Do Armin And Annie End Up Together

Title: Do Armin and Annie End Up Together? Exploring the Dynamics of their Relationship


Armin Arlert and Annie Leonhart, two prominent characters from the hit manga and anime series, Attack on Titan, have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. While their relationship may seem complex and filled with tension, many fans wonder whether these two characters will ultimately end up together. In this article, we will delve into their relationship dynamics and discuss whether a romantic connection between Armin and Annie is plausible.

Do Armin and Annie Have a Romantic Connection?

1. Strong bond of friendship:
Throughout the series, Armin and Annie have shared numerous moments that showcase a deep bond of friendship. From their initial interactions in the 104th Training Corps to their teamwork during critical missions, their relationship evolves from a place of mutual understanding and respect.

2. Shared ideology:
Both Armin and Annie possess a strong sense of justice and a desire for a better world. This shared ideology creates a connection between them, as they often find themselves questioning the motives and actions of others. Their philosophical discussions and similar perspectives contribute to a deeper understanding between the two characters.

3. Mutual admiration:
There are instances where Armin expresses admiration for Annie’s strength and skills as a warrior. Similarly, Annie acknowledges Armin’s intelligence and strategic thinking. This mutual respect and admiration for each other’s abilities lay the foundation for a potential romantic connection.

4. Emotional depth:
Armin and Annie’s interactions reveal moments of vulnerability and emotional depth. They have both confided in each other during times of distress, showcasing a level of trust that goes beyond mere friendship. These emotional connections often serve as a catalyst for romantic developments.

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5. Unresolved tension:
The series introduces several instances where Armin and Annie’s relationship is shrouded in tension and secrecy. Their interactions are often layered with subtext, leaving fans to speculate about the true nature of their connection. This unresolved tension adds an element of intrigue to their relationship.

6. Development in the manga:
While the anime series doesn’t explicitly explore a romantic relationship between Armin and Annie, the manga provides additional insights. Without giving away spoilers, it is worth noting that the manga delves deeper into their relationship, leaving room for potential romantic developments.

7. Open-ended possibilities:
Attack on Titan is known for its unpredictable plot twists and complex character dynamics. With the series yet to conclude, the potential for Armin and Annie’s relationship to evolve into something more remains open. Fans eagerly await future storylines that may shed light on the fate of their connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are Armin and Annie in a relationship?
As of the current anime series, Armin and Annie’s relationship has not taken a romantic turn. However, events in the manga suggest potential developments.

2. Have Armin and Annie confessed their feelings for each other?
No, both characters have not explicitly confessed their romantic feelings for one another.

3. Is Annie aware of Armin’s feelings?
The extent of Annie’s awareness of Armin’s feelings remains unknown. The series has yet to provide clarity on this matter.

4. Have Armin and Annie shared any romantic moments?
While their interactions are filled with tension and emotional depth, there haven’t been any definitive romantic moments between them.

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5. Will the anime series explore their relationship further?
As the anime series follows the manga’s storyline, it is possible that future seasons may delve deeper into Armin and Annie’s relationship.

6. Are there any obstacles preventing their relationship?
Numerous obstacles, including their differing allegiances and personal struggles, complicate Armin and Annie’s potential romantic relationship.

7. What are some hints of romance between Armin and Annie?
Subtle hints, such as shared glances, meaningful conversations, and moments of concern, have been observed throughout the series.

8. Has Armin shown jealousy towards Annie’s interactions with other characters?
There have been instances where Armin has displayed signs of jealousy, particularly when Annie interacts with other male characters.

9. Are there any love triangles involving Armin and Annie?
While no explicit love triangles exist, the series introduces moments where multiple characters show interest in both Armin and Annie.

10. Do Armin and Annie have a deep emotional connection?
Yes, their relationship is characterized by a deep emotional connection, built on shared experiences and moments of vulnerability.

11. Are there any significant interactions between Armin and Annie in the series?
Yes, Armin and Annie share several significant interactions throughout the series, often leading to pivotal moments in the plot.

12. Has Annie shown reciprocation towards Armin’s feelings?
Annie’s feelings towards Armin remain ambiguous, leaving room for speculation about potential reciprocation.

13. Are there any moments where Armin and Annie have saved each other?
Yes, Armin and Annie have saved each other in various life-threatening situations, showcasing their willingness to protect one another.

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14. Is there a possibility of a tragic end to their relationship?
Given the unpredictable nature of the series, a tragic outcome cannot be ruled out. However, this remains speculative and dependent on future plot developments.

15. Do Armin and Annie’s relationship affect the overall storyline?
Armin and Annie’s relationship plays a significant role in shaping the narrative, impacting the dynamics between various characters and contributing to the overall plot progression.


While the current state of Armin and Annie’s relationship in the anime series leaves their romantic future uncertain, their deep bond of friendship, shared ideology, and unresolved tension hint at the possibility of a romantic connection. With the manga providing additional insights, fans eagerly await further developments that may shed light on the ultimate fate of Armin and Annie’s relationship. As Attack on Titan continues to captivate audiences, the journey of these two characters remains an intriguing aspect of the series.


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