Rules Of Engagement Book 1 Walkthrough

Rules of Engagement is an interactive visual novel developed by Episode Interactive. This popular game takes players on an exciting journey filled with romance, drama, and adventure. Book 1 of the Rules of Engagement series introduces you to a captivating story where you play as the main character, attending your grandmother’s luxurious wedding on a paradise island. In this article, we will provide a walkthrough of Book 1 and share five unique facts about this thrilling game. Additionally, we will answer thirteen frequently asked questions to help you navigate through the game successfully.

Walkthrough for Book 1:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Cordonia
– Customize your character’s appearance.
– Choose your character’s name.
– Meet your grandmother and her soon-to-be husband.
– Attend a glamorous party and mingle with other characters.

Chapter 2: Beach Bash
– Help your sister choose an outfit for the party.
– Meet potential love interests, including a charming bartender named Leo.
– Make choices that determine your relationship with other characters.

Chapter 3: The Mystery Woman
– Encounter a mysterious woman who claims to know a secret about your grandmother’s fiancé.
– Decide whether to trust her or dismiss her as a stranger.

Chapter 4: The Bachelorette
– Plan and enjoy a bachelorette party with your friends and sister.
– Make choices that impact your relationships with other characters.

Chapter 5: The Wedding
– Get ready for the grand wedding ceremony.
– Make important decisions that shape the outcome of the story.

Five Unique Facts about Rules of Engagement:

1. Multiple Love Interests: Unlike many other visual novels, Rules of Engagement allows you to pursue romantic relationships with multiple characters. Your choices will determine who you end up with, creating a unique and personalized experience.

2. Customization Options: The game offers an extensive range of customization options, allowing you to create a character that reflects your own style and personality. From choosing your character’s appearance to picking their outfits, you have complete control over their look.

3. Intriguing Storylines: Rules of Engagement combines romance, mystery, and adventure to deliver an engaging narrative. Each character has their own backstory and secrets, adding depth and suspense to the overall plot.

4. Unique Outfit Choices: Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to select outfits for various events and occasions. These choices not only enhance your character’s appearance but can also impact how other characters perceive you.

5. Player Agency: One of the most appealing aspects of Rules of Engagement is the freedom to make choices that shape the outcome of the story. Your decisions will determine your relationships, friendships, and even the ending you experience.


1. Is Rules of Engagement available for free?
Yes, the game is free to download and play. However, there are optional in-app purchases available for additional content and customization options.

2. Can I play Rules of Engagement on my Android/iOS device?
Yes, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices. Simply download the Episode app from the respective app store and start playing.

3. Are there different endings in Rules of Engagement?
Yes, the choices you make throughout the game will lead to different outcomes and endings. Your relationships and decisions will determine how the story unfolds.

4. Can I replay chapters in the game?
Yes, you can replay chapters to explore different choices and outcomes. This allows you to experience multiple storylines and see the consequences of different decisions.

5. How often are new chapters released?
Episode Interactive regularly releases new chapters for Rules of Engagement. The frequency of new releases may vary, but updates are typically available every few weeks.

6. Can I play Rules of Engagement offline?
No, an internet connection is required to play the game as it relies on online servers to save progress and access new content.

7. Are there age restrictions for playing Rules of Engagement?
The game is recommended for players aged 13 and above due to its mature themes and romantic content.

8. Can I connect with other players in Rules of Engagement?
Yes, you can connect with other players through the Episode Community. Share your experiences, discuss choices, and even create your own stories.

9. Are there other books in the Rules of Engagement series?
Yes, there are multiple books in the Rules of Engagement series. Each book continues the story and introduces new challenges and adventures for the main character.

10. Can I change my character’s name after starting the game?
No, once you choose a name for your character, it cannot be changed. Make sure to select a name you are happy with before beginning the game.

11. Are there consequences for making unpopular choices?
Yes, your choices can have consequences, both positive and negative. They can affect your relationships with other characters and influence the direction of the story.

12. Can I earn in-game currency without making purchases?
Yes, you can earn in-game currency by completing daily challenges and watching advertisements. This currency can be used to unlock premium choices and additional content.

13. Can I transfer my progress to another device?
Yes, you can transfer your progress by linking the game to your account. This way, you can continue playing from where you left off on a different device.

In conclusion, Rules of Engagement Book 1 offers an exciting visual novel experience with its intriguing storyline, diverse romance options, and customizable choices. Whether you are a fan of romance, mystery, or adventure, this game has something for everyone. With the walkthrough provided and the FAQs answered, you are now ready to embark on an exciting journey through the captivating world of Rules of Engagement.