Christmas on Candy Cane Lane The Movie Cast

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is a heartwarming holiday movie that captures the true spirit of Christmas. The film, released in 2021, features a talented cast that brings the story to life. Set on Candy Cane Lane, a magical street filled with festive decorations, the movie follows the journey of a young woman named Lucy, who rediscovers the joy of Christmas and finds love along the way. Let’s take a closer look at the cast of this delightful Christmas film.

1. Lucy – Played by Jessica Lowndes
Jessica Lowndes portrays Lucy, the main character in Christmas on Candy Cane Lane. Lucy is a hardworking woman who has lost her Christmas spirit. However, her life takes a magical turn when she stumbles upon Candy Cane Lane and meets a charming stranger.

2. Owen – Played by Brendan Penny
Brendan Penny plays Owen, the love interest of Lucy. Owen is a kind-hearted man who is passionate about Christmas and all things festive. He helps Lucy rediscover the joy of the holiday season and brings warmth to her life.

3. Mrs. Gray – Played by Jill Morrison
Jill Morrison brings Mrs. Gray to life in this movie. Mrs. Gray is a wise and caring woman who lives on Candy Cane Lane. She provides guidance to Lucy and helps her along her journey to find love and happiness.

4. Santa Claus – Played by Andrew Francis
Andrew Francis portrays Santa Claus in Christmas on Candy Cane Lane. He adds a touch of magic and wonder to the film, embodying the beloved character who spreads joy and cheer to all.

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5. Molly – Played by Bailey Skodje
Bailey Skodje plays Molly, Lucy’s adorable niece. Molly’s infectious enthusiasm for Christmas is one of the factors that ignite Lucy’s journey to rediscover the holiday spirit.

6. Mayor – Played by Lini Evans
Lini Evans takes on the role of the Mayor in the movie. The Mayor is a prominent figure in the community and plays a significant part in the events that unfold on Candy Cane Lane.

7. Sarah – Played by Lane Edwards
Lane Edwards portrays Sarah, Lucy’s best friend. Sarah is supportive and encourages Lucy to embrace the magic of the holiday season.

8. Mr. Gray – Played by Barclay Hope
Barclay Hope brings Mr. Gray to life, the husband of Mrs. Gray. Mr. Gray is a gentle and caring man who plays a vital role in Lucy’s journey.

9. Jenny – Played by Emma Oliver
Emma Oliver plays Jenny, another child living on Candy Cane Lane. Jenny’s friendship with Molly helps Lucy in her quest to find love and happiness.

10. Aunt Agnes – Played by Brenda Crichlow
Brenda Crichlow takes on the role of Aunt Agnes, Lucy’s quirky and lovable aunt. Aunt Agnes adds a touch of humor to the film and provides valuable advice to Lucy.

11. Emily – Played by Anna Van Hooft
Anna Van Hooft portrays Emily, Owen’s sister. Emily is a warm and welcoming person who supports Owen and Lucy in their journey towards love.

12. Maggie – Played by Lossen Chambers
Lossen Chambers plays Maggie, Lucy’s neighbor. Maggie is a friendly face on Candy Cane Lane and adds to the community spirit of the film.

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13. Henry – Played by Jay Hindle
Jay Hindle portrays Henry, a friend of Owen’s who also lives on Candy Cane Lane. Henry’s presence adds to the camaraderie and warmth of the community.


1. Is Christmas on Candy Cane Lane a family-friendly movie?
Yes, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is a family-friendly movie suitable for all ages.

2. Is the movie available on streaming platforms?
Yes, the movie can be streamed on various platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hallmark Channel.

3. Is the movie based on a book?
No, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is an original movie created for the screen.

4. Where was the movie filmed?
The movie was filmed in a charming neighborhood in Vancouver, Canada.

5. Is there a soundtrack available for the movie?
Yes, a soundtrack featuring holiday music from the film is available for purchase.

6. Does the movie have a happy ending?
Yes, the movie has a heartwarming and joyful ending, leaving viewers with a warm feeling.

7. Can I watch the movie outside of the holiday season?
Certainly! While the movie is set during Christmas, it can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

8. Are there any sequels or spin-offs planned?
As of now, there are no announced plans for sequels or spin-offs.

9. How long is the movie?
The movie has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes.

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10. Is the movie based on a true story?
No, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is a fictional story created for the movie.

11. Are there any notable cameo appearances in the film?
No notable cameos have been reported in the movie.

12. Can I purchase merchandise related to the movie?
Some merchandise, such as DVDs or digital copies, may be available for purchase.

13. Is the movie available in other languages besides English?
Depending on the region, the movie may have dubbed or subtitled versions in different languages.

In conclusion, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is a delightful holiday film featuring a talented cast that brings the story to life. With its heartwarming plot and enchanting setting, this movie captures the essence of Christmas and reminds us of the true meaning of the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a film to watch with family or want to indulge in some festive cheer, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is a must-watch this holiday season.


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