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Jerry “The King” Lawler, born Jerry O’Neil Lawler, is a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling. With a career spanning over five decades, Lawler has not only left an indelible mark on the industry but has also amassed a considerable net worth. In this article, we delve into Jerry “The King” Lawler’s net worth, along with five unique facts about his life and career.

Jerry “The King” Lawler’s Net Worth:

As of 2021, Jerry Lawler’s estimated net worth is $7 million. This impressive figure is a testament to Lawler’s long and successful career in professional wrestling, as well as his ventures in other arenas such as acting and commentary.

Five Unique Facts about Jerry “The King” Lawler:

1. Artistic Talents: Jerry Lawler is not only a wrestling legend but also a talented artist. He has a passion for drawing, and his artwork has been showcased in various galleries. Lawler has even published a book titled “It’s Good to be the King… Sometimes,” which features his artwork and stories from his wrestling career.

2. Wrestling Royalty: Lawler earned the nickname “The King” after winning the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship in 1974. He embraced this persona, often wearing a crown and robe to the ring, and it became his trademark. Lawler’s coronation as the “King of Wrestling” solidified his status as one of the most recognizable figures in the industry.

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3. Pop Culture Appearances: Lawler’s fame extends beyond the wrestling ring. He has made numerous appearances in mainstream pop culture, including guest spots on television shows like “Late Night with David Letterman” and “The Jerry Springer Show.” Lawler has also acted in movies, with notable roles in films such as “Man on the Moon” and “The One and Only.”

4. Longevity in Wrestling: Lawler’s career has stood the test of time. He made his professional wrestling debut in 1970 and continued to compete actively until 2019. Over the years, Lawler has worked for various wrestling promotions, including WWE, where he remains a beloved figure. His longevity in the industry is a testament to his talent and dedication.

5. Heart Health Advocate: In 2012, Lawler suffered a heart attack during a live broadcast of WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.” Thankfully, he received immediate medical attention and made a full recovery. Following this health scare, Lawler became an advocate for heart health awareness, encouraging fans to take care of their cardiovascular well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is Jerry Lawler’s real name?
– Jerry Lawler’s real name is Jerry O’Neil Lawler.

2. How old is Jerry Lawler?
– As of September 2021, Jerry Lawler is 71 years old.

3. When did Jerry Lawler start wrestling?
– Lawler began his professional wrestling career in 1970.

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4. Has Jerry Lawler won any championships?
– Yes, Lawler has won numerous championships throughout his career, including the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship, the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship, and multiple tag team titles.

5. Did Jerry Lawler ever wrestle in WWE?
– Yes, Lawler had an extensive career in WWE, both as a wrestler and a commentator. He is best known for his time as a color commentator alongside Jim Ross.

6. What other ventures has Jerry Lawler pursued?
– In addition to wrestling, Lawler has pursued other ventures such as acting, art, and commentary. He has also hosted his own radio show.

7. How did Jerry Lawler get the nickname “The King”?
– Lawler earned the nickname “The King” after winning the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship in 1974. He embraced the persona, often wearing a crown and robe to the ring.

8. Has Jerry Lawler ever been in a movie?
– Yes, Lawler has acted in several movies, including “Man on the Moon,” “The One and Only,” and “Christmas Bounty.”

9. Was Jerry Lawler involved in any feuds?
– Throughout his career, Lawler has been involved in memorable feuds with wrestlers such as Andy Kaufman, Bret Hart, and Terry Funk.

10. Does Jerry Lawler still wrestle?
– Lawler retired from active wrestling in 2019 but occasionally makes special appearances in the ring.

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11. How did Jerry Lawler become an advocate for heart health?
– After suffering a heart attack during a live broadcast in 2012, Lawler became an advocate for heart health awareness, sharing his story and encouraging others to prioritize their cardiovascular well-being.

12. Does Jerry Lawler have any children?
– Yes, Jerry Lawler has two children, Brian Christopher Lawler and Kevin Lawler.

13. What is Jerry Lawler’s signature move?
– Lawler is known for his finishing move, the “Piledriver.”

14. Has Jerry Lawler ever won the WWE Championship?
– No, despite his storied career, Lawler never won the WWE Championship.

15. How much does Jerry Lawler earn as a commentator?
– The exact figures of Lawler’s earnings as a commentator are not publicly disclosed, but it is estimated that he earns a substantial salary for his work in WWE.


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