Shows Similar To Why Women Kill

Shows Similar To Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill is a dark comedy-drama series that explores the lives of three women from different decades, each dealing with infidelity in their marriages. With its unique blend of humor, suspense, and captivating storylines, fans of the show may be on the lookout for similar shows that offer an equally thrilling and entertaining experience. Here are some shows that share similar themes and will keep you hooked from start to finish.

1. Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives is a classic drama series that delves into the secrets and scandals of suburban life. Like Why Women Kill, it focuses on a group of women who navigate through their complicated relationships, infidelity, and murder. The series has a perfect blend of mystery, dark humor, and compelling characters that will keep you engaged until the very end.

2. Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies is a gripping drama series that follows the lives of several women living in a wealthy coastal town. Like Why Women Kill, it unravels the secrets and lies behind seemingly perfect marriages. With a stellar cast, intense performances, and a murder mystery at its core, this show will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat from episode to episode.

3. The Good Wife
The Good Wife is a legal drama series that revolves around Alicia Florrick, a woman who returns to her career as a lawyer after her husband’s scandalous affair. While it may not focus solely on infidelity, it explores the complexities of relationships, trust, and personal growth. With its compelling storyline and strong female lead, it is a must-watch for fans of Why Women Kill.

4. Revenge
Revenge is a thrilling drama series that follows Emily Thorne, a young woman seeking revenge on those who destroyed her family. While it may not directly deal with infidelity, it shares the theme of betrayal and the pursuit of justice. With its complex characters, intricate plotlines, and intense drama, Revenge is a show that will keep you hooked from the first episode.

5. Dead to Me
Dead to Me is a dark comedy series that follows the unlikely friendship between two women who bond over their shared traumas. While it may have a lighter tone compared to Why Women Kill, it explores themes of deception and the complexities of relationships. With its witty writing, brilliant performances, and unexpected twists, Dead to Me is a show that will leave you wanting more.

Unique Facts about Why Women Kill:

1. Created by Marc Cherry: Why Women Kill was created by Marc Cherry, the same creator behind the hit series Desperate Housewives. Cherry’s signature blend of drama, humor, and mystery is evident in both shows, making Why Women Kill a must-watch for fans of his previous work.

2. Multiple Timelines: One of the unique aspects of Why Women Kill is its storytelling format. The series takes place in three different decades – the 1960s, 1980s, and present-day. This allows viewers to witness how infidelity and its consequences have evolved over time, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the show.

3. Stellar Cast: Why Women Kill boasts an ensemble cast of talented actors, including Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Alexandra Daddario. Their performances bring depth and complexity to their respective characters, making them relatable and compelling to watch.

4. Stylish Production Design: The show’s production design is visually stunning, capturing the essence of each decade with meticulous attention to detail. From the glamorous mid-century modern homes of the 1960s to the bold and vibrant aesthetics of the 1980s, the set designs add to the overall immersive experience of the show.

5. Thought-Provoking Themes: Why Women Kill goes beyond its surface-level premise of infidelity and explores deeper themes such as gender roles, societal expectations, and the complexities of human relationships. It prompts viewers to reflect on their own beliefs and values, making it a thought-provoking and engaging watch.

FAQs about Why Women Kill:

1. Is Why Women Kill based on a true story?
No, Why Women Kill is a fictional series created by Marc Cherry.

2. How many seasons of Why Women Kill are there?
As of now, there are two seasons of Why Women Kill.

3. Are the stories in each season interconnected?
No, each season of Why Women Kill features a different set of characters and storylines.

4. Can I watch Why Women Kill with my family?
Why Women Kill is intended for mature audiences due to its adult themes and content, so viewer discretion is advised.

5. Is Why Women Kill available on any streaming platforms?
Yes, Why Women Kill is available for streaming on CBS All Access.

6. Can I watch Why Women Kill without having seen Desperate Housewives?
Yes, Why Women Kill is a standalone series and does not require any prior knowledge of Desperate Housewives.

7. Is Why Women Kill a comedy or a drama?
Why Women Kill is a dark comedy-drama series, blending humor with intense and dramatic storylines.

8. How long is each episode of Why Women Kill?
Each episode of Why Women Kill has an average runtime of 45 minutes.

9. Are there any plans for a third season?
As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding a third season of Why Women Kill.

10. Does Why Women Kill have a satisfying ending?
Each season of Why Women Kill offers a satisfying conclusion to its respective storylines.

11. Can I watch Why Women Kill outside of the United States?
Why Women Kill is available for streaming internationally on various platforms, including Amazon Prime Video.

12. Are there any spin-offs or related shows to Why Women Kill?
As of now, there are no official spin-offs or related shows to Why Women Kill.

13. Is Why Women Kill suitable for those who do not enjoy dark themes?
Why Women Kill explores dark themes such as infidelity and murder, so it may not be suitable for viewers who prefer lighter content.

14. Can I watch Why Women Kill if I don’t understand the eras depicted?
The series provides enough context for viewers to understand the storylines, regardless of their familiarity with the depicted eras.

15. Is Why Women Kill primarily focused on female characters?
While Why Women Kill primarily revolves around female characters, it also explores the lives and perspectives of male characters, offering a well-rounded narrative.