Anne of Green Gables Book vs Movie (1985)

Anne of Green Gables is a beloved book about an orphan girl who is adopted by an aging brother and sister and the impact she has on those around her. The best adaptation is the 1985 TV movie version and today I talk about why I love both!

Deep Water Book vs Movie

This Patricia Highsmith novel about a suburban couple who have a toxic relationship was adapted into a movie starring Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. The movie stays true to the novel up until the end-find out what has been changed!

The Hustler Book vs Movie

This Walter Tevis novel was adapted into a movie starring Paul Newman. It was a critically renowned movie, and for good reason! There is one huge change from book to movie which gives the movie an even stronger meaning.

Silver Linings Playbook Book vs Movie

This David O. Russel movie stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawerence and Robert De Niro and is based on the novel by Matthew Quick. Both focus on mental illness, bipolar disorder in the movie and brain damage in the book. Even though the book and movie are very similar, there are some big changes made.

After Yang Book vs Movie

After Yang is based on the short story by Alexander Weinstein from his book Children of the New World. This takes place in a sci-fi future where “technosapiens” have been created. The movie takes things in a different direction than I thought they would. Listen to here what I thought of both!

The Lost Daughter Book vs Movie

The Lost Daughter is directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, adapted from the book by Italian author Elena Ferrante. This isn’t a book or movie everyone loves, and some people have, understandably, conflicted feelings. The movie follows the source novel very close with really just one change to end. Hear what’s different, and my thoughts on both!

The Power of the Dog Book vs Movie

This critically acclaimed movie is based on the novel by Thomas Savage. Both are amazing and the movie stays pretty close to the book. Here, I discuss the nuances in each, the meaning of both, and what few things were changed from book to movie.

The Double by Jose Saramago Book vs Enemy Movie-Ending Explained

The Double by Jose Saramago was made into the movie Enemy directed by by Denis Villeneuve. Understanding the meaning of either is difficult and whereas the movie has a more definite meaning, the book seems more open to interpretation. Listen to me try to make sense of the book, followed by a chat with The Forgotten Cinema Podcast about the movie!

Death on the Nile Book vs Movie (2022)

The new adaptation of one of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot murder mystery. Directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh and stars Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer and Branagh as Poirot. There aren’t too many changes from book to movie, but there are some key details left out of the movie!