Movies Similar To Dirty Grandpa

Movies Similar To Dirty Grandpa: A Hilarious Adventure


Dirty Grandpa, released in 2016, is a comedy film that takes viewers on a wild and raunchy ride. Starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron, the movie follows the story of a recently widowed and sexually liberated grandfather who convinces his uptight grandson to accompany him on a spring break trip to Florida. If you enjoyed the outrageous humor and comedic chemistry between the main characters, here are some other movies you might find equally entertaining.

Movies Similar to Dirty Grandpa:

1. Bad Grandpa (2013):
In this hidden camera comedy, Johnny Knoxville disguises himself as an elderly man and embarks on a road trip with his grandson. Full of pranks and hilarity, this movie is guaranteed to keep you laughing from start to finish.

2. The Hangover (2009):
If you loved the party-filled adventure in Dirty Grandpa, then The Hangover is a must-watch. Follow a group of friends as they wake up from a wild night in Las Vegas, trying to piece together the events and find their missing groom-to-be.

3. Neighbors (2014):
While not involving a grandparent-grandchild duo, Neighbors offers a similar raucous comedy experience. Starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, this film explores the hilarious rivalry between a young couple and the rowdy fraternity that moves in next door.

4. The Campaign (2012):
If you enjoy political satire mixed with humor, The Campaign is the perfect movie for you. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis go head-to-head as two politicians vying for a seat in Congress, resulting in a series of outrageous and comical situations.

5. Grand-Daddy Day Care (2019):
In this family-friendly comedy, a group of grandfathers starts a daycare center to help their own children. As expected, chaos ensues, and the grandpas find themselves in hilarious situations while taking care of the kids.

Unique Facts about Dirty Grandpa:

1. Method Acting:
Robert De Niro, known for his dedication to method acting, insisted on staying in character as the dirty grandpa even when the cameras were not rolling. This commitment added an extra layer of authenticity to his portrayal.

2. Hilarious Improvisation:
Many of the funniest moments in Dirty Grandpa were improvised by the actors. Director Dan Mazer encouraged the cast to experiment and ad-lib, resulting in some truly memorable scenes.

3. Zac Efron’s Transformation:
Zac Efron, typically known for his clean-cut image in movies like High School Musical, underwent a physical transformation for his role as Jason Kelly. He gained weight and grew out his facial hair to better fit the character’s disheveled appearance.

4. Spring Break Chaos:
The film’s spring break scenes were shot during the actual spring break in Daytona Beach, Florida. The production team had to work around the chaos of real students partying, adding an authentic atmosphere to the movie.

5. De Niro’s Dance Moves:
Robert De Niro surprised everyone on set with his impressive dance skills. In one scene, his character showcases his unexpected talent, leaving the audience in stitches.


1. Is Dirty Grandpa appropriate for all audiences?
No, Dirty Grandpa contains explicit language, sexual content, and drug use, making it suitable for mature audiences only.

2. Are there any sequels to Dirty Grandpa?
As of now, there are no official plans for a sequel to Dirty Grandpa.

3. Is Dirty Grandpa based on a true story?
No, Dirty Grandpa is a fictional comedy film.

4. Who directed Dirty Grandpa?
Dirty Grandpa was directed by Dan Mazer.

5. Is Dirty Grandpa available for streaming on any platforms?
Yes, Dirty Grandpa is available to stream on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

6. How long is Dirty Grandpa?
Dirty Grandpa has a runtime of approximately 1 hour and 42 minutes.

7. What is the age rating for Dirty Grandpa?
Dirty Grandpa is rated R, meaning it is restricted to viewers aged 17 or older unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

8. Who plays the character of Jason Kelly in Dirty Grandpa?
Zac Efron portrays the character of Jason Kelly.

9. Where was Dirty Grandpa filmed?
Dirty Grandpa was primarily filmed in Georgia and Florida, with some scenes shot in Atlanta and Daytona Beach.

10. Is Dirty Grandpa a box office success?
Dirty Grandpa grossed over $100 million worldwide, making it a commercially successful film.

11. Does Dirty Grandpa have any serious themes?
While Dirty Grandpa is primarily a comedy, it does touch on themes of grief, family dynamics, and self-discovery.

12. What other movies has Robert De Niro starred in?
Robert De Niro has an extensive filmography, with notable movies including The Godfather Part II, Taxi Driver, and Goodfellas.

13. Are there any memorable quotes from Dirty Grandpa?
Yes, some memorable quotes include “I’m about to take a young woman and give her the night of her life,” and “I’m not a pervert. I’m a sex addict.”

14. Did Dirty Grandpa receive any awards or nominations?
Dirty Grandpa did not receive any major awards or nominations.

15. Is there a message or moral to take away from Dirty Grandpa?
Dirty Grandpa is meant to be a light-hearted comedy, so it doesn’t have a deep moral message. However, it does emphasize the importance of embracing life and letting loose.