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Christmas in Tahoe is a heartwarming holiday movie that captures the essence of the festive season. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Tahoe, this film is filled with love, laughter, and the magic of Christmas. The movie features a talented cast that brings the story to life, creating a delightful viewing experience for audiences of all ages.

The cast of Christmas in Tahoe includes some well-known and beloved actors who deliver outstanding performances. Let’s take a closer look at the main cast members and their roles:

1. Candace Cameron Bure as Sarah: Candace portrays the lead character, a hardworking event planner who finds herself planning a Christmas festival in her hometown of Tahoe.

2. Jesse Hutch as Chris: Jesse plays the role of Chris, Sarah’s childhood friend and love interest. He is a charming and supportive character who helps her rediscover the joy of Christmas.

3. Benjamin Hollingsworth as Tyler: Benjamin takes on the role of Tyler, a successful businessman who becomes a potential love interest for Sarah. His arrival adds a touch of romance and conflict to the story.

4. Erin Karpluk as Lisa: Erin portrays Lisa, Sarah’s best friend and confidant. She provides emotional support and comic relief throughout the film.

5. Alan Thicke as Richard: Sadly, the late Alan Thicke makes a special appearance as Richard, Sarah’s father. His character plays a significant role in Sarah’s journey to reconnect with her Christmas spirit.

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6. Christopher Shyer as Tom: Christopher portrays Tom, a local handyman who becomes an unexpected ally for Sarah. He brings a warm and endearing presence to the movie.

7. Teryl Rothery as Linda: Teryl takes on the role of Linda, Sarah’s mother. Her character offers guidance and wisdom, adding depth to the storyline.

8. Marion Eisman as Mrs. Claus: Marion portrays Mrs. Claus, a whimsical character who appears at pivotal moments, reminding Sarah of the true meaning of Christmas.

9. Malcolm Stewart as Mayor Anderson: Malcolm plays the role of Mayor Anderson, the town’s mayor who is determined to make the Christmas festival a success. He adds a touch of authority and humor to the movie.

10. Meg Roe as Emily: Meg portrays Emily, Sarah’s assistant and a close friend. She provides support and encouragement throughout the film.

11. Tom McBeath as Santa Claus: Tom takes on the iconic role of Santa Claus, spreading joy and cheer to the residents of Tahoe.

12. Sarah Strange as Carol: Sarah plays the character of Carol, a local business owner who becomes an ally for Sarah in her quest to organize the Christmas festival.

13. Garry Chalk as Jim: Garry portrays Jim, a local shop owner and friend of Sarah’s family. His character adds a sense of community and warmth to the film.

Now, let’s move on to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Christmas in Tahoe:

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1. Is Christmas in Tahoe a family-friendly movie?
Yes, Christmas in Tahoe is suitable for the whole family. It embodies the spirit of Christmas and offers a heartwarming story that can be enjoyed by all ages.

2. Where can I watch Christmas in Tahoe?
You can typically find Christmas in Tahoe on various streaming platforms or purchase it on DVD.

3. Does Christmas in Tahoe have a happy ending?
Yes, Christmas in Tahoe has a heartwarming and joyful ending that will leave viewers feeling uplifted.

4. Is there a sequel to Christmas in Tahoe?
No, there is currently no sequel to Christmas in Tahoe.

5. Is the movie set in the real Lake Tahoe?
Yes, the movie is set in the stunning location of Lake Tahoe, offering breathtaking scenery throughout.

6. Does Candace Cameron Bure sing in the movie?
No, Candace Cameron Bure does not sing in Christmas in Tahoe.

7. Is there a message or moral to the story?
Yes, the movie emphasizes the importance of family, love, and the true meaning of Christmas.

8. Does the movie feature any original Christmas songs?
Yes, Christmas in Tahoe includes a delightful soundtrack with original holiday songs.

9. How long is the movie?
Christmas in Tahoe has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes.

10. What year was Christmas in Tahoe released?
Christmas in Tahoe was released in 2018.

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11. Is the movie based on a true story?
No, Christmas in Tahoe is not based on a true story.

12. Can I expect any surprises or twists in the movie?
While the movie follows a traditional Christmas movie formula, there are a few surprises and twists along the way.

13. Is Christmas in Tahoe available in other languages?
The availability of different language options may vary depending on the platform or DVD release.

Christmas in Tahoe is a delightful holiday movie that captures the magic of the season. With a talented cast and a heartwarming story, it’s a perfect choice for a cozy evening with loved ones during the festive period. So grab some hot cocoa, snuggle up by the fire, and enjoy this heartwarming tale of love, family, and the spirit of Christmas in the beautiful setting of Lake Tahoe.


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