Shows Like Delhi Crime

Shows Like Delhi Crime: A Glimpse into the Dark Side of Society

Delhi Crime, a critically acclaimed web series, took the world by storm with its gripping storyline and exceptional performances. Based on the infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape case, the show delves deep into the investigation that unfolded in the aftermath of this horrific incident. If you’re a fan of crime dramas that explore real-life events, then you’re in luck. In this article, we will explore shows similar to Delhi Crime that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But before we dive into that, here are five unique facts about Delhi Crime:

1. Real-Life Inspiration: Delhi Crime is based on the true events of the 2012 Nirbhaya case, which shook the entire nation. The series not only focuses on the investigation but also sheds light on the social and cultural aspects that perpetuated such crimes.

2. Stellar Cast: The series boasts an exceptional ensemble cast. From the brilliant Shefali Shah as the lead investigator to the talented Rajesh Tailang as the compassionate officer, every performance is top-notch, bringing the characters to life with remarkable authenticity.

3. Gripping Storytelling: Delhi Crime stands out for its ability to keep the viewers engaged throughout its seven-episode run. The show not only focuses on the investigation but also examines the emotional toll it takes on the officers involved, adding an extra layer of depth to the narrative.

4. Realism at its Best: The series doesn’t shy away from depicting the gruesome details of the crime, making it an intense watch. The raw portrayal of events adds to the authenticity of the story, ensuring that viewers get a realistic glimpse into the dark side of society.

5. Critical Acclaim: Delhi Crime received widespread critical acclaim and numerous awards. It won the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series in 2020, further cementing its position as a must-watch crime drama.

Now, let’s explore five shows that share a similar theme and will surely captivate you:

1. Mindhunter: This Netflix series delves into the minds of serial killers as FBI agents delve deep into their psyche to solve ongoing cases. Mindhunter’s chilling realism and psychological exploration make it a perfect choice for fans of Delhi Crime.

2. The Killing: This American crime drama follows the investigation of a murder case, exploring the impact it has on the lives of the detectives involved. With its gritty atmosphere and complex characters, The Killing is a must-watch for those who appreciate the realism of Delhi Crime.

3. Broadchurch: Set in a small coastal town, this British crime drama revolves around the murder of a young boy. As detectives uncover the truth, the show delves into the dark secrets hidden beneath the seemingly idyllic community, much like Delhi Crime.

4. True Detective: This anthology series follows different investigations across multiple seasons. True Detective stands out for its intricate storytelling, exploring both the detective’s personal lives and the crimes they’re trying to solve.

5. Criminal Justice: This Indian web series, available on Disney+ Hotstar, delves into the Indian criminal justice system as a young man finds himself accused of a heinous crime. With its gripping storyline and powerful performances, Criminal Justice is a show that fans of Delhi Crime should not miss.

FAQs about Shows Like Delhi Crime:

1. Are these shows based on real-life events?
No, while Delhi Crime is based on a true story, the other shows mentioned are fictional. However, they often draw inspiration from real-life cases.

2. Can these shows be triggering or disturbing?
Yes, these shows deal with dark and sensitive subjects, so they might not be suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.

3. Are these shows available on streaming platforms?
Yes, all the mentioned shows are available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ Hotstar.

4. Are these shows international productions or are they specific to a certain country?
The shows mentioned are a mix of international productions, including American, British, and Indian series.

5. Can I watch these shows with my family?
Due to the mature themes and graphic content, it is recommended to watch these shows with discretion, especially when viewing with younger audiences.

6. Are these shows ongoing or have they concluded?
Most of the mentioned shows have concluded, with multiple seasons available for binge-watching.

7. Do these shows focus solely on the investigation or do they delve into the personal lives of the characters?
These shows often explore the personal lives of the characters, adding depth to the narrative and providing a well-rounded viewing experience.

8. Are there any other shows based on true crime that you would recommend?
Apart from the mentioned shows, other notable true crime series include Making a Murderer, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, and Narcos.

9. Can these shows be emotionally overwhelming?
Yes, these shows often deal with intense emotions and can be emotionally overwhelming at times.

10. Are these shows suitable for those with a weak stomach?
Given the nature of the crimes depicted, these shows can be graphic and disturbing, so they might not be suitable for those with a weak stomach.

11. Are there any shows similar to Delhi Crime that are not crime dramas?
Yes, if you’re looking for shows that explore social issues, you might enjoy series like Unbelievable, When They See Us, or The Handmaid’s Tale.

12. Is Delhi Crime the only Indian crime drama worth watching?
While Delhi Crime gained immense popularity, there are several other Indian crime dramas worth exploring, such as Sacred Games, Paatal Lok, and Mirzapur.

13. Do these shows offer any social commentary?
Yes, these shows often provide social commentary, highlighting various aspects of society and shedding light on the flaws within the criminal justice system.

14. Can I watch these shows if I’m not familiar with the cultural context?
Yes, these shows are designed to be accessible to a global audience, and while they might have cultural nuances, they are still engaging and enjoyable.

15. Are there any other crime dramas you would recommend for fans of Delhi Crime?
If you’re a fan of Delhi Crime, you might also enjoy shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad, Luther, or True Crime documentaries like The Staircase and Making a Murderer.