Why Did Eren Tell Mikasa He Hated Her

Title: Exploring the Complexity: Why Did Eren Tell Mikasa He Hated Her?

Introduction (100 words):
In the riveting world of Attack on Titan, one of the most shocking moments that left fans perplexed and heartbroken was when Eren Yeager, the series’ protagonist, declared his hatred for his closest friend, Mikasa Ackerman. This unexpected turn of events in the manga and anime adaptation left viewers questioning the reasons behind Eren’s surprising outburst. In this article, we will delve into the complex dynamics between Eren and Mikasa, attempting to shed light on the underlying motivations that led to his startling confession. Additionally, we will uncover seven unique facts about their relationship, followed by a comprehensive FAQ section to address readers’ burning questions.

Why Did Eren Tell Mikasa He Hated Her? (300 words):
1. The Ackerman Bond: Eren’s declaration may stem from his knowledge of the Ackerman family’s loyalty and their overwhelming devotion towards those they consider as their “liege.” Eren might have seen Mikasa’s unwavering dedication to him as a product of this bond, leaving him feeling suffocated and trapped.

2. The Freedom Paradigm: Eren’s relentless pursuit of freedom throughout the series may have led him to distance himself from any emotional attachments. By severing ties with Mikasa, Eren might have aimed to liberate himself from emotional dependencies that threatened his freedom.

3. Rejection of Destiny: Eren’s revelation about Mikasa’s “slave” instincts, implying that she is bound to protect him, may have triggered resentment within him. As Eren strives to defy his predestined role as the Attack Titan, he might have found Mikasa’s presence a constant reminder of his unavoidable fate.

4. Manipulation or Protection: Eren’s harsh words might have been a calculated move to push Mikasa away, protecting her from the dangers that lie ahead as he orchestrates his own dark plans. By distancing himself from her, Eren aims to shield Mikasa from the potential harm he foresees.

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5. Emotional Turmoil: Eren’s transformation from a hopeful, optimistic character to a grim and disillusioned one may have caused him to lash out at Mikasa. His internal struggles, coupled with the immense pressure he faces, could have driven him to hurt those closest to him, including Mikasa.

6. Rumbling and Isolation: Eren’s decision to initiate the Rumbling, an event that could potentially eradicate countless lives, may have forced him to isolate himself emotionally. By expressing his hatred towards Mikasa, Eren might have hoped to detach himself from any remaining connections that could hinder his resolve.

7. Psychological Manipulation: Lastly, the possibility exists that Eren’s statement was a result of manipulation by external forces. Throughout the series, characters have fallen victim to mind-altering abilities, suggesting that Eren’s actions and words might not solely be a reflection of his true feelings.

15 FAQs and Answers (500 words):
1. Q: Did Eren truly mean what he said to Mikasa?
A: The complexity of Eren’s character makes it difficult to determine if his words were genuine or part of a larger plan.

2. Q: Does Mikasa still care for Eren?
A: Despite Eren’s hurtful words, Mikasa’s feelings for him remain deep-rooted, as seen through her actions and internal conflicts.

3. Q: Will Eren and Mikasa reconcile?
A: The future of their relationship remains uncertain, as the story continues to unfold in the manga.

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4. Q: What is the significance of Mikasa’s scarf?
A: The scarf symbolizes Eren’s initial act of kindness towards Mikasa and has served as a prominent symbol of their bond throughout the series.

5. Q: Why did Eren protect Mikasa in the past?
A: Eren’s protective instincts towards Mikasa can be attributed to his genuine care for her, as well as his desire to safeguard his companions.

6. Q: Could Eren’s actions be justified?
A: The moral ambiguity of Eren’s choices leaves room for interpretation, as his motivations are deeply intertwined with the intricate plot of Attack on Titan.

7. Q: How will Mikasa’s character develop post-Eren’s confession?
A: Mikasa’s growth as a character will likely be influenced by her turbulent emotions and her determination to understand Eren’s true intentions.

8. Q: Will Mikasa forgive Eren?
A: Forgiveness is a complex process, and whether Mikasa forgives Eren or not will depend on the narrative direction chosen by the story’s creator.

9. Q: What role does Mikasa play in the overall story?
A: Mikasa’s character serves as a significant anchor for Eren’s development, while also exploring themes of loyalty, love, and sacrifice.

10. Q: Does Eren regret his words?
A: Eren’s true emotions and regrets are yet to be fully explored, leaving room for speculation about his state of mind.

11. Q: How does Eren’s confession affect the other characters?
A: Eren’s declaration has far-reaching consequences, causing emotional turmoil and shaping the characters’ actions moving forward.

12. Q: What impact does Eren and Mikasa’s relationship have on the plot?
A: Their relationship plays a crucial role in the narrative, contributing to the exploration of various themes such as friendship, love, and existentialism.

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13. Q: Can Mikasa save Eren from his path of destruction?
A: The extent to which Mikasa can influence Eren’s decisions is uncertain, as his actions are driven by complex motivations.

14. Q: Will Eren’s revelation change the dynamics within the Survey Corps?
A: Eren’s confession has already caused a rift within the group, altering the dynamics and alliances among the characters.

15. Q: Can Eren’s hatred for Mikasa be undone?
A: Only the future chapters of the manga will reveal whether Eren’s feelings can be reversed or reconciled.

Conclusion (100 words):
The enigmatic relationship between Eren and Mikasa in Attack on Titan continues to captivate fans worldwide. Eren’s declaration of hatred towards Mikasa remains a pivotal moment in the series, reflecting the complex nature of their connection. As the story unfolds, readers and viewers eagerly anticipate the resolution of their relationship and the unveiling of Eren’s true intentions. While the answers to these burning questions may still lie in the future chapters, the depth and intricacy of the characters make their journey all the more enthralling.


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