Shows Like Glow

Shows Like Glow: Exploring the World of Empowering Women Wrestlers

If you are a fan of the hit Netflix series “Glow,” which follows the lives of a group of women wrestlers in the 1980s, you’re probably craving more shows that capture the same empowering spirit and strong female characters. Fortunately, there are several other series that bring together the worlds of wrestling and women’s empowerment, each with its own unique twist. In this article, we will explore some of these shows, along with five interesting facts about them.

1. “Lucha Underground”: Set in a gritty underground wrestling federation, this show combines the excitement of professional wrestling with the thrill of supernatural storytelling. With strong female wrestlers like Sexy Star and Taya Valkyrie, “Lucha Underground” showcases the physical prowess and determination of women in the ring.

2. “Chyna: Queen of the Ring”: This documentary follows the life of the late professional wrestler Chyna, who broke barriers in the male-dominated world of wrestling. Chyna’s story is one of strength, resilience, and overcoming stereotypes, making it a must-watch for fans of “Glow” seeking real-life inspiration.

3. “Wrestling Women USA”: This fascinating series delves into the world of female wrestling in the 1950s and 1960s, a time when women’s participation in the sport faced significant challenges. “Wrestling Women USA” sheds light on the struggles these early pioneers faced while showcasing their incredible talent and determination.

4. “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite”: Airing on TNT, this weekly wrestling show features a diverse roster of female wrestlers who compete with the same intensity and skill as their male counterparts. With stars like Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida, “Dynamite” proves that women’s wrestling is just as captivating and entertaining as any other form of the sport.

5. “GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” (Original Series): Before the Netflix adaptation, there was the original “GLOW” series from the 1980s. This cult classic follows a group of women who become wrestlers and showcases their journey towards empowerment and self-discovery. For fans of the modern adaptation, the original “GLOW” is a must-watch to understand the show’s roots.

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Now that we’ve explored some fantastic shows like “Glow,” let’s dive into five intriguing facts about them:

1. “Lucha Underground” features a unique blend of wrestling and cinematic storytelling, with each episode presented as a chapter of an ongoing saga.

2. Chyna, the focus of “Chyna: Queen of the Ring,” was the first woman to participate in the Royal Rumble and the King of the Ring tournaments, breaking gender barriers in the wrestling world.

3. “Wrestling Women USA” showcases the groundbreaking Mildred Burke, who not only wrestled but also trained other women in the sport, empowering them to follow their dreams.

4. “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite” is the first major wrestling promotion to feature a transgender woman, Nyla Rose, as one of its top stars, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

5. The original “GLOW” series from the 1980s was created by David McLane, who drew inspiration from the 1970s women’s wrestling promotion “The Fabulous Moolah’s Girl Wrestling Enterprises.”

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about shows like “Glow”:

1. Are these shows suitable for all ages?
– It depends on the show. Some may contain adult themes and violence, so parental discretion is advised.

2. How can I watch these shows?
– Many of these shows are available on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or through cable television networks.

3. Are the wrestling matches staged or real in these shows?
– Wrestling matches in these shows are scripted and choreographed, but the physicality and athleticism displayed by the wrestlers are very real.

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4. Can I watch these shows if I am not a fan of wrestling?
– Absolutely! These shows often focus on the personal journeys and empowerment of the wrestlers, making them appealing even to those who are not necessarily fans of the sport.

5. Are there any shows with male-dominated wrestling casts?
– Yes, while the focus of this article is on women’s wrestling, there are numerous shows that primarily feature male wrestlers, such as “WWE Raw” and “New Japan Pro-Wrestling.”

6. Can I find real-life wrestlers in these shows?
– Some shows, like “Lucha Underground” and “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite,” feature real-life professional wrestlers, while others may showcase fictional characters.

7. Are these shows based on true stories?
– While some shows, like “Chyna: Queen of the Ring,” are documentaries based on real-life individuals, others are fictional or inspired by aspects of the wrestling world.

8. Are these shows suitable for someone who has never watched wrestling before?
– Yes, many of these shows are created with both wrestling fans and newcomers in mind, offering engaging storylines and character development.

9. Do these shows promote women’s empowerment?
– Yes, these shows often focus on strong female characters who overcome obstacles and stereotypes, promoting women’s empowerment and breaking gender barriers.

10. Are these shows only about wrestling, or do they explore other themes?
– While wrestling is a central theme, these shows often explore diverse themes such as friendship, personal growth, and societal challenges.

11. Are any of these shows available in languages other than English?
– Some shows may have international versions or subtitles available, depending on the platform and region.

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12. Can I watch these shows without subscribing to a streaming service?
– Some shows may be available for free on certain platforms or networks, while others may require a subscription or rental.

13. Are there any spin-offs or related shows to “Glow”?
– Currently, there are no official spin-offs, but the popularity of “Glow” has inspired similar shows like the ones mentioned in this article.

14. Are there any shows focused on women’s wrestling from other countries?
– Yes, there are shows like “Stardom” from Japan and “Shimmer Women Athletes” from the United States that primarily feature women’s wrestling.

15. Can I find merchandise related to these shows?
– Yes, many of these shows have official merchandise available for purchase, including T-shirts, action figures, and DVDs.

With this list of shows like “Glow” and answers to some common questions, you can now explore the world of empowering women wrestlers and indulge in captivating storylines that celebrate their strength and resilience. Whether you prefer fictional narratives or real-life documentaries, these shows offer a thrilling and inspiring experience for fans of all ages. Get ready to step into the ring and witness the power of women in wrestling!


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