How to Get on Broadway as a Teenager

How to Get on Broadway as a Teenager

Broadway is the epitome of the performing arts scene, and for many aspiring actors, it is a dream to grace the stages of this iconic theater district. While the journey to Broadway can be challenging, it is not impossible, especially for ambitious teenagers who are willing to put in the work and dedication required to achieve their goals. In this article, we will discuss some essential steps to help teenagers navigate their way onto Broadway and answer seven frequently asked questions about pursuing a career in theater.

1. Develop Your Skills: Start by honing your acting, singing, and dancing abilities. Take acting classes, join your school’s drama club, participate in local theater productions, or seek out community theater groups. Building a strong foundation in these areas is vital for success on Broadway.

2. Seek Professional Training: Consider enrolling in a performing arts school or program that offers specialized training in theater. These institutions provide an immersive environment where you can refine your skills and receive guidance from industry professionals.

3. Build Your Résumé: Audition for as many roles as possible, whether it be school plays, local productions, or even student films. This will help you gain experience, build your résumé, and develop a diverse range of characters to showcase during auditions.

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4. Attend Auditions: Keep an eye out for auditions in your area and be prepared to showcase your talent. Research the production and familiarize yourself with the material in advance. It is also essential to dress appropriately, bring a headshot and résumé, and be confident in your abilities.

5. Network: Connect with industry professionals, attend theater conferences and workshops, and participate in theater festivals. Networking allows you to meet people who can provide valuable insights, opportunities, and connections to further your career.

6. Create an Online Presence: In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial. Create a professional website or portfolio showcasing your work, and utilize social media platforms to highlight your accomplishments and share your journey with others.

7. Persist and Persevere: The road to Broadway is not easy, and rejection is inevitable. However, it is crucial to stay persistent and persevere through the challenges. Keep auditioning, continue learning and growing as an artist, and never lose sight of your dreams.


1. How old do I have to be to audition for Broadway?
Most Broadway productions require actors to be at least 16 years old. However, some shows may have specific age requirements, so it is essential to research individual production guidelines before auditioning.

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2. Do I need professional training to audition for Broadway?
While professional training is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Broadway is a highly competitive industry, and having professional training can give you an edge over other aspiring actors.

3. How can I afford attending a performing arts school?
Scholarships, financial aid, and grants are often available for students pursuing performing arts education. Research and apply for these opportunities, and consider fundraising or part-time work to help cover expenses.

4. Can I audition for Broadway without an agent?
Yes, you can audition for Broadway without an agent. Many auditions are open to the public, and casting directors often hold open calls to discover new talent. However, having an agent can provide additional opportunities and guidance in navigating the industry.

5. Should I focus on one aspect of theater (acting, singing, or dancing) or develop all three skills?
Broadway requires performers who excel in all three areas. While it is essential to have a primary skill, being versatile in acting, singing, and dancing increases your chances of landing a role.

6. How do I balance my education and pursuing a career in theater?
Balancing education and pursuing a career in theater can be challenging but not impossible. Time management is key. Prioritize your studies, communicate with teachers about any scheduling conflicts, and utilize your free time for rehearsals and auditions.

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7. What if I face rejection during auditions?
Rejection is a part of the industry, and it is essential not to take it personally. Learn from each audition and use it as an opportunity to grow. Remember, even successful actors faced rejection before finding their breakthrough roles.

In conclusion, getting on Broadway as a teenager requires passion, dedication, and hard work. By developing your skills, seeking professional training, networking, and persisting through challenges, you can increase your chances of making your Broadway dreams a reality. Remember, every step you take, whether big or small, brings you closer to reaching your goal of performing on one of Broadway’s renowned stages.


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