different country and had to adapt to the local customs and traditions.

6. How did Saroo’s experiences in India shape his views on poverty and social justice?
Saroo’s experiences in India exposed him to the harsh realities of poverty and social inequality. It influenced his perspective and motivated him to help others facing similar circumstances.

7. Did Saroo maintain contact with his adoptive family after finding his birth family?
Yes, Saroo maintained a close relationship with his adoptive family after finding his birth family. They supported him throughout his journey and continue to be an important part of his life.

8. How did Saroo’s story impact adoption practices and policies?
Saroo’s story shed light on the importance of ensuring ethical adoption practices and the need for support systems to facilitate reunions between lost children and their families.

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9. Did Saroo face any backlash or criticism after publishing his memoir?
Saroo’s memoir was generally well-received, with readers and critics praising his courage and resilience. He did not face significant backlash or criticism.

10. How did Saroo’s experience impact his career and personal life?
Saroo’s experience shaped his career path and personal life. He became an advocate for lost children and dedicated his efforts to helping others find their families.

11. Did Saroo face any health or psychological challenges during his search?
Saroo faced some psychological challenges during his search, as the emotional burden of his journey took a toll on him. However, he sought professional help to navigate these challenges.

12. How did Saroo’s story inspire others?
Saroo’s story inspired others by showcasing the power of determination, hope, and the human spirit. It encouraged people to believe in the possibility of miracles and never give up on their dreams.

13. What message does Saroo hope readers take away from his story?
Saroo hopes that readers take away the message of the importance of family, love, and never losing hope, no matter how dire the circumstances may seem.


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