Shows Like Legendary

Shows Like Legendary: Celebrating the Art of Ballroom Culture

In recent years, the art of ballroom culture has gained significant attention and recognition through various television shows. One such show that has taken the world by storm is Legendary. This groundbreaking series showcases the vibrant and competitive world of ballroom, where LGBTQ+ performers come together to compete in various categories such as voguing, runway, and more. If you’re a fan of Legendary and looking for similar shows to indulge in, you’re in luck! In this article, we will explore some shows like Legendary that celebrate the art of ballroom culture, while also providing you with 5 unique facts about the ballroom scene.

Shows Like Legendary:

1. Pose: Created by Ryan Murphy, Pose is a critically acclaimed drama series set in the late 1980s and early 1990s, exploring the ballroom culture of New York City. The show delves into the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly transgender women of color, who find solace and empowerment in the ballroom scene.

2. My House: This Viceland series offers an intimate and unfiltered look into the lives of New York City’s voguing community. The show follows voguing house members as they navigate their personal lives, relationships, and the competitive ballroom scene.

3. Paris is Burning: Although not a series, this iconic documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in the origins of ballroom culture. Released in 1990, Paris is Burning provides an intimate portrayal of the drag ball scene in New York City during the late 1980s, featuring interviews with influential figures such as Pepper LaBeija and Dorian Corey.

4. Legendary Children: This insightful book by Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez explores the history and impact of ballroom culture, from its origins in Harlem to its mainstream prominence today. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the cultural significance and artistic expression within the ballroom scene.

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5. Legendary House of Gorgeous: A YouTube series, Legendary House of Gorgeous showcases the fierce battles between various voguing houses, capturing the electrifying energy and creativity of the ballroom community. Each episode highlights different themes and categories, providing a thrilling viewing experience.

Unique Facts about Ballroom Culture:

1. Origins: Ballroom culture traces its roots back to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s, where LGBTQ+ individuals of color found spaces to express themselves and create their own communities.

2. Categories: Ballroom competitions consist of various categories, including voguing (a dance form characterized by exaggerated poses and fluid movements), runway (a display of fashion and attitude), and face (a focus on beauty and presentation).

3. Houses: Within the ballroom scene, individuals form “houses” led by a “mother” or “father” figure. These houses serve as chosen families, providing support, mentorship, and a sense of belonging to their members.

4. Legendary Balls: Balls are the heart of ballroom culture, where different houses compete against each other in various categories. These events are filled with extravagant costumes, fierce performances, and a celebration of individuality.

5. Impact on Pop Culture: Ballroom culture has had a significant influence on mainstream pop culture. From Madonna’s iconic song “Vogue” to the recent surge in voguing-inspired dance challenges on social media platforms, ballroom has permeated various aspects of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Legendary based on a true story?
No, Legendary is a competition series inspired by the ballroom culture but features fictional houses and contestants.

2. Is ballroom culture only for LGBTQ+ individuals?
While ballroom culture has its roots in the LGBTQ+ community, it welcomes and embraces individuals from all backgrounds.

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3. Are the competitions in Legendary scripted?
The competitions are not scripted, but they are edited for television to enhance the viewing experience.

4. Can anyone attend ballroom events?
Yes, ballroom events are usually open to the public, allowing anyone to witness the creativity and talent of the performers.

5. Are the prizes in ballroom competitions significant?
The prizes vary depending on the competition, but they can range from cash rewards to trophies and other accolades.

6. Are there ballroom events outside of New York City?
Yes, ballroom culture has spread to various cities across the globe, with competitions and events taking place internationally.

7. How can I learn voguing?
Many cities offer voguing classes and workshops taught by experienced dancers. Additionally, online tutorials and resources can help you get started.

8. Are there age restrictions for participating in ballroom competitions?
Age restrictions may vary depending on the competition, but there are often categories for different age groups, ensuring inclusivity.

9. Are there any other documentaries about ballroom culture?
Yes, besides Paris is Burning, you can explore Kiki, The Queen, and How Do I Look? for further insights into ballroom culture.

10. Can I join a house if I’m not part of the LGBTQ+ community?
Yes, while the ballroom scene has strong ties to the LGBTQ+ community, anyone can join a house as long as they respect and embrace the culture.

11. What is the significance of the ballroom scene for LGBTQ+ individuals?
The ballroom scene provides a safe space for self-expression, empowerment, and building a supportive community for LGBTQ+ individuals.

12. Are there any ballroom competitions on an international scale?
Yes, events like the International Ballroom Convention and the European Voguing Championship showcase the global reach and impact of ballroom culture.

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13. Can I watch Legendary outside of the United States?
Legendary is available for streaming on HBO Max in the United States, but its availability may vary depending on your location and local streaming platforms.

14. Are there any other television shows that feature ballroom culture?
Yes, shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Dancing with the Stars have also incorporated elements of ballroom culture into their formats.

15. How has ballroom culture evolved over the years?
Ballroom culture has evolved from being an underground subculture to gaining mainstream recognition, providing more visibility and opportunities for its performers.

In conclusion, shows like Legendary, as well as documentaries and books exploring ballroom culture, offer a captivating glimpse into the vibrant and empowering world of LGBTQ+ ballroom performers. Whether you’re seeking fictional series or real-life accounts, these shows and resources will allow you to celebrate the artistry, resilience, and diversity of the ballroom scene. So grab your popcorn, strike a pose, and immerse yourself in this electrifying world of expression and fierce competition.


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