Why Eren Wants To Destroy The World

Why Eren Wants to Destroy the World: Unraveling the Complexity of Attack on Titan’s Protagonist

Attack on Titan, the wildly popular manga and anime series, has captivated audiences worldwide with its gripping storyline and complex characters. At the center of this narrative lies the enigmatic protagonist, Eren Yeager, whose motivations and actions have sparked intense debates among fans. One of the most intriguing aspects of Eren’s character is his desire to destroy the world, a goal that seems paradoxical at first glance. In this article, we delve into the depths of Eren’s psyche and explore why he wants to bring about such catastrophic destruction.

1. The Rumbling:
Eren’s ultimate plan to annihilate the world is referred to as the “Rumbling.” This devastating power allows him to control the colossal Titans residing within the walls, unleashing them upon humanity’s enemies. Eren believes that this global destruction is necessary to protect Paradis Island, the last bastion of humanity, from external threats.

2. The Cycle of Hatred:
Throughout the series, Eren witnesses firsthand the horrors inflicted upon his people by the Titans and the Marleyan government. He realizes that violence begets violence, and the cycle of hatred and oppression will continue unless drastic measures are taken. Eren’s plan to destroy the world is his way of breaking this cycle, even if it means sacrificing countless lives.

3. Protecting His Loved Ones:
Eren’s unwavering love for his friends and family is a driving force behind his desire to protect them at any cost. He believes that by eliminating the outside world, he can ensure the safety and freedom of those he holds dear. This intense devotion to his loved ones fuels his determination to annihilate his enemies.

4. The Unseen Enemy:
Eren’s perspective on the world changes dramatically when he gains the power of the Attack Titan and inherits the memories of his predecessors. He becomes aware of a hidden enemy manipulating events behind the scenes, pulling the strings of power and orchestrating humanity’s suffering. Eren’s desire to destroy the world is, in part, an attempt to eradicate this unseen enemy and free humanity from their control.

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5. Freedom and Choice:
Throughout the series, Eren grapples with the concept of freedom and the limitations placed upon him by society. By destroying the world, he aims to break the chains that bind humanity, allowing them to finally have the freedom to choose their own destiny. Eren’s extreme actions are driven by his belief that true freedom can only be achieved through the destruction of the existing world order.

6. The Weight of Responsibility:
As the holder of the Attack Titan, Eren carries the heavy burden of the memories and experiences of past Titans. The weight of this responsibility pushes him to make drastic decisions that others may find morally questionable. Eren believes that by taking on the role of a destroyer, he can protect the future generations from the same suffering he endured.

7. The Complexity of Human Nature:
Attack on Titan explores the complexities of human nature, showcasing the darkest and brightest aspects of humanity. Eren’s desire to destroy the world stems from his disillusionment with the inherent cruelty and selfishness of mankind. He believes that by bringing about the ultimate destruction, he can expose the true nature of humanity and force them to confront their flaws.


1. Is Eren’s desire to destroy the world justified?
Eren’s motivations are subjective and deeply rooted in his experiences. While some may argue that his actions are extreme, others believe that his desire to protect his loved ones justifies his drastic measures.

2. Will Eren succeed in destroying the world?
The story’s conclusion is yet to be revealed. However, the series is known for its unpredictable nature, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the final outcome.

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3. Can Eren find another way to protect Paradis Island?
Eren believes that the destruction of the world is the only viable option to ensure Paradis Island’s safety. Whether there are alternative solutions remains to be seen.

4. How do Eren’s friends feel about his goals?
Initially, Eren’s friends are shocked and disapproving of his plans. However, as the story progresses, their feelings towards Eren become more complex, reflecting their own internal conflicts.

5. Are there any redeeming qualities to Eren’s character?
Despite his controversial goals, Eren’s unwavering loyalty, determination, and love for his friends are qualities that some viewers admire.

6. Will Eren’s actions lead to a better future?
The consequences of Eren’s actions are uncertain. While he hopes to create a better future, the destruction he seeks may come at an immense cost.

7. Does Eren care about the lives he will sacrifice?
Eren’s intense conviction to protect Paradis Island often leads him to disregard the lives of others. However, it is unclear whether he truly remains indifferent to the suffering he inflicts.

8. Will Eren’s desire for freedom be fulfilled?
The concept of freedom is at the core of Eren’s motivations. Whether his actions will ultimately lead to the freedom he seeks is yet to be determined.

9. Can Eren be considered a hero or a villain?
Eren’s character blurs the line between hero and villain, provoking debates among fans. Ultimately, his true nature and the moral implications of his actions are open to interpretation.

10. How does Eren’s desire to destroy the world impact his relationships?
Eren’s goal to annihilate the world strains his relationships with his friends, as they struggle to reconcile their love for him with their opposition to his plans.

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11. Can Eren be stopped?
Eren possesses immense power and determination, making it difficult to predict whether anyone will be able to stop him from fulfilling his destructive ambitions.

12. Will Eren’s actions be justified in the end?
The moral implications of Eren’s actions will likely be a central theme in the series’ conclusion. Whether his actions can be justified remains a contentious topic.

13. What impact will Eren’s plan have on the world?
The destruction caused by the Rumbling will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the world, reshaping its political, social, and cultural landscape.

14. Does Eren regret his decision to destroy the world?
Eren’s mindset and emotions remain enigmatic, making it unclear whether he experiences regret for his chosen path.

15. How will the conflict between Eren and his friends be resolved?
The resolution of the conflict between Eren and his friends is yet to be revealed. The series has consistently surprised viewers, leaving the outcome uncertain.

In conclusion, Eren’s desire to destroy the world in Attack on Titan is a complex and multifaceted motivation rooted in his experiences and beliefs. As the story reaches its climax, fans eagerly await the resolution of Eren’s plans and the impact they will have on the world within the series.


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