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Beau Clark is a talented actor known for his remarkable performances in both movies and television shows. With his charming personality and impressive acting skills, he has won the hearts of many viewers. From his breakthrough roles to his recent projects, let’s explore some of Beau Clark’s memorable movies and TV shows. Additionally, we’ll delve into five unique facts about this versatile actor. Lastly, we’ll provide answers to 15 frequently asked questions about Beau Clark at the end of the article.


1. “The Revenant” (2015): In this critically acclaimed film directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Beau Clark portrayed the character of a trapper. Starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, Clark delivered a convincing performance that showcased his versatility as an actor.

2. “The Nice Guys” (2016): In this action-comedy film directed by Shane Black, Clark had a supporting role as a bartender. Sharing the screen with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, he added a touch of humor to the film with his impeccable timing and delivery.

TV Shows:

1. “Vanderpump Rules” (2019-2020): Beau Clark gained significant popularity through his appearance on the reality TV series “Vanderpump Rules.” As the fiancé of cast member Stassi Schroeder, Clark’s relationship dynamics and lighthearted personality made him a fan favorite.

2. “The Hills: New Beginnings” (2021): Clark joined the cast of this reality TV show as the husband of cast member Whitney Port. His presence brought a fresh energy to the series, and viewers enjoyed witnessing his dynamic with the other cast members.

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Unique Facts about Beau Clark:

1. Unexpected Career Path: Before venturing into the world of acting, Beau Clark worked as a casting assistant. His behind-the-scenes experience has provided him with a unique perspective and a deeper understanding of the industry.

2. Passion for Music: Clark has a deep passion for music and is a talented musician. He often shares his cover songs on social media, showcasing his melodious voice and guitar skills.

3. Love for Travel: Beau Clark has a wanderlust spirit and loves exploring new destinations. His Instagram is filled with captivating travel photos, reflecting his adventurous nature.

4. Animal Lover: Clark has a soft spot for animals, particularly dogs. He often shares pictures and videos of his beloved four-legged friends, spreading awareness about animal welfare.

5. Humor and Wit: Known for his quick wit and sense of humor, Beau Clark often leaves his fans in splits with his witty and engaging social media posts.

FAQs about Beau Clark:

1. How old is Beau Clark?
– Beau Clark was born on March 18, 1980, making him [current age] years old.

2. Where is Beau Clark from?
– Beau Clark was born and raised in Italy, but later moved to the United States.

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3. Is Beau Clark married?
– Yes, Beau Clark is married to Stassi Schroeder, a former cast member of “Vanderpump Rules.”

4. Does Beau Clark have any children?
– Yes, Beau Clark and Stassi Schroeder welcomed a daughter named Hartford Charlie Rose Clark in January 2021.

5. What other TV shows has Beau Clark appeared in?
– Apart from “Vanderpump Rules” and “The Hills: New Beginnings,” Beau Clark has also made guest appearances on shows like “Watch What Happens Live” and “Reality Check.”

6. Has Beau Clark won any awards for his acting?
– As of now, Beau Clark has not received any major awards for his acting performances.

7. Does Beau Clark have any upcoming projects?
– As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding Beau Clark’s upcoming projects.

8. What is Beau Clark’s Instagram handle?
– You can find Beau Clark on Instagram @thegoodthebadthebogie.

9. Does Beau Clark have any siblings?
– Yes, Beau Clark has a sister named Carly.

10. Who are Beau Clark’s favorite actors?
– Beau Clark has mentioned Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks as his favorite actors in various interviews.

11. Does Beau Clark have any tattoos?
– Yes, Beau Clark has multiple tattoos on his arms, including a lion and a skull.

12. What is Beau Clark’s favorite movie genre?
– Beau Clark has expressed his love for action and comedy genres.

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13. Has Beau Clark worked in theater productions?
– Yes, Beau Clark has performed in several theater productions before transitioning into on-screen acting.

14. Does Beau Clark have a YouTube channel?
– No, Beau Clark does not have an official YouTube channel.

15. What are Beau Clark’s hobbies besides acting?
– Besides acting, Beau Clark enjoys playing guitar, writing music, and exploring new cuisines.

In conclusion, Beau Clark has made a mark in the entertainment industry through his impressive performances in movies and TV shows. With his unique personality, musical talent, and love for adventure, he continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Whether on the big screen or in reality TV, Beau Clark’s charisma and talent shine through, making him an actor to watch out for in the future.


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