The Death of Stalin Book vs Movie

In the wake of Stalin’s death, those in his close circle battle it out to see how will be next in charge. How much does this British comedy change from the original comic book? And how much of it actually happened in real life?

Child 44 Book vs Movie

The Soviet Union under the control of Stalin is an interesting setting as it is. Then we have the Leo, an officer of the government who starts questioning his blind obedience. Then on top of that, there area series of murders that need solving! Find out how this intriguing book compares with the movie!

Sir Gawain and The Green Knight Book vs Movie

The chivalric romance set in King Arthur’s court about Sir Gawain and The Green Knight. The original source is a poem, which is really more like a short story. There is a lot of symbolism and metaphors in both book and movie, and here I explain both while comparing the differences!

One Year Podcasting about Books vs Movies

Special One Year episode where I share my favorite and least favorite adaptations I’ve covered as well as my least favorite! I also share why I started this podcast in the first place; and what you can expect going into my second year!

The Prestige Book vs Movie

Two magicians have a feud which will eventually lead to their demise. The movie is a great adaptation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some huge changes between the book and movie.

We Were Soldiers Book vs Movie

We Were Soldiers documents the Ia Drang battle in Vietnam which was the first time the US military and Vietnam military officially battled. Here I discuss the book and movie adaptation with my brother who has a different perspective since he himself is in the Army!

Blackkklansman Book vs Movie

The story of a black cop who goes undercover in the KKK. The craziest part? It’s based on a true story. But does the movie stick to the truth, or did exaggerate when bringing this story to the big screen?