Montana (1950) Cast

Montana, released in 1950, is a classic Western film that captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and talented cast. Directed by Ray Enright, the movie takes place in the breathtaking landscapes of Montana, where a group of cowboys find themselves entangled in a dangerous conflict. With an impressive ensemble cast, Montana (1950) remains a beloved film of the genre.

The cast of Montana (1950) features renowned actors who brought their characters to life with their remarkable performances. Here are some of the key cast members:

1. Errol Flynn as Morgan Lane: Known for his charismatic persona, Flynn shines as the lead protagonist, a cowboy caught in the midst of a range war. He effortlessly portrays the complexities of Morgan Lane, a man torn between loyalty and justice.

2. Alexis Smith as Maria Singleton: Smith’s portrayal of Maria Singleton, a wealthy ranch owner’s daughter, adds depth to the film. Her character becomes a love interest for Morgan Lane, further complicating the story.

3. S.Z. Sakall as Mr. Singletary: Sakall brings humor to Montana (1950) with his portrayal of the bumbling Mr. Singletary. His character often finds himself in amusing situations, providing lighthearted moments in the film.

4. Douglas Kennedy as Rod Miller: Kennedy’s portrayal of Rod Miller, a rancher involved in the range war, adds tension and conflict to the storyline. His performance showcases the struggle of a man torn between friendship and duty.

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5. James Brown as Jim Redfern: Brown’s character, Jim Redfern, is a loyal cowboy who becomes Morgan Lane’s trusted friend. Brown’s performance captures the loyalty and bravery of a true cowboy.

6. Alan Hale Jr. as Ben McClure: Hale Jr. delivers a memorable performance as Ben McClure, a rancher who joins forces with Morgan Lane. His character adds depth and camaraderie to the film.

7. Ian MacDonald as Rance McCowan: MacDonald portrays the ruthless antagonist, Rance McCowan. His performance as the villainous rancher creates a sense of danger and suspense throughout the movie.

8. Charles Kemper as Sheriff Jim Corey: Kemper plays the role of Sheriff Jim Corey, a lawman caught between the warring factions. His character provides a sense of justice and stability in the chaotic world of Montana (1950).

9. Monte Blue as Bart: Blue’s character, Bart, is a seasoned cowboy who joins forces with Morgan Lane. His performance adds authenticity to the film, representing the ruggedness and resilience of the Old West.

10. Ray Teal as Cole: Teal’s portrayal of Cole, a loyal ranch hand, adds depth to the supporting cast. His character’s unwavering loyalty to Morgan Lane further highlights the themes of friendship and honor.

11. Charles Arnt as Mr. Singleton: Arnt plays the role of Mr. Singleton, Maria’s father and a wealthy ranch owner. His performance adds complexity to the film, as his character’s decisions influence the course of the range war.

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12. Paul E. Burns as Shorty: Burns’ character, Shorty, provides comic relief in Montana (1950). His performance as a bumbling, yet endearing, sidekick adds lighthearted moments to the film.

13. Victor Kilian as Joe: Kilian’s portrayal of Joe, a ranch hand caught in the crossfire, adds a sense of vulnerability to the film. His character represents the ordinary individuals affected by the range war.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Montana (1950) based on a true story?
No, Montana (1950) is a fictional Western film.

2. Where was Montana (1950) filmed?
The movie was filmed on location in Montana, showcasing the stunning landscapes of the state.

3. Did Errol Flynn perform his own stunts in the film?
Yes, Errol Flynn performed many of his own stunts, showcasing his athleticism and dedication to his craft.

4. What is the runtime of Montana (1950)?
The movie has a runtime of approximately 76 minutes.

5. Is Montana (1950) available on DVD or Blu-ray?
Yes, the film is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

6. Did Montana (1950) receive any awards or nominations?
No, the film did not receive any awards or nominations.

7. What is the rating of Montana (1950)?
The film has a rating of 6.1/10 on IMDb.

8. Is Montana (1950) suitable for children?
The film is generally suitable for children, but parental guidance is advised due to some intense scenes.

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9. Is Montana (1950) a remake?
No, Montana (1950) is not a remake of any previous films.

10. How was the reception of Montana (1950) upon its release?
The film received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising the performances and action sequences, while others found the plot predictable.

11. Did Montana (1950) have a sequel?
No, Montana (1950) did not have any sequels.

12. What is the genre of Montana (1950)?
Montana (1950) falls under the Western genre.

13. Can I stream Montana (1950) online?
The availability of streaming options for Montana (1950) may vary, but it can be found on various platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

Montana (1950) remains a must-watch for fans of Western films. With its talented cast, thrilling storyline, and captivating landscapes, the movie continues to entertain audiences today.


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