The Prestige Book vs Movie

Two magicians have a feud which will eventually lead to their demise. The movie is a great adaptation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some huge changes between the book and movie.

We Were Soldiers Book vs Movie

We Were Soldiers documents the Ia Drang battle in Vietnam which was the first time the US military and Vietnam military officially battled. Here I discuss the book and movie adaptation with my brother who has a different perspective since he himself is in the Army!

Blackkklansman Book vs Movie

The story of a black cop who goes undercover in the KKK. The craziest part? It’s based on a true story. But does the movie stick to the truth, or did exaggerate when bringing this story to the big screen?

Limitless (The Dark Fields) Book vs Movie

Eddie is a deadbeat, but when then he gains access for a drug that propels him to the top of the business world. But does the Eddie in the movie have the same fate as the Eddie in the book?

Never Let Me Go Book vs Movie

The movie stays true to the overall story of these three friends who grew up together. However, there are some big changes they made to one of the characters in particular.

The Beach Book vs Movie

People seem to either love or hate this movie, but what about the book? Find out what big changes were made from book to screen.

Annihilation Book vs Movie

Both the book and movie leave you thinking; here I do my best to explain both while also comparing the many changes that were made!