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Title: What We Do In The Shadows: Exploring Richie Suck and 7 Unique Facts


What We Do In The Shadows is a hilarious mockumentary-style horror-comedy that follows the lives of four vampire roommates living in modern-day Wellington, New Zealand. Among the eccentric cast of characters, Richie Suck stands out as a particularly fascinating and enigmatic vampire. In this article, we will delve into the character of Richie Suck, his role in the show, and explore seven unique facts about his character. Additionally, we will address 15 frequently asked questions about What We Do In The Shadows.

Richie Suck: A Character Analysis

1. Richie Suck, portrayed by actor Richard Brugh, joins the household of vampires as an ancient vampire and former servant of the famous vampire Vladislav.
2. Richie is depicted as an eccentric and childlike vampire, often displaying erratic behavior and a lack of social skills.
3. Unlike the other vampires who maintain a veneer of sophistication, Richie embodies a more primal and unhinged nature, making him somewhat of an outsider within the vampire community.
4. Richie’s appearance is also peculiar, with his untamed hair, pale complexion, and oversized teeth, which add to his overall quirky and unsettling presence.
5. Despite his peculiarities, Richie possesses supernatural abilities, including the power to transform into a cat and communicate telepathically with felines.
6. Richie’s character serves as a comedic foil to the more suave and sophisticated vampires, providing a unique blend of humor and unpredictability to the show’s dynamic.
7. As the series progresses, Richie’s character develops, revealing a deeper vulnerability and longing for companionship, which adds layers of complexity to his portrayal.

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Seven Unique Facts about Richie Suck:

1. Richie’s character was inspired by a real-life vampire enthusiast named Jonathan Brugh, who co-wrote the film and appeared in a minor role.
2. Richie’s distinctive appearance was achieved through the use of prosthetics and makeup, which took several hours to apply each day of filming.
3. The character of Richie Suck was originally intended to be killed off early in the series, but his popularity among fans led to his extended presence in subsequent seasons.
4. Richie’s cat transformation ability was not originally part of the script but was added later on to enhance his comedic value.
5. Richard Brugh, the actor portraying Richie, had no prior acting experience and was hired for the role due to his resemblance to Jonathan Brugh and his genuine enthusiasm for vampire lore.
6. Richie’s unique vocal style, characterized by his high-pitched and often whispered delivery, was developed by Richard Brugh to emphasize the character’s eccentricity.
7. Despite being a vampire, Richie is often portrayed as childlike and innocent, with a fascination for mundane human activities such as watching TV and playing video games.


1. Is What We Do In The Shadows based on a true story?
No, the show is purely fictional and based on the 2014 film of the same name.

2. Can vampires really transform into cats?
No, the ability to transform into animals is purely a fictional element of the show.

3. Is Richie Suck a vampire of any historical significance?
No, Richie is a fictional character created for the show and does not have any historical basis.

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4. Is Richie Suck in love with any of the other characters?
While Richie does show a deep attachment to the other vampires, particularly Stu, it is more akin to a child’s innocent affection rather than romantic love.

5. Does Richie Suck have any weaknesses as a vampire?
Like other vampires in the show, Richie is susceptible to sunlight, garlic, and a stake through the heart.

6. Does Richie Suck have any special powers besides transforming into a cat?
Richie’s abilities are limited, and his cat transformation is his most notable supernatural power.

7. Why is Richie Suck’s character so popular among fans?
Richie’s unique blend of eccentricity, vulnerability, and comedic timing has endeared him to fans, making him a fan-favorite character.

8. Are there any plans for a spin-off show centered around Richie Suck?
As of now, there are no confirmed plans for a spin-off show specifically focused on Richie Suck.

9. How old is Richie Suck in vampire years?
While the show does not explicitly state Richie’s age, his character is implied to be ancient, having served Vladislav in the past.

10. Does Richie Suck have any interactions with werewolves in the show?
Yes, Richie has several humorous interactions with the werewolf characters, often leading to comedic misunderstandings and conflicts.

11. Will Richie Suck appear in future seasons of What We Do In The Shadows?
As the show progresses, Richie’s character arc expands, making it likely that he will continue to appear in future seasons.

12. Is Richie Suck considered a villain or a hero?
Richie’s character is neither a clear-cut villain nor a hero, as he often exists in a morally ambiguous space within the show’s narrative.

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13. Does Richie Suck drink human blood?
Like the other vampires in the show, Richie consumes human blood to sustain himself.

14. How does Richie Suck interact with the human characters in the show?
Richie’s interactions with humans are often comedic and marked by his lack of social skills, leading to awkward and amusing situations.

15. Does Richie Suck have any catchphrases?
While Richie does not have a specific catchphrase, his unique vocal style and unpredictable behavior have led to many memorable and quotable moments throughout the series.


Richie Suck is an unforgettable character in the mockumentary series What We Do In The Shadows. His eccentricities, peculiar appearance, and childlike demeanor make him a standout among the vampire roommates. Through his portrayal, actor Richard Brugh brings a delicate balance of humor and vulnerability to the show. As fans eagerly await future seasons, Richie Suck remains an endearing and integral part of the What We Do In The Shadows universe.


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