Who Are the 15 Judges in the Bible

Who Are the 15 Judges in the Bible?

The Bible mentions 15 individuals who served as judges in ancient Israel. These judges were not traditional judges as we know them today, but rather charismatic leaders who rose to power during times of crisis to rescue their people from oppression. Their stories are filled with bravery, faith, and divine intervention, making them some of the most fascinating figures in biblical history. Let’s take a closer look at these 15 judges and discover some interesting facts about them.

1. Othniel: The first judge mentioned in the Bible, Othniel was Caleb’s nephew and became the leader of Israel after the death of Joshua. He defeated the king of Mesopotamia and brought peace to the land for forty years.

2. Ehud: Known for his left-handedness, Ehud was a Benjaminite who assassinated the Moabite king Eglon. His courageous act led to the liberation of Israel from Moabite oppression.

3. Shamgar: Though only briefly mentioned in the Book of Judges, Shamgar was a hero who slain six hundred Philistines using an ox goad. His bravery contributed to the deliverance of Israel.

4. Deborah: The only female judge mentioned in the Bible, Deborah was a prophetess and a wise leader. She successfully led Israel to victory against the Canaanite army, alongside the warrior Barak.

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5. Gideon: One of the most well-known judges, Gideon was initially hesitant to accept his role but eventually led a small army to defeat the Midianites. He is famous for his fleece test, where he sought God’s confirmation through the wetting and dryness of a wool fleece.

6. Abimelech: Though not a traditional judge, Abimelech seized power through treachery after the death of his father Gideon. His reign was marked by violence and ended tragically.

7. Tola: A relatively lesser-known judge, Tola led Israel for twenty-three years, bringing stability and peace to the land.

8. Jair: Known for his extensive thirty-two sons who rode thirty-two donkeys, Jair served as a judge for twenty-two years. He was from the tribe of Manasseh.

9. Jephthah: Despite being born to a prostitute and initially outcast, Jephthah later became a mighty warrior and led Israel to victory against the Ammonites. However, he tragically fulfilled a vow by sacrificing his daughter.

10. Ibzan: A judge from Bethlehem who had thirty sons and thirty daughters, Ibzan ruled for seven years. His wise leadership brought peace to Israel.

11. Elon: Another lesser-known judge, Elon judged Israel for ten years. Not much is known about his specific actions or achievements.

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12. Abdon: Serving as a judge for eight years, Abdon had forty sons and thirty grandsons. His reign was characterized by peace and stability.

13. Samson: Arguably the most famous judge, Samson possessed incredible strength given by God. He played a crucial role in fighting against the Philistines, but his personal weaknesses led to his downfall.

14. Eli: While primarily known as a priest, Eli also served as a judge for forty years. His sons, however, were corrupt and brought dishonor to the priesthood.

15. Samuel: The last judge mentioned in the Bible, Samuel was not only a judge but also a prophet and a priest. He anointed both Saul and David as kings of Israel, effectively transitioning the nation from a theocracy to a monarchy.

Now, let’s explore some interesting questions about these judges:

1. Which judge was the only female mentioned in the Bible?

2. Who is the first judge mentioned in the Bible?

3. Which judge was known for his left-handedness?

4. How did Gideon seek God’s confirmation for his mission?
Through the wetting and dryness of a wool fleece.

5. Which judge killed six hundred Philistines with an ox goad?

6. Who was the judge who sacrificed his daughter?

7. How many sons did Jair have?
He had thirty-two sons.

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8. Which judge served for the longest period?
Eli, who served for forty years.

9. Who was the last judge mentioned in the Bible?

10. Which judge’s reign was marked by violence and self-interest?

11. How many years did Tola serve as a judge?
Twenty-three years.

12. Who anointed both Saul and David as kings of Israel?

13. Which judge was known for his incredible strength?

These judges in the Bible played significant roles in the history of Israel, leading their people through times of trouble and delivering them from oppression. Their stories serve as a testament to the power of faith, courage, and divine intervention.


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