Can You Return Books On Audible

Can You Return Books on Audible?

Audible, the popular audiobook platform owned by Amazon, offers a vast collection of audiobooks across various genres and interests. With a subscription, users gain access to a wide selection of titles that they can listen to at their convenience. However, what happens if you purchase a book on Audible and realize it’s not what you expected? Can you return books on Audible? Let’s find out.

The answer to whether you can return books on Audible is yes, but with certain conditions. Audible has a Great Listen Guarantee, which allows users to return audiobooks within 365 days of purchase if they are not satisfied with their purchase. This policy ensures that users can explore different titles without the fear of wasting their money.

Here are five unique facts about returning books on Audible:

1. The Great Listen Guarantee: As mentioned earlier, Audible’s Great Listen Guarantee enables customers to return audiobooks within a year of purchase. This generous return policy demonstrates Audible’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

2. You get a refund or credit: When you return a book on Audible, you have the option to receive either a refund or credit. Refunds are issued in the original payment method, while credits are added to your Audible account, which can be used to purchase other audiobooks.

3. Return process is simple: Returning a book on Audible is a straightforward process. You can access the “Purchase History” section on the Audible website or app, find the book you wish to return, and select the “Return” option. The book will be removed from your library, and you’ll receive your refund or credit.

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4. No questions asked: Audible’s return policy is lenient, as they don’t require you to provide a reason for returning a book. Whether you didn’t enjoy the narration, found the story uninteresting, or simply changed your mind, Audible respects your decision and allows the return without any questions asked.

5. Unlimited returns: Audible’s return policy doesn’t have a specific limit on the number of books you can return. You have the freedom to return as many books as you want within the 365-day window, giving you the opportunity to explore different titles risk-free.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions regarding returning books on Audible:

1. Can I return a book if I’ve already listened to it?
Yes, you can return a book even if you’ve finished listening to it. Audible’s return policy applies regardless of whether you’ve completed the audiobook or not.

2. Can I return a book if I downloaded it?
Yes, you can return a downloaded book. The return process is the same, and once returned, the downloaded audiobook will be removed from your device.

3. Can I return a book if I purchased it with credits?
Yes, you can return a book purchased with credits. If you choose the credit option for the return, the credit will be refunded to your Audible account.

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4. Can I return a book if I canceled my Audible subscription?
Yes, you can still return a book even if you’ve canceled your Audible subscription. The 365-day return period remains valid after cancelation.

5. Can I return a book if I received it as a gift?
Yes, you can return a gifted book. However, the refund or credit will be issued to the original purchaser, not the recipient.

6. Can I return a book on the Audible app?
Yes, you can return a book on the Audible app. Simply go to your “Purchase History” within the app, find the book you wish to return, and select the “Return” option.

7. Can I return a book if I purchased it a long time ago?
Yes, you have 365 days from the date of purchase to return a book on Audible, regardless of how long ago it was bought.

8. Can I return a book if I’m an Audible member?
Yes, Audible members can return books using the Great Listen Guarantee, as long as the return is made within the 365-day period.

9. Can I return a book if I’m using a free trial?
Yes, even if you’re using a free trial, you can return books within 365 days of purchase.

10. Can I return a book if I’m not satisfied with the narration?
Yes, if you’re unhappy with the narration or any other aspect of the audiobook, you can return it using the Great Listen Guarantee.

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11. Can I return a book if it was part of a bundle or sale?
Yes, books purchased in a bundle or during a sale are eligible for return, just like any other audiobook.

12. Can I return a book if I accidentally purchased it?
Yes, if you made an accidental purchase, you can return the book and request a refund or credit.

13. Can I return a book if I borrowed it with an Audible membership benefit?
No, books borrowed using an Audible membership benefit cannot be returned. However, you can exchange a borrowed book for another title.

Returning books on Audible is a hassle-free process that allows users to explore audiobooks risk-free. Audible’s Great Listen Guarantee and lenient return policy ensure that customers have a satisfying experience while discovering their favorite audiobooks.


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