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Title: Exploring the Talented Voice Actor Behind Coraline: An In-Depth Look


Coraline, the beloved animated film released in 2009, captivated audiences worldwide with its enchanting storyline and remarkable voice acting. While the film itself is a masterpiece, one cannot overlook the incredible talent behind the voice of the titular character. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of Coraline’s voice actor and provide answers to frequently asked questions about this talented individual.

Who is the voice actor behind Coraline?

Coraline’s voice was brought to life by Dakota Fanning, a renowned American actress known for her exceptional performances in both film and television. Fanning’s portrayal of Coraline Jones was widely praised for its depth and emotional resonance.

1. How old was Dakota Fanning when she voiced Coraline?

Dakota Fanning was 14 years old when she provided the voice for Coraline, showcasing her remarkable talent at such a young age.

2. Was Dakota Fanning the first choice for the role of Coraline?

Yes, Dakota Fanning was director Henry Selick’s top choice for the role of Coraline due to her ability to convey complex emotions with her voice.

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3. Did Dakota Fanning have any prior voice acting experience?

Before Coraline, Dakota Fanning had voiced characters in a few animated projects, including Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch and My Neighbor Totoro.

4. How did Dakota Fanning prepare for the role of Coraline?

To prepare for the role, Dakota Fanning immersed herself in the world of Coraline by reading the original book by Neil Gaiman and closely collaborating with director Henry Selick.

5. Did Dakota Fanning sing in the movie?

No, Dakota Fanning’s voice was used solely for speaking lines, and the singing parts were performed by the talented French singer, S√©verine Warren.

6. Did Dakota Fanning receive any awards or nominations for her portrayal of Coraline?

While Dakota Fanning did not receive any individual awards or nominations for her role as Coraline, her performance contributed significantly to the film’s overall critical acclaim.

7. How long did it take to record Dakota Fanning’s lines for Coraline?

Recording Dakota Fanning’s lines for Coraline took approximately two years due to the meticulous nature of stop-motion animation and the need for precise synchronization.

8. Did Dakota Fanning record her lines alone or with other actors?

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As is customary in animated films, Dakota Fanning recorded her lines separately from other actors. However, she had the opportunity to interact with the other cast members during rehearsals and promotional events.

9. Did Dakota Fanning have any input on the character of Coraline?

Dakota Fanning worked closely with director Henry Selick and the creative team to shape the character of Coraline, providing valuable insights and suggestions throughout the process.

10. How did Dakota Fanning approach the emotional scenes in Coraline?

Dakota Fanning’s ability to convey a wide range of emotions was pivotal in bringing Coraline to life. She tapped into her own experiences and emotions to infuse authenticity into the character’s more intense and vulnerable moments.

11. Has Dakota Fanning done any other voice acting work since Coraline?

Following her role as Coraline, Dakota Fanning continued to lend her voice to various animated projects, including The Boxtrolls and American Dad!.

12. Did Dakota Fanning enjoy voicing Coraline?

Dakota Fanning has expressed her love for the character of Coraline and the opportunity to bring her to life through voice acting. She considers it a memorable experience in her career.

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13. Is Dakota Fanning still involved in the world of voice acting?

While Dakota Fanning has focused primarily on live-action acting in recent years, her talent and versatility have left a lasting impression in the field of voice acting.


The voice behind Coraline, Dakota Fanning, showcased her remarkable talent and brought depth and emotion to the beloved character. Her portrayal of Coraline Jones remains a standout performance in the world of animated films. Through her dedication, collaboration, and ability to convey complex emotions, Fanning immortalized Coraline and contributed to the film’s enduring success.


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