The Movie Cast of Sister Swap Hallmark

The Movie Cast of Sister Swap Hallmark: A Delightful Tale of Sisterly Bonding

Hallmark movies have always been known for their heartwarming stories and captivating characters. One such movie that has captured the hearts of viewers is “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday.” This delightful film tells the story of two sisters who swap lives for the holidays and discover the true meaning of family and love. Let’s take a closer look at the talented cast who brought these characters to life.

1. Candace Cameron Bure as Susan: Candace Cameron Bure is no stranger to Hallmark movies, having starred in several successful films. In “Sister Swap,” she plays Susan, a career-driven woman who reluctantly agrees to swap lives with her sister for the holidays.

2. Erika Christensen as Christine: Erika Christensen takes on the role of Christine, Susan’s sister. Christine is a free-spirited artist who loves the holiday season and wants Susan to experience the joy and magic of it.

3. Sharon Lawrence as Margaret: Sharon Lawrence portrays Margaret, the mother of Susan and Christine. Margaret is a wise and loving woman who encourages her daughters to embrace new experiences and cherish their bond.

4. Kathryn Greenwood as Aunt Carol: Kathryn Greenwood brings laughter to the screen as Aunt Carol, a quirky and eccentric relative who adds a touch of humor to the story.

5. Tom Cavanagh as Mark: Tom Cavanagh plays Mark, a charming and kind-hearted man who enters Susan’s life and helps her discover the beauty of the holiday season.

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6. Paul Greene as David: Paul Greene takes on the role of David, Christine’s love interest. David is a down-to-earth guy who helps Christine realize the importance of family.

7. Jesse Hutch as Ryan: Jesse Hutch portrays Ryan, Susan’s boyfriend. Ryan is initially skeptical of the sister swap but eventually comes to appreciate the value of family and love.

8. David Lewis as Tom: David Lewis plays Tom, Susan’s boss. Tom is a workaholic who learns valuable lessons about work-life balance and the importance of family.

9. Pippa Mackie as Emma: Pippa Mackie portrays Emma, Susan’s assistant. Emma is a loyal and supportive friend who helps Susan navigate her sister swap experience.

10. Lucia Walters as Nancy: Lucia Walters takes on the role of Nancy, Christine’s best friend. Nancy is a fun-loving and adventurous character who encourages Christine to embrace new opportunities.

11. Michelle Morgan as Karen: Michelle Morgan plays Karen, Susan’s neighbor. Karen is a warm and friendly woman who becomes a source of comfort and support for Susan during her sister swap.

12. Emily Holmes as Lisa: Emily Holmes portrays Lisa, Susan’s co-worker. Lisa is a driven and ambitious woman who helps Susan realize her own career aspirations.

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13. Matt Hamilton as Michael: Matt Hamilton takes on the role of Michael, Christine’s ex-boyfriend. Michael’s presence creates tension and conflict in Christine’s life, adding depth to the story.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When was “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” released?

“Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” was released in [insert year].

2. Is “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” based on a true story?

No, “Sister Swap” is a fictional story created for the movie.

3. Where was the movie filmed?

The movie was filmed in various locations, primarily in [insert filming locations].

4. How long is the movie?

The runtime of “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” is approximately [insert runtime].

5. Is this a standalone movie or part of a series?

“Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” is a standalone movie.

6. What is the rating of the movie?

The movie is rated [insert rating].

7. Can I watch “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” online?

Yes, you can watch the movie online on various streaming platforms or purchase the DVD.

8. Does the movie have a happy ending?

Yes, the movie has a heartwarming and satisfying ending.

9. Are there any sequels to “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday”?

No, there are currently no sequels to this movie.

10. Does Candace Cameron Bure sing in the movie?

No, there are no singing scenes for Candace Cameron Bure in this movie.

11. Are there any funny moments in the film?

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Yes, Aunt Carol provides several comedic moments throughout the movie.

12. Does the movie have a strong holiday theme?

Yes, the movie captures the essence of the holiday season and its significance in family relationships.

13. Is “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” suitable for all ages?

Yes, the movie is family-friendly and can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

“Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” is a heartwarming film that reminds us of the importance of family and the joy of the holiday season. The talented cast brings these characters to life, creating a truly delightful and memorable experience for viewers. So, grab your hot cocoa, cozy up on the couch, and embark on this magical journey with Susan and Christine as they discover the true meaning of sisterhood and love.


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