Girl, Interrupted Book vs Movie

The movie is based on the memoir of Susana Kayson’s time in a mental institution, but how close does the movie stick to the truth of her experience?

Cool Hand Luke Book vs Movie

Not many people realize Cool Hand Luke is based on a book! The movie starring Paul Newman became such a success the book has been overshadowed, but is the book even better than the movie?

Jurassic Park Book vs Movie

You can read the blog, or you can click on one of the icons below to listen to the podcast version! Click HERE for more listening options! **Warning: Spoilers for both book and movie!** Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (1990) Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg (1993) Synopsis John Hammond and his team have discovered …

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Shutter Island Book vs Movie

This Martin Scorsese thriller is one that tends to leave viewers confused, however, when you compare it with the book by Dennis Lehane, it makes perfect sense!

A Scanner Darkly Book vs Movie

Bob Arctor is an undercover narcotics agent, but he is slowly losing his grasp on reality. Find out how this all star cast movie compares.

Wonder: Book vs Movie

Wonder gives us a look into what it is like for someone with Treacher Collins; as well as seeing into how it effects the lives of those around them.