Why Did Hannah Leave Citizen Queen

Why Did Hannah Leave Citizen Queen: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Departure

Citizen Queen, the all-female a cappella group formed on the hit TV show “The Sing-Off,” captured the hearts of many fans with their incredible harmonies and powerful performances. However, in a surprising turn of events, one of the group’s founding members, Hannah Mrozak, announced her departure from Citizen Queen in 2020. This unexpected exit left fans wondering why Hannah chose to leave the group and what the future holds for both her and Citizen Queen. Let’s delve into the reasons behind Hannah’s departure and shed light on this intriguing topic.

1. Pursuing Personal Growth and Solo Career:
One of the primary reasons Hannah left Citizen Queen was to focus on her personal growth and pursue a solo music career. After her journey on “The Sing-Off” and the formation of Citizen Queen, Hannah realized she had more to offer as an individual artist. This decision allows her to explore her unique musical style and establish herself as a solo artist.

2. Creative Differences:
Like any group, Citizen Queen faced creative differences, and these disagreements may have contributed to Hannah’s departure. It is not uncommon for artists to have diverse visions and opinions, and sometimes these differences become irreconcilable. While the group’s overall dynamic was exceptional, it is possible that Hannah’s artistic vision was not aligning with the direction Citizen Queen was taking.

3. Personal Reasons:
Sometimes, personal reasons can play a significant role in an individual’s decision to leave a group. Although the exact details of Hannah’s personal reasons remain undisclosed, it is essential to respect her privacy and decisions. It is possible that personal circumstances or obligations led her to choose a different path.

4. Pursuit of New Opportunities:
Leaving Citizen Queen might have been a strategic move for Hannah to explore new opportunities in the music industry. By departing from the group, she opens herself up to a wider range of collaborations, networking, and exposure. This decision enables her to seize exciting chances that may not have been possible within the confines of a group dynamic.

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5. The Evolution of Citizen Queen:
Every group experiences evolution and change over time, and Citizen Queen is no exception. Hannah’s departure might be seen as a natural part of the group’s growth and transformation. This change could pave the way for new and exciting opportunities for both Hannah and the remaining members of Citizen Queen.

Unique Facts about Hannah Mrozak:

1. Musical Journey:
Hannah Mrozak was born and raised in Wisconsin, where her passion for music began at a young age. She honed her skills through various competitions and live performances, eventually leading her to audition for “The Sing-Off.”

2. “The Sing-Off” Experience:
Hannah’s appearance on the fifth season of “The Sing-Off” in 2014 marked her introduction to the world. Although her group, The Exchange, finished in third place, it was a stepping stone for her future endeavors.

3. Collaboration with Scott Hoying:
Hannah collaborated with Pentatonix member Scott Hoying on a stunning cover of “O Holy Night.” Their rendition gained significant attention and showcased Hannah’s exceptional vocal abilities.

4. Formation of Citizen Queen:
Following her time on “The Sing-Off,” Hannah joined forces with four other talented vocalists to form Citizen Queen. Their impressive harmonies and captivating performances quickly gained them a dedicated fan base.

5. Solo Releases:
Since leaving Citizen Queen, Hannah has released several solo singles, including “I Don’t Need Your Love” and “You Take It Back.” These tracks showcase her individual artistry and provide a glimpse into her promising solo career.


Q1. Will Citizen Queen continue as a four-member group?
A1. Yes, Citizen Queen will continue as a quartet and explore new musical ventures.

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Q2. Are there any hard feelings between Hannah and the remaining members of Citizen Queen?
A2. No, there are no known issues or hard feelings between Hannah and the remaining members of Citizen Queen.

Q3. Will Hannah collaborate with her former groupmates in the future?
A3. It is uncertain whether Hannah will collaborate with her former groupmates, as their musical paths may diverge.

Q4. Did Hannah leave Citizen Queen on good terms?
A4. Yes, Hannah left Citizen Queen on amicable terms, allowing her to pursue her solo career.

Q5. Will Citizen Queen replace Hannah with a new member?
A5. As of now, Citizen Queen has not announced any plans to bring in a new member.

Q6. Are there any upcoming projects for Hannah as a solo artist?
A6. Hannah has not disclosed any specific upcoming projects, but fans can expect more solo releases in the future.

Q7. Will Hannah’s departure affect Citizen Queen’s overall sound?
A7. While Hannah’s departure will undoubtedly bring changes, Citizen Queen’s sound and harmony remain a core part of their identity.

Q8. How have fans reacted to Hannah’s departure?
A8. Fans have expressed both sadness about Hannah’s departure and excitement for her future endeavors.

Q9. Will Hannah continue to perform a cappella music as a solo artist?
A9. While it is unclear whether Hannah will continue to focus on a cappella music, her versatility as an artist opens up various possibilities.

Q10. Has Hannah spoken about her decision to leave Citizen Queen?
A10. Hannah has not publicly discussed her decision to leave Citizen Queen in detail.

Q11. What are Hannah’s long-term goals as a solo artist?
A11. Hannah aims to establish herself as a successful solo artist and continue to grow as a musician.

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Q12. Will Hannah still be involved in the a cappella community?
A12. It is uncertain whether Hannah will continue to actively participate in the a cappella community, but her previous experiences may still influence her future endeavors.

Q13. How has Hannah’s departure affected Citizen Queen’s fan base?
A13. While some fans may be disappointed by Hannah’s departure, many continue to support both her and the remaining members of Citizen Queen.

Q14. Will Hannah tour as a solo artist?
A14. Given the current circumstances, it is unclear when Hannah will be able to embark on a solo tour. However, fans can anticipate live performances once it is safe to do so.

Q15. What advice does Hannah have for aspiring musicians?
A15. Hannah encourages aspiring musicians to stay true to themselves, work hard, and never give up on their dreams.

In conclusion, Hannah’s departure from Citizen Queen was a personal decision driven by her desire to pursue personal growth and a solo career. As she embarks on this new chapter, both Hannah and the remaining members of Citizen Queen are poised to explore exciting opportunities in the music industry. With their immense talent and dedication, it is certain that their paths will continue to intersect, inspiring fans around the world.


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