Just One Kiss Movie The Movie Cast

Just One Kiss Movie: The Movie Cast

“Just One Kiss” is a heartwarming romantic comedy film that captivates audiences with its delightful storyline and talented cast. Released in 2019, the movie showcases the journey of friendship, love, and self-discovery. With its engaging plot and charming characters, “Just One Kiss” is a must-watch for fans of the romantic comedy genre.

The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors who bring the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Let’s take a closer look at the main cast members who make “Just One Kiss” an unforgettable cinematic experience.

1. Patrick Zeller as Ethan Mitchell:
Patrick Zeller portrays the role of Ethan Mitchell, a successful architect who finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Zeller’s portrayal of Ethan captures the character’s vulnerability and determination, making him relatable to the audience.

2. Caitlin Carmichael as Grace Conner:
Caitlin Carmichael plays the role of Grace Conner, a spirited and independent young woman who becomes an unexpected source of inspiration for Ethan. Carmichael’s portrayal of Grace is endearing and showcases her talent as a young actress.

3. Amanda Detmer as Sarah Mitchell:
Amanda Detmer takes on the role of Sarah Mitchell, Ethan’s estranged wife. Her performance beautifully captures the complexities of their relationship and adds depth to the storyline.

4. Cameron Jebo as Rick:
Cameron Jebo portrays the character of Rick, Ethan’s best friend and confidante. Jebo brings a playful and humorous aspect to the film, providing comedic relief throughout the story.

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5. Nikki Leigh as Rachel:
Nikki Leigh plays the role of Rachel, Grace’s best friend. Leigh’s portrayal of Rachel adds a touch of sass and charm to the movie, creating an engaging dynamic between the characters.

6. William Rubio as Javier:
William Rubio portrays the character of Javier, a free-spirited artist who becomes a catalyst for change in Ethan’s life. Rubio’s performance adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the film.

7. Joe Estevez as Mr. Conner:
Joe Estevez takes on the role of Mr. Conner, Grace’s overprotective father. Estevez brings a sense of warmth and humor to the character, creating a loving and supportive family dynamic on-screen.

8. Jonathan Nation as Dr. Tyler:
Jonathan Nation plays the role of Dr. Tyler, Ethan’s therapist. Nation’s portrayal of the compassionate therapist adds depth to the storyline, providing insights into Ethan’s emotional journey.

9. Keely Wilson as Julie:
Keely Wilson portrays the character of Julie, Sarah’s best friend. Wilson’s performance adds a touch of loyalty and friendship to the film, further enhancing the emotional connections between the characters.

10. Ingrid Rogers as Dr. Cross:
Ingrid Rogers takes on the role of Dr. Cross, a colleague of Ethan’s. Rogers’ portrayal of Dr. Cross adds a professional and intellectual dynamic to the film, highlighting the challenges faced by working professionals.

11. Conner Scott as Young Ethan Mitchell:
Conner Scott plays the younger version of Ethan Mitchell, providing insights into his past and the events that shaped his life. Scott’s performance adds depth to the character and enhances the overall storyline.

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12. Bailey Coppola as Young Grace Conner:
Bailey Coppola portrays the younger version of Grace Conner, offering glimpses into her past and the experiences that shaped her into the strong-willed woman she becomes. Coppola’s performance adds a layer of emotional depth to the character.

13. Kennedy Tucker as Young Sarah Mitchell:
Kennedy Tucker plays the younger version of Sarah Mitchell, providing insights into her and Ethan’s early relationship. Tucker’s performance adds a nostalgic and bittersweet element to the film.


1. Is “Just One Kiss” based on a true story?
No, “Just One Kiss” is a fictional story created for the film.

2. Where was “Just One Kiss” filmed?
The movie was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, California.

3. Is “Just One Kiss” suitable for all ages?
Yes, “Just One Kiss” is appropriate for a wide range of audiences.

4. Does the film have a happy ending?
Yes, “Just One Kiss” concludes with a heartwarming and satisfying ending.

5. Is “Just One Kiss” available on streaming platforms?
Yes, the movie is available for streaming on various platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

6. Who directed “Just One Kiss”?
“One Kiss” was directed by Brian Brough.

7. How long is the movie?
“Just One Kiss” has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes.

8. Is there a soundtrack for the movie?
Yes, “Just One Kiss” features an original soundtrack that complements the film’s storyline.

9. Has “Just One Kiss” won any awards?
While the movie has not won any major awards, it has received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike.

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10. Can I watch “Just One Kiss” with my family?
Yes, the movie is suitable for family viewing.

11. Are there any sequels planned for “Just One Kiss”?
As of now, there are no plans for a sequel to “Just One Kiss.”

12. Can I watch the movie in languages other than English?
At present, the movie is primarily available in English.

13. Is “Just One Kiss” a tearjerker?
While the film has emotional moments, it is primarily a lighthearted romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile on your face.

In conclusion, “Just One Kiss” is a delightful romantic comedy that features an exceptional cast, each delivering memorable performances. With its engaging storyline and relatable characters, the film is a must-watch for fans of the genre. Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming love story or a lighthearted comedy, “Just One Kiss” delivers on all fronts.


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