Lee Child Books In Order 2023

Lee Child Books In Order 2023: A Guide for Jack Reacher Fans

Lee Child is a renowned British author best known for his thrilling Jack Reacher series. With millions of copies sold worldwide, the series has captivated readers with its suspenseful plots, intriguing characters, and relentless action. If you’re a fan of this thrilling series, you might be wondering about the release order of Lee Child books in 2023. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of Jack Reacher and also reveal some unique facts about the author and his work.

Lee Child Books In Order 2023:

1. The Sentinel (2020)
2. The Midnight Line (2017)
3. Night School (2016)
4. Make Me (2015)
5. Personal (2014)
6. Never Go Back (2013)
7. A Wanted Man (2012)
8. The Affair (2011)
9. Worth Dying For (2010)
10. 61 Hours (2009)
11. Gone Tomorrow (2009)
12. Nothing to Lose (2008)
13. Bad Luck and Trouble (2007)
14. The Hard Way (2006)
15. One Shot (2005)
16. The Enemy (2004)
17. Persuader (2003)
18. Without Fail (2002)
19. Echo Burning (2001)
20. Running Blind (2000)
21. Tripwire (1999)
22. Die Trying (1998)
23. Killing Floor (1997)

Five Unique Facts About Lee Child:

1. Pseudonym: Lee Child is actually a pen name used by the author whose real name is James D. Grant. He adopted the name “Lee Child” to create a distinct identity for his Jack Reacher series.

2. Reacher’s Height: In the Jack Reacher series, the protagonist is described as a towering figure with a height of 6 feet 5 inches. This physical attribute plays a significant role in Reacher’s intimidating presence and ability to handle tough situations.

3. Writing Rituals: Lee Child has a unique writing ritual that he follows religiously. He writes in pencil on legal pads and never uses a computer or typewriter. He also writes in chronological order, starting with chapter one and continuing until the end.

4. Reacher’s Origins: The character of Jack Reacher was inspired by a conversation Lee Child had with his wife. While they were on vacation, Child wondered what it would be like to see a cop on the street and know that he was not only capable but also willing to intervene in any situation. This thought led to the creation of the iconic character of Jack Reacher.

5. International Success: Lee Child’s books have been translated into over 40 languages and have garnered a massive international following. His novels have topped bestseller lists worldwide and have been adapted into a successful film franchise starring Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.


1. Will there be a new Jack Reacher book in 2023?
Yes, Lee Child is currently working on the next installment in the Jack Reacher series, which is expected to be released in 2023.

2. How many Jack Reacher books are there?
As of now, there are 23 Jack Reacher books written by Lee Child.

3. Do I need to read the Jack Reacher books in order?
While each book can be enjoyed as a standalone, reading them in order will provide a better understanding of the character’s development and the overarching storylines.

4. Are there any spin-off series or short stories related to Jack Reacher?
Yes, Lee Child has written several short stories featuring Jack Reacher, and there is also a spin-off series called the “Jack Reacher’s Rules” series.

5. Will Lee Child continue writing the Jack Reacher series?
Lee Child has handed over the series to his younger brother, Andrew Child, who will continue writing under the pen name Lee Child.

6. Are there any plans for a Jack Reacher TV series?
Yes, Amazon Studios has developed a Jack Reacher TV series named “Reacher,” with Alan Ritchson playing the lead role.

7. Are there any plans for a Jack Reacher video game?
Yes, a Jack Reacher video game is currently in development by Scopely, a mobile game publisher.

8. Are there any movies based on the Jack Reacher books?
Yes, there have been two movies based on the Jack Reacher series, starring Tom Cruise as the titular character.

9. Are the Jack Reacher books suitable for young readers?
The Jack Reacher series is targeted at adult readers due to its mature themes, violence, and language.

10. Can I read the Jack Reacher books if I haven’t seen the movies?
Absolutely! The books provide a more in-depth experience and delve into the character’s complexities and motivations.

11. Are there any audiobook versions of the Jack Reacher series?
Yes, the Jack Reacher books are available in audiobook format, narrated by talented voice actors.

12. Are there any plans for a Jack Reacher crossover with other book series?
As of now, there are no plans for a crossover between Jack Reacher and other book series.

13. Where can I purchase Lee Child books?
Lee Child books are available at major bookstores, online retailers, and as e-books.

In conclusion, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series continues to enthrall readers with its gripping narratives and unforgettable characters. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, this guide will help you navigate the books in order and keep you up to date with the latest releases. Happy reading!