What Does the Bible Say About Drugs Kjv

Title: What Does the Bible Say About Drugs KJV: A Spiritual Perspective


In a world grappling with the widespread use and abuse of drugs, many individuals turn to their faith for guidance and answers. For those who follow the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, it is important to understand the scriptures’ stance on drugs. While the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention modern-day drugs, it provides principles and teachings that can be applied to the topic. This article explores the biblical perspective on drugs, with a focus on the KJV, and offers insight into this complex issue.

Understanding Drugs from a Biblical Perspective:

1. The Bible’s teachings on respecting our bodies: The Bible encourages believers to treat their bodies as temples, honoring God’s creation within us. This implies avoiding anything that defiles or harms our bodies, including substance abuse.

2. The principle of self-control: The Bible emphasizes the importance of self-control, as it is listed as a fruit of the Spirit. Substance abuse and addiction often lead to a loss of control, which contradicts the biblical teachings.

3. The role of sobriety and clarity of mind: The Bible repeatedly emphasizes the need for a clear and sober mind. Drug use distorts perception, impairs judgment, and hinders one’s ability to fully engage with spiritual matters or make sound decisions.

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4. The dangers of idolatry and addiction: The Bible warns against idolatry, emphasizing the importance of focusing on God alone. Substance abuse can become an idol, replacing God as the center of one’s life, ultimately leading to addiction and spiritual harm.

5. Seeking refuge in God, not substances: The Bible encourages believers to find comfort, strength, and refuge in God during challenging times. Relying on drugs as a coping mechanism can hinder one’s trust and dependence on the Lord.

Questions and Answers:

1. Does the Bible mention drugs specifically?
No, the Bible does not mention modern-day drugs explicitly. However, it provides principles that can be applied to drug use.

2. Is alcohol considered a drug according to the Bible?
While the Bible mentions alcohol, it does not condemn its moderate use. However, excessive consumption or drunkenness is discouraged.

3. Can medicinal use of drugs be justified according to the Bible?
The Bible does not explicitly address modern medicinal drugs. However, it encourages believers to prioritize their health and seek medical assistance when needed.

4. Are there any biblical stories that relate to drug abuse?
The story of Samson and Delilah (Judges 16) highlights the dangers of giving in to temptation and the consequences that come with it.

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5. How can the Bible help those struggling with addiction?
The Bible offers hope, guidance, and spiritual support for those battling addiction. It encourages believers to seek help from God, their community, and professional resources.

6. What should be our response as Christians to those struggling with drug addiction?
As Christians, we should approach those struggling with compassion, love, and support. It is essential to encourage them to seek professional help while offering spiritual guidance.

7. Can prayer help overcome drug addiction?
Prayer can be a powerful tool in the journey towards recovery. It helps individuals find strength, seek guidance, and connect with God’s healing power.

8. Is addiction a sin according to the Bible?
Addiction itself is not considered a sin, as it is often a result of factors beyond an individual’s control. However, substance abuse and the harm it causes are seen as sinful.

9. Can the Bible be used as a tool in addiction recovery programs?
Yes, the Bible can be incorporated into addiction recovery programs to provide spiritual support, guidance, and encouragement.

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10. Is it possible to overcome drug addiction with faith alone?
While faith is powerful, overcoming addiction often requires a holistic approach that includes professional help, support groups, and a willingness to change.

11. How can Christians support drug prevention efforts?
Christians can support drug prevention efforts by promoting education, raising awareness, and providing resources to help individuals make informed decisions.

12. Is drug addiction a sign of weak faith?
No, drug addiction is not a reflection of weak faith. Addiction is a complex issue influenced by various factors, and individuals struggling with addiction need support and understanding.

13. How can Christians promote a drug-free lifestyle?
Christians can promote a drug-free lifestyle by being role models, offering support to those struggling, and educating their communities about the dangers of drug abuse.


While the Bible may not explicitly mention drugs as we know them today, it provides valuable principles and teachings that can guide believers in their approach to substance abuse. The KJV emphasizes self-control, sobriety, and the importance of seeking refuge in God. By understanding these biblical perspectives, individuals can make informed decisions and seek the necessary help to combat drug addiction while relying on their faith for strength and guidance.