Book Of The Month March 2023

Book of the Month is a popular subscription service that offers readers a curated selection of books each month. With a dedicated team of literary experts, Book of the Month ensures that subscribers receive the best new releases and hidden gems from various genres. As we delve into March 2023, let’s explore the Book of the Month selections for this exciting month, along with five unique facts about this beloved service.

Book of the Month March 2023 Selections:
1. “The Lost Notebook” by Sarah Blake: This historical fiction novel takes readers on a journey through the lives of four women who are connected by a mysterious notebook left behind by a renowned artist.
2. “The Silent Witness” by Carolyn Haines: A gripping thriller that follows a forensic psychologist as she investigates a series of murders with a chilling connection to her own past.
3. “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig: This enchanting novel explores the concept of parallel lives and second chances, as a young woman finds herself in a mysterious library where she can explore all the lives she could have lived.
4. “The Echo Wife” by Sarah Gailey: A provocative science fiction thriller that delves into the consequences of scientific advancements, cloning, and the complexities of human relationships.
5. “The Final Crossing” by Brian Freeman: In this suspenseful crime novel, a detective must unravel the secrets of a small town haunted by a series of unsolved disappearances.

Five Unique Facts about Book of the Month:
1. Customization: Book of the Month allows subscribers to choose their monthly book from a selection of five options. This personalized touch ensures that readers receive a book they are genuinely interested in.
2. Early Access: Subscribers get early access to highly anticipated book releases, often before they hit the shelves. This perk allows readers to be ahead of the curve and engage in discussions with fellow book enthusiasts.
3. Community Engagement: Book of the Month has a vibrant online community where readers can share their thoughts, participate in discussions, and even interact with authors. This sense of community fosters a love for reading and encourages readers to explore new genres.
4. Affordable Pricing: Despite the high-quality selections and additional benefits, Book of the Month offers subscription plans starting at just $14.99 per month, making it an accessible option for avid readers.
5. Gift Options: Book of the Month subscriptions make for a thoughtful and unique gift. Whether it’s for a book lover’s birthday or a special occasion, gifting a subscription allows the recipient to discover new authors and genres throughout the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does Book of the Month work?
Book of the Month is a subscription service where members receive a curated selection of books each month. They can choose one book from the monthly selections, and it will be delivered to their doorstep.

2. How much does Book of the Month cost?
Book of the Month offers subscription plans starting at $14.99 per month. There are also options for longer-term subscriptions, which offer additional discounts.

3. Can I skip a month if I’m not interested in the selections?
Yes, subscribers have the option to skip a month if they don’t find any of the selections appealing. This ensures that they only receive books they are genuinely interested in.

4. Are there any additional costs besides the subscription fee?
The subscription fee covers the cost of one book per month, but additional books or add-ons can be purchased at an extra cost.

5. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time without any additional charges.

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6. Do subscribers have access to exclusive content?
Yes, Book of the Month subscribers often receive exclusive content, such as author interviews, behind-the-scenes information, and book recommendations.

7. Can I gift a Book of the Month subscription to someone?
Absolutely! Book of the Month subscriptions make for a great gift. You can choose to gift a subscription for a specific duration or allow the recipient to choose when they want to start.

8. Do the books come in any specific format?
Book of the Month selections are available in hardcover format.

9. Are the books always newly released?
While Book of the Month often features new releases, they also highlight hidden gems and books from various genres that might have been overlooked.

10. Can I change my book selection after making my choice?
Once a selection is made, it cannot be changed. However, subscribers can skip a month if they change their mind before the selection deadline.

11. How long does shipping take?
Shipping times may vary depending on the subscriber’s location, but Book of the Month strives to deliver books within 7-10 business days.

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12. Can I return or exchange a book?
Book of the Month does not offer returns or exchanges unless the book arrives damaged or defective.

13. Can I access previous month’s selections?
Unfortunately, previous month’s selections are not available once the month has ended. However, subscribers can purchase previously featured books from the Book of the Month online store, subject to availability.

Book of the Month continues to captivate readers with its exceptional book selections, community engagement, and affordable pricing. Whether you’re an avid reader or looking for the perfect gift, this subscription service is sure to enhance your literary journey.


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