Lifetime Movie Let’s Get Physical

Title: Lifetime Movie Let’s Get Physical: A Tale of Determination and Empowerment


Lifetime movies have always managed to captivate audiences with their intriguing storylines and engaging characters. One such movie that stands out is “Let’s Get Physical.” This empowering film tells the story of a woman’s journey to find her inner strength, overcome obstacles, and pursue her dreams against all odds. In this article, we will delve into the plot, characters, and key themes of this Lifetime movie, while also addressing the most frequently asked questions about it.

Plot Summary:

“Let’s Get Physical” revolves around a young woman named Kelly Roberts, who inherits her father’s failing gym after his sudden death. Kelly, played by actress AnnaLynne McCord, is initially reluctant to take on the responsibility due to her troubled past and insecurities. However, she soon realizes that running the gym could be her chance to reclaim her life and make a difference in her community.

As Kelly embarks on this journey, she faces numerous challenges, including financial difficulties, fierce competition, and personal setbacks. With the help of some loyal gym members and her childhood friend, Barry (played by Matt Bush), Kelly strives to transform the gym into a thriving business while also finding love and rediscovering her passion for fitness.

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Key Themes:

1. Empowerment: The movie highlights the transformative power of self-belief and determination. Kelly’s journey towards self-discovery serves as a reminder that anyone can overcome their fears and accomplish their goals with hard work and perseverance.

2. Overcoming adversity: “Let’s Get Physical” emphasizes the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. Kelly faces numerous hurdles throughout the film, but her determination to succeed ultimately prevails, inspiring viewers to confront their own challenges head-on.

3. Female empowerment: The movie showcases a strong female protagonist who defies stereotypes and proves that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated industries. Kelly’s journey encourages women to pursue their passions fearlessly and break societal barriers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is “Let’s Get Physical” based on a true story?
No, “Let’s Get Physical” is a fictional movie created for entertainment purposes.

2. Who are the main cast members of the movie?
The main cast includes AnnaLynne McCord as Kelly Roberts and Matt Bush as Barry.

3. What is the movie’s runtime?
The movie has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes.

4. Is this movie suitable for children?
“Let’s Get Physical” is generally appropriate for teenage audiences and above.

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5. Does the movie focus solely on fitness?
While fitness plays a significant role, the movie also delves into Kelly’s personal growth, relationships, and overcoming obstacles.

6. Is the movie available for streaming on any platforms?
Lifetime movies are often available for streaming on platforms such as Lifetime Movie Club, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

7. Does the movie offer any valuable life lessons?
“Let’s Get Physical” promotes the importance of self-belief, perseverance, and female empowerment, providing viewers with valuable life lessons.

8. Does the movie have a happy ending?
Without giving away any spoilers, “Let’s Get Physical” delivers a satisfying and uplifting conclusion.

9. How does the movie portray the fitness industry?
The movie offers a glimpse into the challenges faced by gym owners and highlights the potential for personal growth and positive change within the industry.

10. Are there any notable supporting characters?
Yes, the movie features a diverse range of supporting characters who contribute to Kelly’s journey, including gym members and employees.

11. Does the movie feature any romantic subplots?
Yes, “Let’s Get Physical” incorporates a romantic storyline that adds depth to the main character’s personal growth.

12. Is there a soundtrack for the movie?
Yes, “Let’s Get Physical” features a carefully curated soundtrack that complements the film’s energetic and motivational atmosphere.

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13. Can I expect any comedic moments in the movie?
Yes, the movie incorporates light-hearted and comedic moments to balance the more serious aspects of Kelly’s journey.


“Let’s Get Physical” is a compelling Lifetime movie that explores themes of empowerment, resilience, and personal growth. Through Kelly’s journey, viewers are reminded of the transformative power of determination, inspiring them to overcome their own obstacles and pursue their dreams. With strong performances from the cast and an uplifting storyline, “Let’s Get Physical” is a must-watch for those seeking an empowering and entertaining movie experience.


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