Sand Dollar Cove The Movie Cast

Sand Dollar Cove: The Movie Cast

Sand Dollar Cove is an upcoming romantic drama film that has been highly anticipated by fans of the genre. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Nancy Naigle and is set to release in the summer of 2022. With an all-star cast and a heartwarming storyline, Sand Dollar Cove promises to be a must-watch for romance enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at the talented cast that brings this beautiful story to life.

1. Chad Michael Murray as Elliot Roth
Chad Michael Murray, known for his roles in One Tree Hill and A Cinderella Story, takes on the lead role of Elliot Roth. Elliot is a charming and successful businessman who finds himself on a journey of self-discovery when he inherits a beach house in Sand Dollar Cove.

2. Aly Michalka as Heather Roth
Aly Michalka, from the hit TV show iZombie, plays Heather Roth, Elliot’s supportive and caring sister. Heather encourages him to take a break from his fast-paced life and embrace the tranquility of Sand Dollar Cove.

3. Clare Bowen as Callie Grayson
Clare Bowen, known for her role as Scarlett O’Connor on Nashville, portrays Callie Grayson, a talented artist who resides in Sand Dollar Cove. Callie becomes Elliot’s love interest and helps him uncover the secrets of the beach house.

4. Cameron Mathison as Ryan Mitchell
Cameron Mathison, a fan-favorite from his time on All My Children, plays Ryan Mitchell, a childhood friend of Elliot. Ryan provides guidance and support as Elliot navigates his new life in Sand Dollar Cove.

5. Fiona Vroom as Mia
Fiona Vroom, known for her roles in Altered Carbon and The Man in the High Castle, takes on the role of Mia, a friendly and kind-hearted local who becomes a close friend to Elliot.

6. Jordana Largy as Karen
Jordana Largy, known for her work on Supernatural and Riverdale, portrays Karen, a quirky and lovable character who helps Elliot embrace the laid-back lifestyle of Sand Dollar Cove.

7. Jason Cermak as Daniel
Jason Cermak, from The Romeo Section and Cedar Cove, plays Daniel, a mysterious figure from Callie’s past who adds a touch of intrigue to the story.

8. Jay Brazeau as Walter
Jay Brazeau, a seasoned actor with numerous film and television credits, takes on the role of Walter, a wise and friendly neighbor who becomes a mentor to Elliot.

9. Brenda Crichlow as Gail
Brenda Crichlow, known for her roles in The Age of Adaline and The Killing, portrays Gail, a warm-hearted local who welcomes Elliot to Sand Dollar Cove with open arms.

10. Kirsten Robek as Marissa
Kirsten Robek, from The Edge of Seventeen and The Man in the High Castle, plays Marissa, a successful businesswoman who challenges Elliot’s perspective on life and love.

11. Tom Stevens as Mark
Tom Stevens, known for his roles in Wayward Pines and Supergirl, portrays Mark, a charismatic and adventurous character who adds a touch of excitement to the story.

12. Sarah Edmondson as Rachel
Sarah Edmondson, from Stargate SG-1 and Salvation, takes on the role of Rachel, a compassionate woman who helps Elliot uncover the truth about the beach house’s history.

13. Lucia Walters as Susan
Lucia Walters, known for her work on The 100 and Psych, plays Susan, a strong and independent woman who becomes an important figure in Elliot’s journey of self-discovery.


1. When will Sand Dollar Cove be released?
Sand Dollar Cove is set to release in the summer of 2022.

2. Is Sand Dollar Cove based on a book?
Yes, the film is based on the novel of the same name by Nancy Naigle.

3. Where was Sand Dollar Cove filmed?
The movie was filmed on location in scenic British Columbia, Canada.

4. Who is the director of Sand Dollar Cove?
The film is directed by Mark Jean, known for his work on popular romantic dramas.

5. Is Sand Dollar Cove a Hallmark movie?
No, Sand Dollar Cove is not a Hallmark movie, but it shares a similar heartwarming and romantic storyline.

6. What age rating is Sand Dollar Cove?
The official age rating for the movie has not been announced yet.

7. Is Sand Dollar Cove suitable for children?
The film is intended for a mature audience, but parents can make the best decision based on their child’s sensibilities.

8. Will Sand Dollar Cove be available on streaming platforms?
Details about streaming availability have not been announced yet.

9. Does Sand Dollar Cove have a soundtrack?
Yes, the film features a beautiful soundtrack that complements the romantic atmosphere.

10. Is Sand Dollar Cove a standalone movie or part of a series?
Sand Dollar Cove is a standalone movie, based on the novel of the same name.

11. What genre is Sand Dollar Cove?
Sand Dollar Cove falls under the romantic drama genre.

12. Are there any special features included in the DVD/Blu-ray release?
Details about special features have not been announced yet.

13. Is Sand Dollar Cove a feel-good movie?
Yes, Sand Dollar Cove is a feel-good movie that explores themes of love, self-discovery, and the beauty of new beginnings.

In conclusion, Sand Dollar Cove boasts an impressive cast that brings the captivating romance of the novel to life. With a talented ensemble of actors and a heartwarming storyline, this film is sure to captivate audiences when it releases in the summer of 2022. Be prepared for an enchanting journey filled with love, self-discovery, and the allure of Sand Dollar Cove.