Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries The Movie Cast

Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries: The Movie Cast

Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries: The Movie is a highly anticipated television film that continues the thrilling mystery series set in the picturesque island of Martha’s Vineyard. The movie features an incredible cast that brings the beloved characters to life and adds a new layer of excitement to the already captivating storyline. Let’s delve into the cast of this exciting movie and explore some FAQs about the film.

The Cast:

1. Jesse Metcalfe as Jeff Jackson: Metcalfe portrays the lead character Jeff Jackson, a former Boston detective who becomes a private investigator on Martha’s Vineyard. With his rugged charm and determination, Metcalfe perfectly embodies the character’s relentless pursuit of the truth.

2. Sarah Lind as Zee Madeiras: Lind plays Zee Madeiras, a local newspaper reporter who often assists Jeff in his investigations. With her quick wit and sharp intellect, Lind brings a refreshing dynamic to the cast.

3. Chelsea Hobbs as Dr. Zee Madeiras: Hobbs takes on the role of Dr. Zee Madeiras, Zee’s twin sister, and a forensic pathologist. Hobbs brings a sense of intrigue and expertise to the character, aiding in solving the mysteries that unfold.

4. Eric Keenleyside as Dr. Seth Harrington: Keenleyside portrays Dr. Seth Harrington, the island’s chief medical examiner. With his seasoned presence and extensive knowledge, Keenleyside adds depth and authenticity to the cast.

5. Bradley Stryker as Greg Garland: Stryker plays Greg Garland, a local police officer and Jeff’s close friend. Stryker brings a sense of loyalty and reliability to the character, enhancing the chemistry among the cast members.

6. Amanda May as Sally Adams: May portrays Sally Adams, the owner of a local inn and Jeff’s love interest. May’s performance adds a touch of romance and emotional depth to the movie, creating a well-rounded narrative.

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7. Aaron Douglas as Henry Adams: Douglas takes on the role of Henry Adams, Sally’s father, and a retired police officer. Douglas’s portrayal adds a layer of wisdom and experience to the cast, providing guidance to the younger characters.

8. Sarah-Jane Redmond as Martha Adams: Redmond plays Martha Adams, Sally’s mother and an influential figure in the community. Redmond’s performance brings a sense of grace and authority to the cast, making Martha Adams an integral part of the storyline.

9. Jay Brazeau as Mayor Dennis Jackson: Brazeau portrays Mayor Dennis Jackson, Jeff’s father, and the mayor of Martha’s Vineyard. Brazeau’s portrayal adds a familial dynamic to the movie, showcasing the complexities of Jeff’s personal and professional life.

10. Ryan McDonald as Deputy Andy Hadley: McDonald takes on the role of Deputy Andy Hadley, a young police officer working alongside Greg Garland. McDonald’s performance brings a youthful energy and enthusiasm to the cast.

11. Milo Shandel as Chief Nelson: Shandel plays Chief Nelson, the head of the Martha’s Vineyard Police Department. Shandel’s performance adds a sense of authority and responsibility to the movie, shaping the overall law enforcement aspect of the storyline.

12. Jesse Moss as Officer Dan Ryan: Moss portrays Officer Dan Ryan, a police officer on Martha’s Vineyard. Moss’s performance adds depth to the law enforcement team, showcasing the camaraderie among the officers.

13. Brenda Crichlow as D.A. Sarah Cummings: Crichlow plays D.A. Sarah Cummings, the district attorney responsible for prosecuting criminals on the island. Crichlow’s portrayal adds a sense of justice and determination to the cast, creating conflict and resolution within the storyline.

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1. When is Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries: The Movie set to premiere?
– The movie is set to premiere on [date] on [network].

2. How many movies are in the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries series?
– Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries: The Movie is the third installment in the series.

3. Will the original cast members return for the movie?
– Yes, most of the original cast members will be reprising their roles in the movie.

4. Can the movie be watched as a standalone, or should I watch the previous films first?
– While the movie can be enjoyed as a standalone, watching the previous films will provide a deeper understanding of the characters and their relationships.

5. Are there any new characters introduced in the movie?
– Yes, there are new characters introduced in the movie, adding fresh perspectives to the storyline.

6. Is Martha’s Vineyard a real place?
– Yes, Martha’s Vineyard is a real island located off the coast of Massachusetts.

7. Will there be more Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries movies after this one?
– The possibility of future movies in the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries series has not been confirmed, but fans are eagerly awaiting further announcements.

8. Are the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries based on a book series?
– Yes, the series is based on the books written by Philip R. Craig.

9. Will the movie include any suspenseful twists and turns?
– Yes, the movie is sure to include plenty of suspense and unexpected plot twists, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

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10. Can Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries: The Movie be streamed online?
– Yes, the movie can be streamed online through various platforms.

11. Will the movie explore the beautiful landscapes of Martha’s Vineyard?
– Yes, the movie will showcase the stunning scenery and picturesque locations on the island.

12. Is Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries suitable for all age groups?
– The Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries series is generally suitable for all age groups, but parental discretion is advised for younger viewers due to some intense scenes.

13. Can we expect closure for some ongoing storylines in the movie?
– Yes, the movie aims to provide closure for some ongoing storylines while also introducing new mysteries to be solved.

Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries: The Movie promises to be an enthralling addition to the beloved series, with its talented cast and captivating storyline. Fans of the series and newcomers alike are eagerly awaiting the premiere, ready to delve into the mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard once again.


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