The Prestige Book vs Movie Review

Two magicians have a feud which will eventually lead to their demise. The movie is a great adaptation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some huge changes between the book and movie.

We Were Soldiers Book vs Movie Review

We Were Soldiers documents the Ia Drang battle in Vietnam which was the first time the US military and Vietnam military officially battled. Here I discuss the book and movie adaptation with my brother who has a different perspective since he himself is in the Army!

Blackkklansman Book vs Movie Review

The story of a black cop who goes undercover in the KKK. The craziest part? It’s based on a true story. But does the movie stick to the truth, or did exaggerate when bringing this story to the big screen?

Mystic River Book vs Movie Review

This Clint Eastwood adaptation stays very close to the book. What is left out however is that internal dialogue that makes such a difference when trying to understand a character. Listen and find out more to understand their motives for what they do.

Cool Hand Luke Book vs Movie Review

Not many people realize Cool Hand Luke is based on a book! The movie starring Paul Newman became such a success the book has been overshadowed, but is the book even better than the movie?

Jurassic Park Book vs Movie Review

This iconic movie was first a novel by Michael Crichton. The book is actually quite different from the movie and though the movie is fantastic, the book is even better! Listen to the podcast to find out why!