Summary Of The Book Of Obadiah Chapter By Chapter

Summary of the Book of Obadiah Chapter by Chapter:

Chapter 1: The Vision of Obadiah
The book of Obadiah begins with a vision that the prophet Obadiah received from God. In this vision, Obadiah sees the destruction of the nation of Edom, a neighboring nation of Israel. The Edomites had been hostile towards Israel, and God declares that He will bring judgment upon them for their actions. Obadiah proclaims the message of God’s judgment and destruction upon Edom.

Chapter 2: The Judgment against Edom
In this chapter, Obadiah describes the impending judgment against Edom in vivid detail. The nation’s pride and arrogance are highlighted, and it is prophesied that they will be brought down and destroyed. The invaders will plunder their wealth and leave the land in ruins. The people of Edom will be humbled and ashamed.

Chapter 3: The Sins of Edom
Obadiah exposes the sins of Edom in this chapter. He condemns their violence towards their brother nation, Israel, and their participation in the destruction of Jerusalem. The Edomites are rebuked for their lack of compassion and for rejoicing over the misfortunes of Israel. The chapter ends with a promise that the house of Jacob will possess their rightful inheritance, while Edom will face destruction.

Unique Facts about the Book of Obadiah:

1. Authorship: The book of Obadiah is named after its author, the prophet Obadiah. Though not much is known about him, he is believed to have lived during the time when Jerusalem was captured and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC.

2. Shortest Book in the Old Testament: Obadiah consists of only one chapter, making it the shortest book in the Old Testament. Despite its brevity, it carries a powerful message of God’s judgment against Edom.

3. Focus on Edom: Obadiah is the only prophet in the Bible who solely focuses on the nation of Edom. The book addresses their sins and predicts their downfall, emphasizing God’s justice and the consequences of their actions.

4. Historical Context: The book of Obadiah was likely written after the fall of Jerusalem, during a time of distress and upheaval for the Israelites. It serves as a reminder that God is just and will bring judgment on those who oppress His people.

5. Restoration of Israel: Amidst the message of judgment, Obadiah also speaks of the restoration and deliverance of the house of Jacob. This offers hope to the Israelites, assuring them that God’s promises of restoration will be fulfilled.


1. What is the main theme of the book of Obadiah?
The main theme of Obadiah is God’s judgment on Edom and His faithfulness to His covenant people.

2. Why was Edom judged by God?
Edom was judged by God for their violence, pride, and lack of compassion towards their brother nation, Israel.

3. Are there any prophecies in the book of Obadiah?
Yes, the book contains prophecies of the destruction and downfall of Edom, as well as the restoration and deliverance of Israel.

4. How does the book of Obadiah relate to other biblical books?
The book of Obadiah is closely related to the book of Jeremiah, as both prophets addressed the destruction of Jerusalem and the judgment of the nations.

5. What can we learn from the book of Obadiah?
From Obadiah, we learn about the consequences of pride, violence, and lack of compassion. We also learn about God’s justice and His faithfulness to His covenant promises.

6. How does the book of Obadiah apply to us today?
The book of Obadiah serves as a reminder that God is just and will hold all nations accountable for their actions. It teaches us to treat others with compassion and reminds us of the importance of humility.

7. Who were the Edomites?
The Edomites were the descendants of Esau, the twin brother of Jacob (Israel). They inhabited the region southeast of Israel and were often hostile towards the Israelites.

8. How long after the fall of Jerusalem was Obadiah written?
It is believed that Obadiah was written shortly after the fall of Jerusalem, during a time of distress and turmoil for the Israelites.

9. How does the book of Obadiah foreshadow future events?
The destruction of Edom in Obadiah is often seen as a foreshadowing of the ultimate judgment and downfall of all nations that oppose God.

10. What is the significance of the restoration of Israel in Obadiah?
The restoration of Israel mentioned in Obadiah points to God’s faithfulness to His covenant promises and His ultimate plan of redemption.

11. Why is the book of Obadiah often overlooked?
The book of Obadiah is often overlooked due to its short length and its focus on a relatively obscure nation like Edom.

12. How does the book of Obadiah emphasize God’s sovereignty?
The book of Obadiah emphasizes God’s sovereignty by showing His control over the rise and fall of nations and His ability to execute justice.

13. What is the message of hope in Obadiah?
The message of hope in Obadiah is that God’s promises of restoration and deliverance will be fulfilled for His people, even in the midst of judgment.