Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book

Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book: Unveiling the Mysteries of Cryptic Masonry

The Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book, also known as the Cryptic Ritual, is a significant text that holds immense importance in the realm of Freemasonry. This captivating book unveils the mysteries of Cryptic Masonry, a branch of the Masonic fraternity that delves deeper into the allegorical teachings of the craft. Let us explore the profound significance of this ritual book along with five unique facts that make it a cherished piece of Masonic literature.

1. The Ritual Book’s Origins:
The Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book traces its origins back to the early 19th century. It is believed to have been compiled and written by Thomas Lowndes in 1819, offering detailed instructions for the rituals and ceremonies of the Cryptic Masonry degrees. Since then, it has undergone numerous revisions, ensuring its relevance and accuracy in transmitting the ancient traditions to subsequent generations.

2. Preservation of Ancient Knowledge:
The primary purpose of the Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book is to preserve the ancient knowledge and teachings of Cryptic Masonry. It acts as a guide for the officers and members of the Cryptic Councils, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the symbolism, allegories, and ritualistic practices involved in these degrees. Through the book, the rich heritage of Cryptic Masonry is perpetuated and passed down from one generation of Masons to the next.

3. Symbolism and Allegories:
The Ritual Book is replete with symbolism and allegories that are deeply rooted in ancient traditions. These symbols and allegories serve as a means to impart moral and philosophical lessons to the initiates, encouraging them to seek self-improvement and enlightenment. From the symbolic representation of King Solomon’s Temple to the allegorical journey through the underground vaults, the rituals described in the book captivate the imagination and inspire contemplation.

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4. The Degrees of Cryptic Masonry:
The Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book encompasses three primary degrees of Cryptic Masonry: the Select Master, Royal Master, and Most Excellent Master degrees. Each degree has its own unique ceremonies, passwords, grips, signs, and lectures, all of which are meticulously described in the book. These degrees provide further insights into the building of King Solomon’s Temple, the preservation of ancient knowledge, and the search for lost truths.

5. The Importance of the Cryptic Degrees:
The degrees of Cryptic Masonry hold great significance in the Masonic journey, acting as a bridge between the symbolic teachings of the Craft Lodge and the profound philosophical insights of the higher degrees. The Cryptic degrees enrich the Masonic experience by delving into the allegorical stories and lessons that are hidden within the rituals. The Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book serves as a key to unlocking these mysteries, allowing the initiates to explore the deeper meaning behind the craft.


1. What is the purpose of the Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book?
The Ritual Book serves as a guide for the officers and members of Cryptic Councils, providing instructions and explanations for the rituals and ceremonies of Cryptic Masonry.

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2. Who wrote the Royal And Select Masters Ritual Book?
The Ritual Book is believed to have been compiled and written by Thomas Lowndes in 1819, with subsequent revisions made to ensure accuracy and relevance.

3. What is the significance of the Cryptic Masonry degrees?
The Cryptic degrees act as a bridge between the Craft Lodge and the higher degrees, offering deeper insights into the symbolism and allegorical teachings of Freemasonry.

4. How does the Ritual Book preserve ancient knowledge?
By detailing the rituals, symbols, and allegories of Cryptic Masonry, the Ritual Book ensures that the ancient traditions and teachings are perpetuated and transmitted through generations of Masons.

5. What are the primary degrees of Cryptic Masonry?
The Ritual Book encompasses the Select Master, Royal Master, and Most Excellent Master degrees, each offering unique ceremonies and lessons.

6. What can be learned from the symbolism and allegories in the Ritual Book?
The symbols and allegories convey moral and philosophical teachings, encouraging self-improvement and contemplation among initiates.

7. How does Cryptic Masonry enrich the Masonic experience?
Cryptic Masonry provides a deeper understanding of the craft by exploring the hidden meanings and lessons within the rituals, enhancing the initiates’ Masonic journey.

8. Can non-Masons access the Ritual Book?
The Ritual Book is accessible exclusively to Freemasons who have attained the necessary degrees within the Cryptic Masonry branch.

9. Are there any additional degrees beyond the ones covered in the Ritual Book?
Yes, there are higher degrees beyond the Cryptic Masonry degrees, such as the Royal Arch Masonry and Knights Templar.

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10. Can the Ritual Book be purchased by anyone?
The Ritual Book is typically available through Masonic supply stores and is intended for Freemasons seeking to deepen their understanding of Cryptic Masonry.

11. Are there any authorized translations of the Ritual Book?
Translations of the Ritual Book may exist in various languages, authorized by recognized Masonic jurisdictions.

12. Is the Ritual Book subject to revisions?
Yes, the Ritual Book has undergone revisions over the years to ensure accuracy and relevance, while preserving the core teachings and rituals of Cryptic Masonry.

13. Can the Ritual Book be studied independently, or is it best learned through lodge participation?
While independent study can provide valuable insights, the Ritual Book is best complemented by active participation in Cryptic Councils and discussions with experienced Masons.


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