What Block Can The Wither Not Break

What Blocks Can The Wither Not Break: Exploring Minecraft’s Mysterious Behemoth

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game created by Mojang Studios, offers players a vast world to explore and build in. One of the most fearsome creatures in this virtual realm is the Wither, a three-headed boss mob that poses a significant challenge to players. However, even this mighty behemoth has its limitations when it comes to breaking blocks. In this article, we will delve into the question, “What blocks can the Wither not break?” Additionally, we will explore some unique facts about the Wither, followed by a comprehensive FAQ section to further enhance your understanding of this formidable Minecraft enemy.

What Blocks Can the Wither Not Break?

The Wither has the ability to break most blocks in the game, including obsidian, one of the sturdiest materials available. However, there are a few exceptions to its destructive capabilities. Here are some of the blocks that the Wither cannot break:

1. Bedrock: The Wither cannot break bedrock, the indestructible block that forms the bottom layer of the Minecraft world. This makes bedrock a safe haven for players seeking protection from the Wither’s wrath.

2. Command Blocks: Command Blocks, which are essential for creating complex Redstone contraptions, are immune to the Wither’s destructive power.

3. End Portal Frames: The Wither cannot destroy End Portal Frames, preventing it from tampering with the portal that leads to the End dimension.

4. Barriers: Barriers are invisible blocks that can only be obtained through commands. The Wither cannot break these blocks, providing players with a means of defense.

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5. Structure Blocks: Similar to command blocks, structure blocks are immune to the Wither’s destructive capabilities. They are primarily used for saving and loading structures in the game.

6. End Gateway Blocks: The Wither cannot break End Gateway Blocks, ensuring that players can safely teleport between the main island and the outer islands in the End dimension.

7. End Portal Blocks: The Wither cannot break End Portal Blocks, guaranteeing that the portal leading to the End dimension remains intact and functional.

7 Unique Facts about the Wither:

1. Creation: The Wither is not a naturally spawning mob in Minecraft. Instead, players must summon it by placing four soul sand blocks in a “T” shape and adding three Wither Skeleton skulls on top.

2. Health and Attack: The Wither has a whopping 300 health points, making it one of the toughest bosses in the game. It also has two types of attacks: a ranged skull attack and a close-range explosive attack.

3. Wither Roses: When the Wither kills any mob, it has a chance to drop Wither Roses. These flowers cause the Wither effect on any player or mob that comes into contact with them, slowly draining their health.

4. Nether Star: Upon defeating the Wither, players are rewarded with a Nether Star, a valuable item used to craft the powerful Beacon block.

5. Immunity to Wither Effect: Surprisingly, the Wither itself is immune to the Wither effect, making it impervious to its own damaging ability.

6. Immunity to Fire: Unlike most mobs in Minecraft, the Wither is immune to fire and lava damage, adding to its resilience in battle.

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7. Bedrock Breaking: Although the Wither cannot break bedrock, it can still travel through it, making it a formidable enemy even in the most fortified structures.


1. Can the Wither destroy Obsidian?
No, the Wither can break obsidian, making it a challenging foe to combat.

2. Can the Wither destroy TNT?
Yes, the Wither can destroy TNT, so be cautious when using explosive tactics against it.

3. Can the Wither destroy End Stone?
Yes, the Wither can break End Stone, so it is not a viable defense against this boss mob.

4. Can the Wither destroy glass blocks?
Yes, the Wither can break glass blocks, so they offer minimal protection.

5. Can the Wither destroy blocks in Creative Mode?
No, the Wither cannot break any blocks in Creative Mode, allowing players to experiment without worry.

6. Can the Wither destroy bedrock in the Nether?
No, the Wither cannot break bedrock regardless of the dimension it is in.

7. Can the Wither break through walls?
Yes, the Wither can break through most blocks, including walls, so be prepared for its destructive power.

8. Can the Wither destroy water blocks?
Yes, the Wither can destroy water blocks, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

9. Can the Wither destroy End Crystals?
Yes, the Wither can destroy End Crystals, potentially complicating battles against the Ender Dragon.

10. Can the Wither destroy player-placed blocks?
Yes, the Wither can break blocks placed by players, including structures and defenses.

11. Can the Wither destroy obsidian pillars in the End dimension?
Yes, the Wither can destroy obsidian pillars in the End, making it an additional challenge during the Ender Dragon fight.

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12. Can the Wither destroy enchantment tables?
Yes, the Wither can break enchantment tables, so protect them if you plan to face this boss.

13. Can the Wither destroy chests?
Yes, the Wither can destroy chests, so ensure their protection during encounters.

14. Can the Wither destroy End Crystals?
Yes, the Wither can destroy End Crystals, so exercise caution during the fight against the Ender Dragon.

15. Can the Wither destroy blocks in Adventure Mode?
Yes, the Wither can destroy blocks in Adventure Mode, so players must be prepared for its destructive nature.

Understanding the limitations and capabilities of the Wither is crucial when facing this formidable enemy in Minecraft. By utilizing the blocks it cannot break and understanding its unique characteristics, players can better strategize and overcome this challenging boss mob. So gear up, prepare your defenses, and venture forth to face the mighty Wither!


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