The People We Keep Book Club Questions

Title: The People We Keep Book Club Questions: Exploring a Captivating Tale of Life and Redemption


“The People We Keep” by Allison Larkin is a compelling novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, resilience, and the power of friendship. This article will provide a comprehensive list of book club questions to facilitate engaging discussions about the book. Additionally, we will explore five unique facts about the author and the story, followed by thirteen frequently asked questions and their answers.

Book Club Questions:

1. How does the protagonist, April, evolve throughout the story? What pivotal moments contribute to her growth?
2. Discuss the significance of the book’s title, “The People We Keep.” How does it relate to the theme of belonging and finding a sense of home?
3. Explore the role of family dynamics in the novel. How do April’s relationships with her siblings shape her journey and decisions?
4. The book addresses the themes of redemption and second chances. How do April and the other characters demonstrate these themes?
5. Analyze the impact of different settings in the story, such as the small beach town and the city. How do these locations influence the characters’ choices and development?
6. Friendship plays a crucial role in the narrative. How do April’s relationships with Lucy, Ethan, and Ingrid contribute to her personal growth?
7. Discuss the significance of music and April’s talent as a musician. How does it serve as a form of escape and self-expression?
8. The novel delves into the hardships faced by homeless individuals. How does the author shed light on this issue, and what impact does it have on the story?
9. Explore the various forms of love portrayed in the book. How are romantic love, familial love, and friendship depicted and interconnected?
10. Discuss the importance of forgiveness and letting go of the past. How do the characters learn to forgive themselves and others?
11. Analyze the role of secrets and their impact on the characters’ lives. How do these secrets drive the plot forward?
12. The narrative alternates between past and present. How does this storytelling technique enhance our understanding of the characters and their motivations?
13. The book explores themes of identity and self-discovery. How does April navigate her journey of self-realization throughout the story?

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Five Unique Facts:

1. “The People We Keep” is Allison Larkin’s debut novel, and it was published in August 2021.
2. The inspiration for the novel came from the author’s own experiences living in a small beach town and witnessing the struggles of homeless individuals.
3. Allison Larkin is not only a talented writer but also an accomplished musician, incorporating her love for music into the story.
4. The author’s writing style seamlessly blends heartwarming moments with thought-provoking social issues, making it an engaging read for various audiences.
5. “The People We Keep” has received critical acclaim, with reviewers praising the book’s vivid characters and emotionally resonant storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is “The People We Keep” based on a true story?
– While the novel draws inspiration from real-life experiences, it is a work of fiction.

2. Can I read this book if I’m not part of a book club?
– Absolutely! “The People We Keep” is a captivating read for anyone interested in exploring complex relationships and personal growth.

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3. Are there any trigger warnings for sensitive content in the book?
– The novel touches upon topics like homelessness and addiction, so readers sensitive to these subjects may want to approach with caution.

4. Is the book suitable for young adult readers?
– Yes, the book can be enjoyed by young adult readers, but it does contain mature themes and some explicit language.

5. Does “The People We Keep” have a sequel or spin-off?
– As of now, there is no information regarding a sequel or spin-off.

6. How can I connect with the author, Allison Larkin?
– You can find Allison Larkin on various social media platforms or visit her official website to stay updated on her work.

7. Is “The People We Keep” available in audiobook format?
– Yes, the audiobook version of the novel is available for those who prefer listening to the story.

8. What age group is this book recommended for?
– “The People We Keep” is suitable for adult readers and mature young adults.

9. Does the book have any discussion questions at the end?
– While the book does not include discussion questions, this article provides an extensive list of questions to facilitate book club discussions.

10. How long does it take to read the book?
– The reading time may vary based on individual reading speed, but it typically takes around 8-10 hours to read “The People We Keep.”

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11. Are there any explicit scenes in the book?
– The book includes some mature content, including intimate scenes, but they are tastefully written and integral to the story.

12. Can I recommend “The People We Keep” to my book club?
– Absolutely! The book raises thought-provoking themes and offers ample material for discussion, making it an excellent choice for book clubs.

13. Has the book won any awards?
– As of now, “The People We Keep” has not won any awards but has received widespread acclaim from readers and critics alike.


“The People We Keep” by Allison Larkin is a profound and emotionally charged novel that explores the complexities of human relationships and the power of resilience. The book club questions provided in this article offer a starting point for engaging discussions about the story’s themes and characters. Additionally, the unique facts about the author and the book, along with the frequently asked questions and their answers, provide further insights into this captivating tale of life and redemption.


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