Noel Next Door Filming Locations

Noel Next Door Filming Locations: Exploring the Magic Behind the Scenes

Noel Next Door is a heartwarming Christmas movie that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. The film follows the story of Noel, a young woman who moves to a small town and discovers the true meaning of Christmas through unexpected friendships and a sprinkle of holiday magic. While the story itself is enchanting, the filming locations play a significant role in bringing the movie to life. In this article, we will explore the captivating settings of Noel Next Door and delve into some unique facts about the film.

Filming Locations:

1. Pineville, Vermont: The fictional town of Pineville is the central location where most of the movie takes place. Although Pineville doesn’t exist in real life, the filmmakers chose St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, to depict this charming small town. Its picturesque streets, adorned with festive decorations, create a perfect backdrop for the heartwarming story.

2. The Cozy Café: The Cozy Café is a cozy little coffee shop where Noel spends a significant amount of her time in the movie. This delightful café is actually located in Hamilton, Ontario, and was transformed into a festive wonderland for the film. Its warm and inviting atmosphere adds an extra touch of magic to the scenes set in the café.

3. The Christmas Tree Farm: One of the most memorable scenes in the movie takes place at the Christmas tree farm. This enchanting location is situated in Cedardale, Ontario, and features rows of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, creating a truly magical setting.

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4. The Historic Inn: Throughout the film, Noel finds herself staying at a historic inn that exudes charm and elegance. This stunning location is the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa in Elora, Ontario. Its breathtaking architecture and picturesque surroundings make it the perfect choice for this pivotal setting.

5. The Town Square: The town square plays a significant role in many scenes, where the community gathers for festive events and celebrations. The filmmakers chose the Guelph Market Square in Guelph, Ontario, as the ideal location for these heartwarming moments. Its vibrant atmosphere and captivating beauty add depth to the movie’s storyline.

Unique Facts:

1. The movie was filmed during the summer: Despite its wintery setting, Noel Next Door was actually filmed in the summer months. The crew had to create the illusion of winter by using artificial snow and meticulous set designs.

2. The Christmas decorations were handmade: To give the film an authentic feel, the production team handcrafted most of the Christmas decorations seen throughout the movie. This attention to detail adds an extra layer of charm to the overall aesthetic.

3. The actors bonded over baking: Many of the cast members discovered a shared love for baking during breaks on set. They often exchanged recipes and baked goods, fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere behind the scenes.

4. The film features local businesses: In an effort to support the local community, the filmmakers collaborated with various small businesses in the filming locations. This not only added authenticity to the movie but also provided exposure for these establishments.

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5. The magic is real: While the film is fictional, the message it conveys about the magic of Christmas is very much real. The cast and crew were inspired by the holiday spirit while filming, and their genuine enthusiasm shines through in the final product.


1. Is Pineville a real town?
No, Pineville is a fictional town created for the movie. It was filmed in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

2. Where is The Cozy Café located?
The Cozy Café in the movie is actually located in Hamilton, Ontario.

3. Can you visit the Christmas tree farm featured in the film?
Yes, the Christmas tree farm is located in Cedardale, Ontario, and is open for visitors during the holiday season.

4. Is the historic inn shown in the movie real?
Yes, the historic inn is the Elora Mill Hotel & Spa in Elora, Ontario. It is a real establishment and offers accommodation and spa services.

5. Was the movie filmed during winter?
No, the movie was filmed during the summer months. The winter scenes were created using artificial snow and set designs.

6. Were the Christmas decorations handmade?
Yes, most of the Christmas decorations seen in the film were handmade by the production team.

7. Did the actors bond over baking?
Yes, many cast members discovered a shared love for baking during breaks on set and often exchanged recipes and baked goods.

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8. Did the film feature local businesses?
Yes, the filmmakers collaborated with local businesses in the filming locations to add authenticity to the movie and support the community.

9. Is the magic in the movie real?
While the film is fictional, the message it conveys about the magic of Christmas is very real. The cast and crew were inspired by the holiday spirit while filming.

10. Can I visit the Guelph Market Square?
Yes, the Guelph Market Square in Guelph, Ontario, is open to the public and often hosts various events and celebrations.

11. Is the movie available for streaming?
Yes, Noel Next Door is available for streaming on various platforms.

12. Was the movie a box office success?
Noel Next Door was well-received by audiences and became a popular Christmas favorite among viewers.

13. Will there be a sequel to Noel Next Door?
As of now, there is no official announcement regarding a sequel to Noel Next Door.


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